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The list of cute games

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Negamons: Monster Trainer

Catch cute monsters, become a trainer, and collect rewards in Negamon World. Easy to play and control. Free and fun gaming on Pocket Islands.

Negamons: Monster TrainerUpMoonSoft
When you suddenly wake up on a mysterious Pocket Island, you encounter a pleasant monster who gladly takes you under its wing, guiding you on your journey to becoming a skilled monster trainer. The exciting discovery of Negamon World, a vibrant land composed of a group of Pocket Islands that are home to unique and adorable monsters of plant, fire and water elements, beckons you to explore and catch monsters, all in hopes of becoming a legendary trainer. Some monsters may even lend you a helping hand in your mission to gain rewarding experiences, whilst others might put up a stubborn fight, but are ultimately stronger. By catching them all and keeping them in your pocket, you'll journey closer to your master status in Negamon World. The game offers a vast array of cute monsters in different shapes and sizes, providing players with a relaxing experience as they explore each pocket island. Catching new monsters involves finding them and coaxing them into your ball. You can also encounter other players and battle their monsters to collect more rewards and earn recognition as the top trainer. Negamon: Monster Trainer is easy to play; simply touch and drag to move your character, select the monsters you want to fight, and capture the new elements required for your collection. The game also features food to feed and upgrade monsters while you run, jump, and chase other creatures to add them to your collection. Create the ideal team to challenge other players and win rewards. Negamon: Monster Trainer is inclusive of 3D graphic designs, captivating missions, and an easy-to-play interface. The game features a fun and addictive gameplay which is free to play. Journey through Negamon World and complete your cute collection of monsters right now!

Build a post-apocalyptic city with Brix and attract cute Pipos in this sandbox adventure game of endless possibilities. Collaborate, explore, and share creations with the global community.

BRIXITYDevsisters Corporation
Enter the world of 2523, where the fate of the desolate Earth lies in your visionary hands. As the Brix-Master, your mission is to create a thriving city that will attract the adorable Pipos - the future citizens of Earth. Purify the planet with 'Brix', building blocks, and construct a city like no other in this innovative world-building game. With over 7000 types of Brix available, your creativity knows no bounds as you build awe-inspiring structures, from towering skyscrapers to cozy residential homes. Share your creations with friends and get inspired by exploring the vast array of cities and worlds built by fellow builders worldwide. Take on the role of a city tycoon in this sandbox adventure and make a city that suits your personal taste and ideas. BRIXITY provides you with the tools to craft a city that lives up to your imagination. Experience a playful city simulator with unique content, interactive citizens, and creative ways to interact with other players. Create a city for all Pipos, each with their own distinct personalities and charming quirks. Build a world and watch them engage in playful activities across your beautifully designed city. Take on the ultimate role of a city manager as you assign jobs and create an environment where your Pipos can thrive. Enjoy the truly collaborative experience of city building games by sharing blueprints and exploring the cities built by others. Whether it's to inspire or be inspired, there's never a shortage of breathtaking opportunities in BRIXITY. Unleash your creativity, discover new content, and let your imagination soar as you become part of a global community dedicated to the art of creation. No special permissions are required to use this app. The minimum requirements are a Galaxy S9 with 3GB of RAM or higher. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team at Check out our Discord at for more updates and community interactions. Don't forget to read our Privacy Policy at and our Terms of Service at With BRIXITY, the possibilities are endless, and the world is yours to explore. Join the adventure now and let your creative spirit soar!
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SpongeBob Adventures: In A Jam

Rebuild Bikini Bottom and travel to beloved locations in SpongeBob SquarePants: Krusty Cook-Off. Interact with characters, craft items and experience new adventures!

SpongeBob Adventures: In A JamTilting Point
Prepare yourself for an incredible expedition in the company of SpongeBob and his comrades! Plankton's recent attempt to purloin the clandestine recipe for Krabby Patties has boomeranged tremendously, engulfing the world with JellyFish Jam. Now, it's time for you to team up with SpongeBob and his old and new mates to reconstruct and re-establish order in Bikini Bottom and beyond! Create your own Bikini Bottom and journey to revered and much-favored spots from the SpongeBob universe, including Jellyfish Fields, New Kelp City, Atlantis, and so forth! Roam around, revamp, and reconstruct SpongeBob's realm to its prior eminence with the reinforcements of old and new friends whom you meet on the way! Unlock and engage with captivating animals and old friends on your voyages - you can also accompany pets like Gary, Pete The Pet Rock, Sea Lion, and others to have an enthralling experience and travel! Devise commodities from Krabby Patties to Jelly Jars and cultivate and foster crops to aid you in your mission to rebuild Bikini Bottom! Mingle and Interact with your favorite characters from the SpongeBob Universe, ranging from familiar pals such as Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward to brand-new acquaintances such as King Jellyfish, Kevin C Cucumber, and many others! Exchange the amazing treasures that you discover on your escapades for extraordinary bonuses! As you embark on your Adventure, you will relish in a brand-new, comedic, and engaging storyline!
Welcome to My Cave

Lead a new caveman tribe for 10 years with Welcome to My Cave, a simulation game featuring modern conveniences in a Stone Age setting.

Welcome to My CaveError300
Are you ready to take on the challenge of managing a tribe of modern cavemen for a decade? This is your opportunity to showcase your leadership skills and build a flourishing caveman community in Welcome to My Cave. The game combines the convenience of modern life with the primal essence of the Stone Age, offering a unique tribe simulation experience. With Welcome to My Cave, you have the freedom to shape and develop your tribe according to your own vision. The game is packed with humorous gameplay and quirky characters, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your experience. Featuring replay options that allow you to continue building on your progress, Welcome to My Cave provides endless hours of entertainment. The charming and delightful modern art style with a Stone Age twist offers an immersive experience, transporting you to a bygone era. With dozens of buildings to unlock, you will constantly discover new ways to enhance your tribe's quality of life. So, are you ready to take up the mantle of leadership and guide your modern caveman tribe to prosperity? Welcome to My Cave is the perfect game for you!
Olivia. The Witch's Magic Shop

Enter a magical world, build gardens, cast spells, and help inhabitants. Learn history, decorate and discover talking magical objects in Altenia.

