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Game overview

Play as a zombie and level up by defeating enemies while using different skills to survive for 10 minutes before facing the challenging final boss.

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Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure with Zombie Survivor, where you play as a zombie facing dangerous animals and humans. The top-down perspective allows you to have complete control over your environment, surveying threats and opportunities alike.

Level up your character by defeating enemies and receiving skill upgrades that you can combine to last for 10 nail-biting minutes before facing the final boss. But don't underestimate the boss, it requires careful use of skills and tactics to take down.

The game features permadeath, procedurally generated levels, and randomized item drops, adding replay value and challenge. With a variety of skills and upgrades to choose from, the game requires you to use your intelligence and skills to survive and thrive.

Immerse yourself in the game's exciting graphics and sound effects, which complement the gameplay and create a sense of urgency and tension. Are you up for the challenge of Zombie Survivor? Join now to experience the thrill of defeating enemies, leveling up, and battling the ultimate challenge.
Release date
Apr 18, 2023
Single player

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