GamesDoD - Days of Doomsday

Game overview

Save the world from interdimensional monsters with cute heroes. Experience the adventure with one-handed control, beautiful art, and a branching story.

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The world is being annihilated by monsters from other dimensions and the only solution is to help the Princess of the fallen Empire in saving it. However, that's not easy in our hands alone. We need the aid of various Heroes from other dimensions. These small but fierce interdimensional fighters will be the ones to protect our universe.

In this game, you can experience their heroic adventures firsthand, fighting horde of monsters alongside your comrades to come out victorious. You can collect and train various cool Heroes that are featured in this game.

The game got an easy, accessible one-handed control scheme that is designed to give players a comfortable gameplay. Diyap(opinew6), a celebrated webtoon artist, impresses players with his adorable artwork. The beautifully written fantasy narrative will also lure the players up for an adventure with branching stories. You'll see yourself writing up your own Otherworld Saga by your gameplay.

The game also offers dozens of skills and weapons that require meticulous tactical management. You have to be careful and strategic in using them if you want to survive the game.

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Release date
Sep 13, 2023
Single player