Olivia. The Witch's Magic ShopALTenia
Step into the enchanting realm of the witch Olivia where you can embrace the life of a skilled wizard or sorceress. Create your very own mystical garden by planting towering trees and collecting cones and nuts. Cultivate herbs, berries, and spices on the beds or open up your own magical mushroom farm. Cast spells and concoct potions by learning over a hundred spells and mastering the art of magic signs. Refine your magical cooking in the kitchen by upgrading your cauldron and other tools. Embark on a noble quest to bring joy to the inhabitants of the magical islands. Meet and befriend 20 unique characters as you complete a variety of story missions and win incredible prizes. Learn new potions and receive double rewards for golden letters. Decorate the interior of Olivia’s home using a diverse range of unique items, ornaments, and decorations, all while unlocking interior styles that include patchwork, stellar, natural, and witchy. Delve into the stories behind the talking magical objects, such as Grumpy Jacques, Spirit of Rarashek House, Mysterious Boy in a Painting, Magic Pumpkin, and Spirits in a Cage, to uncover their secrets. The game is supplemented by in-app purchases. Please note that this game is not suitable for children below the age of 13. For more information, you can refer to our privacy policy at If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at
Topia World: Building Games

Build your own fantasy worlds in TopiaWorld, featuring 3 themed chapters and thousands of items to choose from. Unleash your creativity now!

Topia World: Building GamesYateland - Learning Games For Kids
Greetings young adventurers! Welcome to TopiaWorld, a captivating building game designed for kids, brimming with the imagination and exploratory nature found in beloved games such as Toca. Here, you have the power to bring your wildest fantasies to life, with the capability to erect three distinct and spectacular worlds to your heart's content. You may choose to adhere to a specific theme, or mix and match elements from all three worlds to create a town that is entirely unique to you! Magic World: A World Filled with Marvels and Enchantment In Magic World, the sky's the limit! This stimulating land is filled with wonder and mystery. Here you may encounter singing wizards and elves who camp by the Misty Forest trail. Close by is the School of Magic, where you can learn about incantations, ride brooms, and brew potions. Unleash your adventurous spirit by immersing yourself in the world of magic! After class, head on over to Animal Town to visit the circus and coffee plaza. With Central Station in close proximity, travel by train, car, airship, rented magical creatures or shared brooms becomes a breeze! Divine State: A Diverse Array of Lifestyles for its Inhabitants In Divine State, another world that mirrors Toca's inquisitive and playful nature, take a trip back in time as you experience the quaint village atmosphere. Keep an eye out for wandering cats and literary enthusiasts chanting ancient poems or playing qin. Visitors from afar often stop by the tea stall for a break. Rumours abound about the utopian Peach Blossom Land, with tales of immortals visiting now and again. In the vibrant capital, participate in the annual Lantern Festival and appreciate the colourful party boats floating on the lake, as well as the downtown area adorned with vibrant red lanterns. Enjoy the lively atmosphere while witnessing a traditional wedding ceremony! East Island: The Scenic Beauty, Culture and Traditions Embark on an adventure to East Island, a world that echoes the Toca spirit of free-range play, and soak in the beauty of the vernal landscapes! Here you will spot a craftsman making scrumptious glutinous rice while listening to mesmerising tales of samurai and watching Kabuki dancers perform. Offer prayers for good luck at the Maple Shrine and participate in the revelries at the Ghost Festival venue. Conclude your day by relaxing in the well-known hot spring! Features • Three themed realms with an additional 18 content packages to unlock! • A vast array of nearly 5000 unique characters, constructions, and items to select from! • Straightforward controls - no need to waste time learning complicated instructions. Bring your architectural dreams to life! • Customizable environment and weather. Observe the cycle of the seasons as you explore your town! • Combine and match construction components from various worlds to fabricate your dream world! • This game provides an infinite supply of joy for all ages, similar to the beloved Toca series. Prepare to unleash your imagination with TopiaWorld, the ultimate building game for children! About Yateland At Yateland, we manufacture educational apps that inspire preschoolers all over the world to learn through play! With every app we create, our mantra "Apps children love and parents trust" guides us. Discover more about Yateland and our suite of apps by visiting Privacy Policy Yateland is dedicated to protecting users' privacy. For more information about our approach to these matters, please read our complete privacy policy on
L.I.F.E. | Sim Life Simulator

L.I.F.E.: A life simulator where you start with nothing and make choices that influence your fate. Develop skills and build your financial empire.

L.I.F.E. | Sim Life SimulatorZolaks Entertainment
Get ready to experience a fantastic life simulation like never before! 🎮 Introducing L.I.F.E., a brand new life simulator that provides players with the opportunity to create their own virtual world from scratch. 🌟 Your journey begins on a park bench with no cash or companions, feeling completely disheartened and ignored. 🌳 But with the help of an old buddy, you manage to secure a hotel room and kickstart your exciting life simulation adventure. Immerse yourself in this captivating life simulation game by browsing through numerous job openings to find your dream job. 📰 As you proceed, you will encounter various choices and challenges that will determine the course of your life. Your decisions carry weight and will either result in favorable or unfavorable consequences. Will you be fortunate, or will you have to bear the brunt of unanticipated outcomes? 🎢 In L.I.F.E., take calculated risks and reap the rewards of different events. Take advantage of the opportunities or play it safe as you explore the beautiful world of this life sim. 🌠 Advance your earnings, purchase properties, and unlock boundless prospects. Relocate to posh neighborhoods, make wise investments, and establish your financial empire. Rent out apartments or craft your own elegant home. 🛋️ Take control of your destiny in L.I.F.E.! 🌟 Pursue education, earn promotions, and ultimately boost your income. Scale the ladder of success carefully. Your erroneous decisions can have an adverse impact. ⚠️ Create your one-of-a-kind character and embrace every opportunity in this delightful life simulation game modeled after Sims. Customize your appearance, showcase your sense of fashion to others, pursue an education, choose between renting and purchasing properties, and decorate your home to bring your dream household to life. 🏠 Polish your skills in guitar playing 🎸, painting 🎨, piano mastery 🎹, farming 🌾, and fishing 🎣. Grow your crops, prepare scrumptious meals 🍔, and enjoy your grocery shopping 🛒. Forge new friendships and connections, cultivate relationships, and complete daily tasks to earn great rewards. 🎁 Your neighbors highlight their necessities on a public message board. Gather the items they need and receive your rewards in return. 📌 Lay claim to a spot in the serene and stunning universe of L.I.F.E., the one-of-a-kind mobile life simulation game, and live the life you've always envisioned! 💭
Fluffy Run

