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Build galaxy, mine ores, upgrade planets & ship, and become tycoon in Idle Universe: Offline Games. Three galaxies, 40 planets, 100+ materials, and play modes await.

Want to be the master of your own space mining company? Take your chance to build an entire galaxy empire of your own with Idle Universe Miner, a continuously updated offline game! In Idle Universe: Offline Games, you can play the role of a space business magnate and operate your own mining company. PLAY IDLE GAMES TO MINE โ— Mine and collect ore, soft currency, smelting items and craft even when you're AFK โ— Complete various quests to earn exceptional rewards โ— Unlock crates filled with exclusive items and champions โ— Track the progress of your galaxy even when you're idle โ— Upgrade your mining planets to maximize the ore output โ— Smelt your ore into more valuable items or craft them for extra rewards โ— Utilize your mined resources to employ travelers who can help to improve your mining operations INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS โ— Build an Empire across vast interstellar spaces! โ— Hire travelers and upgrade their abilities to enhance your ore yield! โ— Develop your digging strategy as you unpack more advanced technologies to boost your productivity! ENHANCE YOUR MINING SHIP โ— Consistently upgrade your planets to fuel your galaxy's growth and maximize profits โ— Unlock permanent rewards for your mining ship to bolster its capabilities everywhere in the game! DIVERSE CONTENT โ— Explore three different galaxies with unique challenges โ— Discover 40 fully-realized planets in your quest for resources โ— Work with over 100 kinds of materials โ— Recruit and manage 14 types of travelers to help govern your mining operations โ— Play in many different modes suited to your preferences and lifestyle JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF IDLE UNIVERSE OFFLINE PLAYERS Give us your valuable feedback and join other players in open discussions to share your experience and insights! Be a part of our community by following our official fanpage at or by sending us an email to
Release date
Apr 04, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Idle Universe: Offline Miner MOD GameplayYunana24
Idle Universe: Offline Miner - ๊ฒŒ์ž„ํ”Œ๋ ˆ์ด ์˜์ƒ [๋ชจ๋ฐ”์ผ๊ฒŒ์ž„]ํ‚ท์‹ฑ
EXOMINER - IDLE MINER UNIVERSE || Angespielt | Deutsch | GermanDarkHunter | Mobile Gaming & more


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