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Delivery From The Pain is a survival-strategy game with an RPG storyline, multiple endings, and challenging combat against 10+ zombie types.

Delivery From The Pain is a survival-strategy game that offers a gripping RPG storyline that can take over 30 hours to complete one of the several possible endings. The game boasts of unique doomsday experiences filled with puzzles, hidden features, and challenging riddles that players would need to uncover. The story's multiple endings are packed with plots and twists, leaving players guessing which one might hold the key to the truth. The game's remarkable 3D urban buildings and a vast map offer an unsafe and exhilarating environment that would keep players on the edge of their seats. The NPCs feature lifelike personalities, timelines, and evocative story development that would leave players lost in the game's world. Furthermore, the consequential dialogue options engage players in the game further, shaping the game's outcome. The game offers an impressive array of weapons and a unique sneak system that allows players to experiment with varied combat techniques. The game's study system and workshop management offer several strategic choices that allow players to maximize the safety of their shelter. With over ten types of zombies featuring specific skills and four ultimate boss monsters waiting for players, the game's survival mode presents an intense challenge for gamers. The game comes with Google Drive sync support, which ensures that players would not lose their progress when switching devices. Additionally, Metal rendering technology gives players an even more realistic gameplay experience. In the challenge mode, the core of the gameplay is survival duration, with the ultimate goal of making it to the end. In professional difficulty, failing to survive would result in a deleted save file, and the challenge would restart instantly. In normal difficulty, the saving file can be saved, with similar save rules for the game's normal mode. Delivery From The Pain's new DLC adds many new features, including a new story, pet, game system, map, character, and a unique mode for experienced survival gamers. The new creative feeding, training, and cooking systems offer an even more immersive experience in the zombie world. The game's story takes players back to 201x, when an anti-cancer research institute discovered the key to eternal life. The Faith Energy Company launches the “Human X Plan” based on the vaccine's potency, which alters the populations of the world, turning them into zombies. Players must navigate their overrun home city in search of answers while uncovering the conspiracy behind the Human X Plan. The game's developers have put much effort and love into creating this game since 2015, constantly expanding their team from five to seven members. They appreciate valuable feedback from the player's fan base, taking every idea, personal opinion, and critique to improve the game's overall quality. Players can follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord to keep updated on the game's development and any new features added.
Release date
Dec 14, 2018
Single player


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