Race endlessly through beautiful and relaxing environments, catching musical notes to fuel your fluffy car in Fluffy Run.

Fluffy RunInfinity Games, Lda
Looking for a relaxing and minimal racing game? Fluffy Run is the perfect game for you! This game offers an endless track that is set in a stunning environment. Catch musical notes as fuel for your furry car to continue the race. Embark on a Fluffy Trip and drive your way through beautiful arts tracks without crashing into obstacles. Keep collecting notes to keep the music playing. If you run out of fuel, the world will go dark and the game will be over. Fluffy Fluff Fur Car is the main character and king of this minimum world. With a cute and relaxing song accompanying you, put on your headphones and enjoy the ride. This game is perfect for when you need to take a break and de-stress! In Fluffy Run, you have to grab the musical notes as your fuel and avoid obstacles to keep your car going. Collect more coins along the way to achieve a cuter and better furry car. Try to drive as far as you can and beat your own record! Upgrade your car with various color combinations as you collect more coins to enhance your gameplay. Infinity Games has always been an expert in minimum and relaxing gameplay, so Fluffy Run is no exception. Download Fluffy Run now and experience endless fun today!
Let It Shine

Solve optical riddles in this stylish physics puzzle game by blending and refracting colored light with mirrors and prisms. Engaging mechanics, exciting puzzles, and beautiful visuals.

Let It ShineONERAL
Enter a world of optical riddles and beautifully stylized visuals in this captivating physics puzzle game. Exercise your logical thinking skills and get creative with finding solutions for a variety of puzzles, using your knowledge of blending and refracting beams of colored light. Utilize devices like prisms, mirrors, particle emitters, light detectors and even black holes to power up lamps and brighten up the entire world. Each level is designed to represent optical phenomenons, making for a challenging and engaging experience. Follow and master the rules of blending colors to advance through levels and gain access to secret levels, which feature more experimental mechanics and complicated riddles. Mix colors by merging several beams of light together or refract them into their derivatives using a prism. Rotate and move devices to create clever systems of light beams. The puzzles range from carefully finding a solution by experimenting with every object to thinking fast by limiting the given time. The stylish art and beautiful 2D lighting deliver a pleasant visual experience, while special effects and post processing top off the spectacular graphics. The relaxing lofi soundtrack helps immerse you in the game's atmosphere. Direct the rays of light to the lamps using mirrors and prisms, move, rotate, or turn them off to create complex optical structures to make everything shine. Each light has its color and can blend with others to produce new colors. Use the prism to make colors go the other way around. Immerse yourself in the plentiful devices at your disposal and take your time to figure out the solution for each exciting puzzle. The immersive atmosphere, as well as high fidelity graphics, perfectly complement the puzzle and its setting. Get your logic working and engage with these beautiful puzzles today!
Tsuki Adventure 2

Embark on a new adventure in Tsuki Adventure 2 traveling the world, making animal friends, discovering hidden wonders and building your cozy home.

Tsuki Adventure 2HyperBeard
Get ready to explore a whole new world alongside your favorite bunny, Tsuki, in the long-awaited sequel of Pocket Bunny's Adventure! Discover the mesmerizing beauty of the kawaii universe as you journey from the Mushroom Village deep into the mysterious forests. Indulge in a charming aesthetic where you will encounter mystical friends, tackle thrilling puzzles and make fulfilling choices throughout your incredible adventure. Delve into Enchanting Realms - Embrace the beauty of lush groves as you unveil hidden wonders that await you. - This latest episode of the game brings plenty of new discoveries that will excite and leave you intrigued. - With Tsuki Adventure 2, you will surprise yourself as you take exciting trips to different countries and uncover the secrets of the world. Build and Improve Your Dream Abode - Customize your cozy home by decorating it with adorable furniture. - Upgrade your residence to unlock new areas and features. - Enjoy creating your picture-perfect home in Tsuki Adventure 2! Experience the Pleasure of Animal Friendship - With a plethora of furry friends to meet, from precocious pets to wise elders, get ready to expand your circle. - Get immersed in heartwarming relationships with your new animal friends as you hang out on the beach or have a peaceful picnic. - Discover the stories of animal people from different parts of the globe and create delightful memories. Bask in the Beauty of a Pocket Paradise - Enjoy the picturesque perfection of Tsuki's pocket world beautifully remodeled with splendid vistas from globally acclaimed hotspots. - Take delight as you relax on the sandy beach, take restorative strolls through the bamboo forests, feel the breeze on a biplane ride, and find peace in Tsuki's enthralling realm. - Even when you step away, Tsuki's fascinating world will keep on moving! Rekindle Past Friendships - Immerse yourself in heartwarming found-family dynamics as Tsuki refreshes old friendships with characters such as Chi, the giraffe, and Moca, the tea-obsessed turtle. - Enjoy the joys of building new friendships, exploring love and support as Tsuki's furry family expands. Welcome to Tsuki Adventure 2, where every step will lead you to new discoveries, exciting animal encounters, and the blissful pleasures of Tsuki's relaxed lifestyle. Escape to a serene pocket paradise and explore the cutest sim game you will ever encounter! Follow Tsuki all around the world, as you enjoy the small yet incredible experiences life has to offer.

