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Upgrade your hunter and battle tons of monsters 24/7 in Pixel Hunter. Stunning pixel graphics, loot, strategy, and offline rewards. Let's hunt!

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šŸŽ® Pixel Hunter is the ultimate role-playing game that offers you the thrilling experience of battling with countless monsters and upgrading your hunter even when you're away for 24 hours.

šŸŽ® With its captivating gameplay, stunningly crafted pixel graphics, and tons of content, Pixel Hunter promises to keep you hooked for hours on end.

šŸŽ® Embark on a journey to explore a vast world filled with treasure-filled dungeons and intimidating enemies. Equip yourself with a variety of unique weapons, each with its own distinct attributes and skills. Show off your strategy by choosing from a plethora of equipment and skill options.

šŸŽ® Engage in thrilling battles with monstrous foes and bosses, and earn loot to upgrade your hero's equipment and skills. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock new areas to explore and discover potent artifacts and items that'll help you gain significant advantages in battle.

šŸŽ® The game features an Idle Gameplay system that lets you earn offline rewards even when you're not actively playing the game. Set your heroes to automate battles, and watch them take on enemies and collect valuable items.

šŸŽ® Download Pixel Hunter Idle now and enjoy the ultimate idle RPG adventure filled with hack and slash survival action and marvelous 2D pixel graphics. Hunt numerous monsters and upgrade your character to unlock new heights of adventure! Play Now!
Release date
Jul 01, 2023
Single player



Its very addicting

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