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Survive an endless swarm of space invaders and alien drones in this rogue-lite bullet heaven game. Upgrade your ship and strategically build your deck.

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Experience a thrilling rogue-lite adventure, Survive the Swarm, that combines survivors, asteroids, and bullet heaven game genres. Your mission is to destroy as many space invaders and alien drones as possible while confronting the Endless. Upgrade your spacecraft with a range of power-ups and equipment from a crafted deck. Your foes are thousands in numbers. Will you make the right choices and overcome the odds in this action-packed shoot'em up game?

As the last ship standing, survive the swarm of enemies with all the overpowered weapons and fleet upgrades at your disposal. The game is a rogue-lite survival asteroids game. You can create overpowered builds every run by selecting the weapons and upgrades that suit your playing style. With Newtonian physics, guide your ship through the hordes of enemies. Each kill will earn you resources to either improve your vessel, unlock new ships, or gain an edge over your opponents.

You get to choose from a variety of unique ships that offer different gameplay experiences and equipment synergies. Turn the odds in your favor with challenge mode by building your deck. Every run unlocks new cards, and you can level up in combat to draw more cards from your deck, making your upgrades even more strategic.

In Campaign adventure mode, choose your path wisely and build your ship as you progress through each sector. Conquer the Endless Queens in an epic space war by immersing yourself in the thrilling arcade-style battle and perfect your reflexes in this intense shooting game.

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Release date
Dec 12, 2023
Single player

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