Join the World Defense team in an AR game experience to defeat SPACE INVADERS invading your neighborhood, powered by ARCore Geospatial APIs.

SPACE INVADERS: World DefenseTAITO Corporation
Get ready to defend your neighborhood from SPACE INVADERS in SPACE INVADERS: World Defense - a game that offers a first-of-its-kind immersive experience. Prove your worth by joining the elite pilot force and take on missions across dimensions from Augmented Reality to the parallel Invader world. Experience the excitement of the SPACE INVADERS' invasion that has returned to conquer the world, this time from a different dimension. As a member of the World Defense team, you will use the ARCore Geospatial APIs to turn your neighborhood into a world-scale playground. The Streetscape Geometry API will unleash INVADERS from nearby buildings, and you will become a pilot to save your area from the invaders. Fighting off the SPACE INVADERS will earn you a spot on the High Scores, special bonuses, and power ups. The game also gives you the chance to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the original release of SPACE INVADERS while exploring the future of gaming. Note that the SPACE INVADERS: World Defense game is ARCore compatible with iPhones and Androids smartphones, in portrait orientation, and does not support tablets. Device compatibility is subject to change at any time. Your camera is needed to use the augmented reality feature, while your current location is used to adapt gameplay to your environment. For optimized gameplay and better immersion, it's best to play the game in a public space outdoors. However, be mindful of your environment and avoid playing while walking as AR can be disorienting. We recommend wearing headphones for the best experience, and an internet connection is necessary to obtain and maintain accurate location information. Join the fight to defend your neighborhood today and become a hero in SPACE INVADERS: World Defense! Visit [] for more information.
Time of Battle

Time of Battle is a free platform-fighting game where unique fighters battle using a variety of weapons and skills to become the ultimate fighter.

Time of BattleTapteek
Step into the arena and embrace your fighting spirit with Time of Battle - a thrilling free platform-fighting game that offers dynamic 1v1 battles with unique and challenging opponents. Wield a variety of weapons and unleash special skills as you outsmart your opponents, using tactics and agility to claim victory. Use your full range of abilities to jump, dash and perform powerful attacks, knocking your enemies off the arena in a spectacular display of fighting skill. Elevate your fighting game to the next level and become a legendary fighter by participating in exciting arena battles. Be the first to take down your opponents by utilizing your unique skills or hitting them with surprise attacks such as eggs or ice boulders. With gameplay this thrilling, you won't be able to resist playing again and again. Collect and improve your roster of warriors, each with their own distinct abilities and special skills. With numerous character types and upgrade options available, you can develop your own personalized battle strategy as you aim to climb to the top of the fighter league. Experiment with an extensive range of weapons that include everything from swords and axes to bread and lollipops. Make use of each character's unique set of abilities and surprise your opponents to gain an edge in battle. Daily rewards provide an opportunity to open new characters, weapons, and game modes, with upgrade cards and new skills adding to the excitement. In addition to daily rewards, daily missions offer a fun way to earn extra rewards and keep the action fresh. Stay engaged with this dynamic and engaging gameplay featuring unique graphics that set it apart from other fighting games. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled and engaging experience with Time of Battle. This game is free to download and play, but some in-game items can also be purchased with real money. A stable internet connection is required to enjoy this game, which receives frequent updates to offer new fighters, weapons, and arenas. With so much excitement in store, download Time of Battle today and claim your place among the ultimate fighters!
Logic Train - Railway puzzle

Control trains to move wagons into correct patterns. Travel around the world and compete for industrial success. 28 levels with captivating storylines and challenges.

Logic Train - Railway puzzlePavel Siamak
Logic Train presents a challenging and captivating game that takes players on a journey to stunning locations around the world. The game requires not just basic logic skills, but also creative and strategic thinking as players contend for control during the industrial revolution. Each level immerses players into a new landscape, revealing stories of daring and mystery, all while highlighting the beauty and danger of past times. In the gameplay, players will guide the locomotive and direct the railway track arrows to move the wagons into the correct pattern, while also using the locomotive to move the train and connect or disconnect the wagons. The rules are simple, but the game mechanics are masterfully crafted, with every level more complex than the last, offering hours of challenging fun. Players must think outside the box and use logical and creative problem-solving skills to complete the clever train puzzles successfully. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and emerge victorious? The game's features includes 28 levels with challenging puzzles set in breathtaking environments from around the world, an exciting storyline, tests to your logical and creative thinking, various challenges suited for all skill levels, hilarious animations, and eight to ten hours of engaging gameplay. The game's story is set during the late 19th century, amid the technological revolution that was transforming traditional society. As you join the race for industrial success, you'll discover and explore an ever-expanding railway network that revolutionized travel, industry, and supply chains worldwide. Explore the remotest corners of the world, from the refined cultures of the Far East to the wild jungles of Africa, with each level showcasing new wonders and challenges. Logic Train isn't just a casual puzzle game; it highlights the beauty and diversity of our world and impresses upon the player the importance of transit in connecting all our worlds. Additionally, the thoughtful level designs and storylines shed light on issues that still plague our world to this day, such as environmental pollution, destruction of architectural monuments, looting of historical artifacts, deforestation, passenger transport accidents, and unchecked mineral extraction. Are you ready to put your logical thinking and innovative problem-solving skills to the test? Download Logic Train today and embark on an exciting journey to stunning locations worldwide!
Haunted Mansion

Unravel haunted mansions, solve mysteries, rob treasures, and escape spectral guardians in this challenging game of thieves.

