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Game overview

MinuteQuest is a retro-styled, one-finger, time-killing RPG!
A 2D field where the only choice is to advance or die!
Kill fearsome enemies, crush immense bosses, level up, acquire riches, and collect ridiculous equipment whilst gradually advancing along the world towards your goal!
If you've got a bit of pesky time to kill, why not try it out?
Kill slime, kill time!

20150126 ver1.1.2
・New equipment added.
20150107 ver1.1.1
・New enemies and equipment added.
・Skill combination added.
・Renewal for lollipop.
20141228 ver1.1.0
・Renewal for lollipop.
・Add ranking system. etc
20140618 ver1.0.25
・New enemies and equipment added.
・The life bar now changes color according to remaining life.
20140525 ver1.0.24
・Returning to the castle now restores life
・The cost of healing at houses is now dependent on distance.
20140524 ver1.0.23
・Removed "POSSESSION" skill
・Fixed a bug in the "SCAPEGOAT" skill
20140523 ver1.0.22
・New enemies and equipment added.
・Removed unnecessary duplication in skill display when the same skill is activated twice by a certain combination.
20140519 ver1.0.21
・Fixed a bug which cause invisible buildings.
20140519 ver1.0.20
・Fixed the training skip button not displaying
・Added doors to previously cleared dungeons
(Felled bosses do not drop treasure)
・Fixed treasure log persisting over save files
・Revised the relationship between INT and magic defense
・Made equipment level also affect attack power, magic defense, etc.
・Made absorption skill weaker against brutal monsters.
・Change so that bosses are not revealed in training.
20140515 ver1.0.19
・Fixed a bug with scenery not appearing
・Moved the clock
・Added display of gold acquisition rate
・Fixed a bug with poison's effects carrying on in death
・No longer move when touching the top half of the screen
20140513 ver1.0.18
・Fixed a bug with scenery not appearing.
・Added a readout of current distance
・Reviewed the rate of the appearance of brutal monsters
・Amended the training screen
・Fixed the elemental relationship between ice and water
20140510 ver1.0.17
・Fixed an automatic save problem
20140509 ver1.0.16
・Fixed an automatic save problem
20140509 ver1.0.15
・Fixed a bug where save data deletes on update
・Cut prices in weapon and armor shops
20140508 ver1.0.14
・Put title screen skip back in, made a temporary fix for save data deletion
20140508 ver1.0.13
・Fixed a bug with not getting Treasure levels
・Changed tutorial screen (on first launch)
・Removed title screen skip
20140508 ver1.0.12
・Fixed a problem where BGM kept playing even after pressing "Home"
・Fixed a terminal startup problem (less memory used)
・Added time display
20140507 ver1.0.11
・Show treasure acquisitions in info menu
・Fixed a bug in item "sets"
20140506 ver1.0.10
・Added an option to turn off hit effects
・Added in "brutal" monsters (powerful randomly spawning monsters)
 These are indicated by a skull
・Added enemies and equipment
・Added a category in the help screen
・Readjusted the random equipment button
20140505 ver1.0.9
・Revised boss stats
・Fixed a bug where you cannot return to the castle on death
・Show if you already own a monster as a pet
・Revised the gold gained from Mimics based on level
・Improved the relationship between accuracy and luck
20140504 ver1.0.8
・Increased the distance needed to acquire gold
・Increased player movement speed
・Set max auto-levelling allocation to 99
・Fixed the number of Magic Doors (previously infinite)
20140503 ver1.0.7
・Added item "sets" function
・Improved the relationship between intelligence and accuracy
・Fixed the BGM never stopping
20140502 ver1.0.6
・Japanese spelling error corrected 「ほのう」->「ほのお」
・Added a "next" and "previous" button to the equipment screens
・Added a loop between the last and first pages of equipment
・Fixed damage calculation with the "Chance" skill
20140430 ver1.0.5
・Fixed level-up components
・Revised prices of recovery in shops
・Fixed Twitter function
20140430 ver1.0.4
・Fixed level-up components
・Revised prices of recovery in shops
Release date
Hack & slash
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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