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Charge through electrifying battles with the Lightning Princess to claim the throne! Level up, enhance gear, and fight other princesses online.

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The electrifying action RPG, Lightning Princess, has just opened its doors to new players. By participating in the 7-Day Challenge Event, players have the chance to claim wonderful rewards, like Rubies 66,500 and SS tier 1★ boots x1. In this game, the Lightning Princesses were bestowed special abilities by the lightning god, but now that he is missing, it is time to claim the empty throne. Battle other Lightning Princesses to become queen and reign supreme.

The gameplay of this lightning-fueled RPG involves smashing Seal Stones, crushing bosses, and using lightning skills and special attacks to breeze past stages relentlessly. The battles are electrifying and hack & slash in nature, where players take down endless fleets of enemies, annihilate monsters with lightning skills that strike from the skies, and dual play modes make it possible to play on manual control or autopilot.

Players can enhance their Lightning Princess to become the strongest version of herself. There are shiny accessories and relics to make her more powerful, and purchasing in sets will enhance her abilities and costumes make her stronger. Black Stones and abilities that add to the princess' rage, and even super-cute pets can help in battles.

The game also features The Arena, which is a battle against other Lightning Princesses. You can assess your powers and seize incredible rewards with promotions. There are 6 Types of Dungeons to explore, each with its unique resources needed for the princess' growth. Finally, in the Tower of Darkness, players must defeat a powerful enemy within the time limit to obtain Awakening Stones.

Overall, the graphics and sounds in Lightning Princess are breathtaking, while bird's-eye-view battles make it seem like you are in the thick of the fight. For players who want an electrifying experience, Lightning Princess is the perfect game. Head to the Official Community, to check out the latest news and events for Lightning Princess.
Super Planet
Release date
Nov 27, 2023
Single player

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