Haunted MansionViva Games Studios
Get ready to embark on a spine-tingling adventure through creepy mansions and dungeons. Explore the corridors that are filled with mystery and puzzles and stay out of reach from the ghostly protectors while tracking down your ultimate prize. As a daring treasure hunter, you have been tasked with uncovering the secrets and hidden treasures of cursed mansions. Each of these haunted abodes feature complex layouts and intricate levels that are specifically designed to thwart even the most intelligent of thieves. Your mission is to use your wits and cunning to solve the riddles and navigate the maze-like corridors. You must elude the spectral guardians that are always lurking around every corner. Can you figure out the puzzles, and find the treasure before the ghostly inhabitants trap you within the manors forever? Explore each mansion meticulously, and you may just uncover the treasures hidden within. Use all of your skills and resources to unravel the mystery, avoid traps, and escape the haunted homes unscathed. The cursed mansions are waiting for you to find the treasure, but be warned, challenging the spectral guardians is not for the faint-hearted.
Boom! - Online PVP Battles

Boom! is a free, turn-based battle game with destructible environments and over 150 battlefields. Battle online with unique weapons and become the greatest fighter.

Boom! - Online PVP Battles1Button
Enter the world of epic PvP battles by joining the vibrant online community of Boom! - a turn-based battle game with 2D graphics and destructible environments. With an intriguing retro look, you get to choose from numerous unique weapons that can obliterate your surroundings and cause maximum damage to your opponents. You can strategically outwit your competition by exploring multiple possibilities available to you, such as leaping your way to victory, teleporting to the best firing location, employing hearts and shields to fortify your position, slipping into invisibility, or burrowing a tunnel to catch your enemy off guard. You can also test your fortune with luck-driven weapons that guarantee unpredictable and amusing outcomes! Choose from 150+ destructible battlefields that allow you to cause massive explosions or reshape the terrain to your liking using Brick Potions of various shapes. You can roam through several handcrafted environments, such as plains, volcano, desert, forest,
Hidden Objects - Neon Secrets

Find hidden objects in neon themed levels, from hotels to museums, in this delightful puzzle game. No timers or limits, just relax and have fun!

Hidden Objects - Neon SecretsSkyDungeonGames
Embark on a journey to unveil hidden objects in the fascinating neon world of Hidden Objects - Neon Secrets, a thrilling puzzle adventure game! Immerse yourself in this neon wonderland and uncover ten concealed items at each level in various locations through the game's mesmerizing gameplay. Enjoy the game's tranquil neon ambiance as you challenge your mind to locate objects from manors, hotels, swimming pools, houses, beaches, shops, museums, and more with each increasing level. With Hidden Objects - Neon Secrets Game, you will encounter a vast array of concealed objects, and you will have to locate each item that is indicated at the bottom of your screen in a single big picture. These hidden items can be concealed anywhere, and you will have to exercise your attention to detail to uncover them all and conquer the hidden object challenges. Here are some reasons why you'll love playing Hidden Objects - Neon Secrets: - The game is free to play. - The game features awe-inspiring artistically made drawings designed in a unique and stunning neon pattern. - You can play the game offline from wherever you are. - The gameplay is uncomplicated, allowing you to relax and enjoy the game. - There are no timers or deadlines to be stressed about. - This is an incredible seek-and-find adventure game that people of all ages will enjoy. - Each level includes ten mysterious items to discover. - Hints are available if you become stuck or encounter a challenge. If you're searching for an exceptional hidden object puzzle adventure game, Hidden Objects - Neon Secrets has all the fun and excitement you're looking for. So what are you waiting for? Download Hidden Objects - Neon Secrets and discover the captivating world of hidden objects now!
Duet Cats

Feed cute popcats falling food to control a hilarious ensemble in Duet Cats, featuring over 1000 popular songs and various cat breeds to collect and upgrade. 🐾

Step into the world of cute Popcats with C.a.t.s Sounds, where you get to control the hottest Popcat duet ever created. Who will be named the diva cat in this cats tower? Duet Cats combines humour, challenging music rhythms and addictive virtual cat gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The Popcat Rule is simple: feel the rhythm of the cute cat songs and use both your hands to feed the hungry cats. With each cat fed, the Popcats will sing you songs with their cute meows, making the game all the more enjoyable. The Cat Game features falling food that you have to keep feeding to all the cats! As you feed your feline friends, unlock a number of exciting features that make the game even better. From cat sounds and various cat breeds for you to collect, to remixes of popular songs with unique cat sounds, Duet Cats offers several features that cat lovers will enjoy. Shop for your favorite food in the cats' dedicated food store. The food options are fantastic, ranging from sushi, candy cats, cake, ice cream cats, and more. Upgrade and collect different cute cats to feed them through the game's musical challenges. The game takes you on a journey with your cute cats, telling you their hungry little stories through the diva cat's voice. Duet Cats offers simple yet addictive gameplay with its two-hand control. Use your hands and your observation skills to navigate through hundreds of levels of music rhythms and cat sounds. As you progress through the levels, you can expect a real challenge that will keep you entertained all day long. Unlock over 1,000 popular songs with remixes and meowing sounds that make the gameplay even more enticing. The latest version of Duet Cats comes with even more songs, making it even more fun to play. For cat enthusiasts, Duet Cats offers a wide range of cat sounds, from cat meows to funny cat memes that are guaranteed to make you smile. The game also has a cute cat picture collection, complete with hilarious antics and costumes that will keep you engaged. Duet Cats also includes the Popcat game, where you get to pop as many cats as possible in a set amount of time, making it an excellent way to keep your cats engaged and entertained. If you're looking for a relaxing game, an idle game, or a role-playing game, or if you're simply looking for more addictive games in this genre, Duet Cats is the perfect gift for you. Lead your Popcat into shining diva cats and get ready to embark on an exciting journey with your cute virtual cats.
Idle Universe: Offline Miner

Build galaxy, mine ores, upgrade planets & ship, and become tycoon in Idle Universe: Offline Games. Three galaxies, 40 planets, 100+ materials, and play modes await.

