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Explore Engardin, once protected by Goliaths until humans' war destroyed everything. Determine the world's fate with deep RPG mechanics, over 50 NPCs, and 170 enemies.

In the world of Engardin, four great beings called Goliaths were left by a deity to maintain the balance and order of the world. These Goliaths had distinct and divine callings to ensure the reincarnation and multiplication of life in Engardin. Humans were created last, and their lust for power led to a long and devastating war with the Goliaths. Flames engulfed Engardin until a massive explosion called "The Razing" put an end to the conflict. However, this broke the divine order, and lives started to fade away, marking the end of the age of mankind. After the conflict, the survivors were scattered across Engardin, cut-off from the Well of Mankind and unable to reincarnate. Those who remained joined together and formed settlements. Years passed, and suddenly, strange and mystical forces attacked the remaining human settlements. Renee, a young amnesiac girl and Aros' student, was the sole survivor of the attack on her village. Determined to recover her memories and find her mentor, she sets out on a journey that will trigger a series of events, effectively determining the fate of this new world. Explore the ruins of Engardin, revealing hidden secrets in a vast and interconnected nonlinear world. Get to interact with more than 50 NPCs who each have their own stories and purposes in Engardin through side quests. Combat over 170 enemies, including 30 tough bosses, using deep RPG mechanics that enable you to create diverse character builds. You will have access to over 200 different kinds of equipment, comprising six classes of main weapon, sub-weapon, armor, and accessories. Invest talent points into various stat upgrades and unique weapon skills for each class of weapon. Ultimately, you will determine the future of Engardin through the choices you make, which will lead to different endings. The game's stunning 2D art style and animations, hand-drawn frame-by-frame, will keep you captivated, and you'll discover new abilities and Afterimages that you can use in combat and exploration. Experience over 40 original orchestral tracks composed by the Aurogon Sound Team featuring music fully recorded by the International Master Philharmonic Orchestra with various musicians. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey that will keep you engaged to the very end!
Release date
Dec 28, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Afterimage Mobile Gameplay (Android, iOS)Techzamazing
Afterimage Mobile - Offline Gameplay (Android/iOS)Gaming Mobile
Afterimage Mobile launch trailerAfterimage


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