Idle Universe: Offline MinerFansipan Limited
Want to be the master of your own space mining company? Take your chance to build an entire galaxy empire of your own with Idle Universe Miner, a continuously updated offline game! In Idle Universe: Offline Games, you can play the role of a space business magnate and operate your own mining company. PLAY IDLE GAMES TO MINE ● Mine and collect ore, soft currency, smelting items and craft even when you're AFK ● Complete various quests to earn exceptional rewards ● Unlock crates filled with exclusive items and champions ● Track the progress of your galaxy even when you're idle ● Upgrade your mining planets to maximize the ore output ● Smelt your ore into more valuable items or craft them for extra rewards ● Utilize your mined resources to employ travelers who can help to improve your mining operations INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS ● Build an Empire across vast interstellar spaces! ● Hire travelers and upgrade their abilities to enhance your ore yield! ● Develop your digging strategy as you unpack more advanced technologies to boost your productivity! ENHANCE YOUR MINING SHIP ● Consistently upgrade your planets to fuel your galaxy's growth and maximize profits ● Unlock permanent rewards for your mining ship to bolster its capabilities everywhere in the game! DIVERSE CONTENT ● Explore three different galaxies with unique challenges ● Discover 40 fully-realized planets in your quest for resources ● Work with over 100 kinds of materials ● Recruit and manage 14 types of travelers to help govern your mining operations ● Play in many different modes suited to your preferences and lifestyle JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF IDLE UNIVERSE OFFLINE PLAYERS Give us your valuable feedback and join other players in open discussions to share your experience and insights! Be a part of our community by following our official fanpage at or by sending us an email to

Communite is a cooperative town building game with adorable graphics and community goals, where you build your village while helping others build theirs.

CommuniteJimjum Studios
Communite is an immersive multiplayer game that lets you simulate a thriving township. You can create your very own village in a communal world that offers the opportunity to assist others in constructing theirs. The game provides an extensive range of customized structures, including residential and commercial zones, all of which can be unlocked by completing various collaborative tasks and objectives. Such achievements help you scale the gaming hierarchy and acquire bonuses. Not only can you collaborate with other players to achieve community goals, which sets up a foundation for a dynamic gaming experience, but also receive rewards for your participation in the game. Every collaborative action you undertake ultimately establishes a peaceful and adorable world, making Communite one of a kind.
Where Is My Crown?

Unravel the mystery of the lost crown in "Where is My Crown?", a unique deduction game with procedurally generated puzzles and unpredictable characters.

Where Is My Crown?Niji Games
In celebration of the king's inauguration, the kingdom is throwing an epic party. However, the king has had a bit too much honey and misplaced his crown. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery of the missing crown in "Where is My Crown?" This deduction game will push your logical thinking and puzzle-solving skills to the limit. Explore the castle and interact with 13 diverse characters to uncover the truth about the lost crown. These characters possess various personalities and memories, keeping the game unpredictable and challenging. Some characters are forgetful and others may even deceive you for their own benefit. Can you rise to the challenge and solve the riddle to locate the crown? Features: - Delightful and unique characters to encounter - Each game presents procedurally generated puzzles that keep the game fresh and challenging - Live out your fantasy of becoming a king - Traverse through the castle and converse with your loyal subjects - Investigate and deduce where the crown could be - Collect and analyze every clue to make the correct guess Note: Where is My Crown? is free to play, though certain in-game items may need to be purchased with real currency.
Hungry for Home: A Cat's Tail

Join Suspenders and Chibisuke on a culinary adventure around the world to create new dishes and earn money to return home in Nyan Cafe Macchiato.

Hungry for Home: A Cat's TailTOHO CO.,Ltd
Join Suspenders and Chibisuke in their exciting quest to return home in "Suspenders' World Tour". They hit the road with a food truck, exploring the world, and making new friends along the way. Stranded and trapped in a distant land, they seek the help of their newfound friends, while whipping up culinary delights with their food truck. It's cook, cook, cook all the way back to their doorstep. The game is simple - you create a menu by matching items, serve orders to your customers, and earn enough money to finance their trip back home. Complete your Nyanstagram story to meet fellow cat lovers worldwide, connect with them and trade messages and photos. "Suspenders' World Tour" is a fun and engaging game that provides a relaxing and delightful experience. All cat lovers, owners, food enthusiasts, and gourmets will surely enjoy this game! Embark on a mouth-watering culinary journey and help Suspenders and Chibisuke get back home!
Origami Paradise

Create origami animals and habitats with custom paper, paint, and stickers in Origami Paradise. Find rare animals and their interactions in a charming world.

Origami Paradise is a captivating idle game that immerses you in the universe of origami, an intricate, paper-folding art. Create a world filled with intricate and detailed origami animals, using various papers, paints, and stickers to customize each creature to your preferences. Build animal habitats and decorate them with little critters and natural environments, and observe as your animals interact with their surroundings in unique ways. This game features an expansive customization system that allows you to create origami animals of your own design, with a variety of paper choices, paints and stickers. You can decorate your world with your animals and other creatures, creating islands chock-full of habitats that perfectly blend into the environment. Every animal will react differently to its environment, which creates an immersive and realistic experience. As you progress through the game, you can unlock an array of habitats and islands that will grow the scope of your world. Special rare animals are hidden throughout every island, adding an element of mystery and challenge as you strive to locate them all. Immerse yourself in the world of origami, and let your creativity run wild with Origami Paradise! This game is currently in the preview version, but we look forward to your valuable feedback and support as we continue to work on the game's development. Visit the official website, Facebook Page, Discord, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about the game and stay updated on its latest developments.
Sushi Food Cart

Own and manage a cute sushi restaurant! Catch and prepare the fish, make sushi, serve and satisfy customers while leveling up. Recommended for casual gamers and cat lovers.

Sushi Food Cartchar room
Welcome to your very own sushi restaurant! Take charge and serve mouthwatering sushi to your diverse customers. But, that's not all. Before you can do so, you'll need to catch the fish, and for that, head to the ocean and start fishing. The fishing feature is easily accessible: tap to cast the line, and swipe left/right to maneuver the hook. Once a fish latches onto the hook, reel it into the boat. Once back in the restaurant, you will be required to serve the sushi orders according to the customers' preferences. The restaurant is visited by unique guests, and your task is to anticipate what kind of sushi they'd prefer to eat and make them happy! You can even add wasabi for customers who want a spicier flavor experience. Once you satisfy the special guests, additional sub-stories will become accessible. Leveling up the restaurant, boats, or sushi is possible with cash rewards. By investing in upgrades, you can catch more fish and improve your sales. The story follows the journey of how a cat decided to open a sushi restaurant, which you can explore as the game progresses. This game is perfect for people who are looking for a fun, easy-to-play game that doesn't involve complicated game mechanics. The game is simple yet captivating, and anyone who loves cats and restaurant management games is going to have a great time. Ready to start your sushi restaurant journey?

Fly, dodge and smash monsters! Fight giant bosses and retrieve lost gems with over 60 healing characters. Play alone or with friends.

UFO99Noice2D Game Studio
Take to the skies and show off your top-notch flying, fast-paced action, and nimble dodging skills with your favorite character! Be alert, floating block monsters roam the colorful universe. Keep an eye out for them and pick up big hammers to smash them. The more challenging the levels, the higher the rank, and score you achieve. Journey into the Demon Key, where giant bosses lurk. Dodge their powerful attacks while picking up magic items and fighting back to restore the long-lost UFO99 letter gems. Features of UFO99 include easy-to-use controls for flying and combat. Speed up, dodge, pick up hammers, and smash block monsters like a pro. With the local multiplayer co-op game mode, up to four players can join in the fun. Play with your friends and family and enjoy the entertaining gameplay. Choose from over sixty charming and restorative Gashapon characters. The more you play, the higher the chances of encountering new and unique characters for every brawl. Each game requires only about one to three minutes to complete, complete with random levels with unlimited surprises. The giant bosses in hiding are waiting for you. Stay alert and thrilled while engaging in exciting battles with them. Look out for five special power-up items that will guarantee you're the winner! Defeat bosses and tackle challenges like a champ. The overall graphics are adorable, colorful, and bring life to the game, making it a pleasure to play. With so many gold coins and items given away each day, it's hard to resist playing. Make sure to download your copy right away and start playing today! Don't risk losing your favorite characters. Login to Google Play to save your game progress!
Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

Fly a paper plane through different terrains and collect quantum to unlock new planes in this physics-driven adventure game.

Paperly: Paper Plane AdventureAbhiTechGames
Embark on an exhilarating adventure and take flight with a paper plane while mastering various flight mechanics in PAPERLY: PAPER PLANE ADVENTURE. Hovering towards a successful journey is key in this physics-based game that aims to improve your flying skills by learning from previous mistakes. Discover exciting new worlds that offer endless learning opportunities, embrace nature as your ally and defy the laws of gravity as you move closer to your goal. Get ready for pure fun as you explore the captivating world of paper airplanes that challenge you to surpass different landscapes. The game's sound effects and physics make it feel as though you are in control of the paper airplane, gliding through the world with ease. You can feel the wind pushing you forward, especially when you use it to your advantage, while descending takes you a step closer to achieving max momentum. Pay attention to each chapter's environment and adapt accordingly to progress successfully through the game. PAPERLY: PAPER PLANE ADVENTURE boasts several features, including the chance to explore exciting adventures while in control of a paper plane. Revel in the opportunity to travel through different terrains, from dry deserts to tropical forests and even ice caves in the arctic. Collect Quantum as you fly and unlock new and exciting paper planes to enhance your flying experience even more. Don't forget to dash on air like crazy with a wind boost to keep your gameplay momentum high. Set your sights on keeping each journey alive by navigating the game's interactive menu and avoiding crashes. Colliding with anything in your environment will result in a crash landing of your paper plane, so it's up to you to keep it skillfully afloat as long as possible. The game also contains 11 different landscapes, 11 unlockable paper planes, seven exciting paper plane skins, and a very relaxing journey that will keep you hooked. Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure is available for playing offline, meaning you can take your paper plane flying experience wherever you go without requiring an internet connection. The game is highly optimized to run on most devices, ensuring that your gameplay experience remains smooth. Among the featured top best offline games of 2022, Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure, proves to be one of the best flying games available on Playstore. The feeling of soaring the paper plane through the air like a kite will leave you feeling adventurous, bringing an experience akin to the best airplane games online. So what are you waiting for? Download Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure and experience the thrill for yourself. Fly free, fly high with one of the best pilot games and have the best flight ever. Developed in India, the game's support team is available through, and you can learn more about it at
Titan Hunters

Become a gun master, fight against super-mega-evil titans to save the world in Titan Hunters. Battle with unique skills, collect guns and gear, and join a co-op to earn crypto rewards.

Titan HuntersTopebox
Attention all Gun Masters, The fate of the world is in your hands as you embark on a journey to defeat the super-mega-evil titans who threaten chaos and destruction. Their intentions are clear, they do not want you to succeed, but we believe in your expertise and skills to save us and restore peace to our beloved world. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime with Titan Hunters, a game crafted by dungeon-crawler and rogue-like gamers, and experience the heart-pumping battle sequences that await you. With our unique battle mechanism, fans of rogue-like games can enjoy the wide variety of battle strategies in Titan Hunters. Choose from a diverse range of skills and dismissal of the wrong ones to triumph over your enemies. Arm yourself with an impressive collection of guns and items, for there are countless devil Titans you must contend with, each possessing unique challenges that require you to use an extensive inventory to survive and travel through this vast world. Be prepared to face tons of Titans and monsters, each one presenting different challenges that will keep the game consistently fresh and challenging, no matter how long you play. Cooperate with other players in the game to defeat the enormous Titans and receive incredible rewards. Not only can you play with other gunners, but you can also own your assets. Now, for the first time ever in mobile gaming, you can own your guns and gears and trade them via the marketplace. You can even have a chance to participate in the Titan Hunters League with cryptocurrency as a reward. Keep up with the latest Titan Hunters news and updates with our social media platforms, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, Discord, and Facebook. Join the ranks of the Gun Masters today and save the world from utter destruction.
Ocean: The Place in Your Heart

Create your own soothing ocean with over 100 types of fish and coral, and interact with them in multiple ways, including riding on the back of a sea turtle.

Ocean: The Place in Your HeartLigensoft
Immerse yourself in the soothing world of Ocean Aquastory, where you can create and decorate your very own virtual aquarium filled with over 100 different types of fish and corals. From adorable clownfish to majestic humpback whales, there's no shortage of marine life to collect and admire. But Ocean Aquastory isn't just about collecting fish - it's an interactive experience that lets you ride on the back of a sea turtle, speed through the ocean with dolphins, and explore the vast depths of the sea. It's the perfect game to unwind and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Even if you don't have a lot of time to play, Ocean Aquastory allows for easy and fast growth even when idle. Simply enjoy the view of your coral garden as it grows and expands before your very eyes. And if you collect enough hearts from your fish and coral, you can unlock even more creatures to add to your aquarium. So why not dive into Ocean Aquastory and create your own underwater paradise? Your virtual ocean is just a click away. And don't forget to follow the game's Instagram page for even more fun and inspiration. Note: The game requires permission to save and import screenshots.
Rainy single room

Experience the sound of rain and navigate a new friendship in Rainy Attic Room. Collect rainwater and heart to decorate your shared space.

Rainy single roomBORAme
Introducing the sequel to the popular Rainy Single Room game - Rainy Attic Room. Originally released in Korea in 2016, there was initially no intention to release it globally. But due to popular demand, it is now available worldwide. Please note that this version contains less content than its predecessor. Step into a room where it rains constantly and immerse yourself in the sound of the rain. You'll be sharing this space with a friend who lives alone. The goal is to collect rainwater and hearts to decorate the room, but becoming friends won't be easy. It's going to take some effort and patience to break the ice. However, with regular visits and a relaxed approach, their hearts might open up, and you may create a meaningful bond with them. To become friends, you need to talk with them and improve the room by upgrading it while also clearing up any creepy crawlies that might be lurking around. There's also other exciting content in the game waiting to be you explored. Keep in mind that this is a work of fiction, so don't try to recreate any unrealistic or bizarre situations from the game in real life. Additionally, we recommend not changing your phone's time during gameplay, as this could cause problems. You can watch ads once every five minutes, but the total number per day is limited and resets after 24 hours. If you can't access the ads, try again later or check your phone's time. Lastly, we value and respect your privacy. To read our privacy policy, please refer to the provided link. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us via phone or email. Enjoy your stay in the Rainy Attic Room!
My Dear Farm

Grow crops, customize your character, and build your farming empire in this sim farming-adventure game filled with playful vegetable decoration.

My Dear FarmHyperBeard
Experience an exciting and engaging farm-simulation adventure like never before by indulging in the world of vegetable decoration! Cultivate your crops with utmost care and love, as this is your chance to showcase your best farmer skills! Personalize your avatar by customizing its appearance with striking hairstyles and outfits. Additionally, opt for a charming companion that fits your character best! Grow your crops with passion and nurture them with utmost sincerity, as the fruits of your labor will help you establish your farming empire in the marketplace. There, you can sell your products and achieve unprecedented success! - Embellish your farm with alluring furniture pieces and decoration sets that are waiting to be unlocked. With My Dear Farm, you have infinite options to style your farm with creativity and develop an unparalleled farm design sense.
Dream Hopper

Hop from shape to shape to reveal a dazzling dreamscape of memories in Dream Hopper - a zen-like experience of flow and discovery.

Dream HopperProtostar
Relax your thoughts and step into a realm of reverie. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beats and uncover a surrealistic panorama of kaleidoscopic illusions. Experience the genuine significance of fanciful figures as you explore an enchanting landscape of reminiscences. Dream Hopper delivers a tranquil and explorative encounter. With a simple tap, you can jump from one shape to another, allowing your mind to perceive a tranquil ambiance that exudes peace. The game enables you to embrace a Zen-like sense of flow and revelation as you unveil the wonder and mystery of a hypnotic realm.

Solve puzzles and escape a nostalgic room by recalling memories in this free-to-play game with rotating items and helpful hints.

Are You Ready to Challenge Yourself in an Exciting Puzzle Game? Experience the Mystery Filled Adventure as You Embark on a Journey to Recall Your Memories. Discover a Mysterious Album that Leads You to a Room Filled with Nostalgic Emotions. Your Objective is to Solve Puzzles, Retrieve Memories, and Find Your Way Out of the Room. The Game is Recommended for Puzzle and Escape Lovers Who Thrive on Imagination and Storytelling. Oh, and Let’s Not Forget, Dog Lovers Will Surely Enjoy. Features: Rotate and Examine Items to Unearth Clues. Auto-Save Feature Allows You to Play Anytime. Tip System Always Available to Assist. Gameplay is Completely Free. Produced by Petithima, This Game is a One-of-a-Kind Experience. Get Ready to Explore Your Puzzle-Solving Skills and Dive into a World of Mystery and Adventure.
Take Flight 2

Take to the skies in this addictive 1930's cartoon style mobile game. Battle new foes, collect skins, and challenge friends in duels.

Take Flight 2Waffle Games, LLC
Prepare to soar through the clouds in this cartoon-inspired mobile game set in the 1930s, now with even more excitement and adventure in Take Flight 2! As a continuation of the popular Take Flight!, this sequel features exciting new mechanics, including joystick controls, challenging boss battles, an array of fresh aviators and aircrafts, social capabilities, and other enhancements that take gaming to new heights. With the game's popularity reaching sky high, here are some of its most noteworthy features: * EXPERIENCE BEAUTIFUL CARTOON GRAPHICS FROM THE 1930s * * GET LOST IN THE ADDICTIVE ENDLESS GAMEPLAY LOOP * * TEST YOUR SKILLS ON COMPETITIVE LEADERBOARDS AGAINST FRIENDS AND PLAYERS WORLDWIDE * * GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH A PAL IN A ONE-ON-ONE DUEL * * COLLECT AN ABUNDANCE OF SKINS TO SHOWCASE YOUR STYLE *

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