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Race endlessly through beautiful and relaxing environments, catching musical notes to fuel your fluffy car in Fluffy Run.

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Looking for a relaxing and minimal racing game? Fluffy Run is the perfect game for you! This game offers an endless track that is set in a stunning environment. Catch musical notes as fuel for your furry car to continue the race.

Embark on a Fluffy Trip and drive your way through beautiful arts tracks without crashing into obstacles. Keep collecting notes to keep the music playing. If you run out of fuel, the world will go dark and the game will be over.

Fluffy Fluff Fur Car is the main character and king of this minimum world. With a cute and relaxing song accompanying you, put on your headphones and enjoy the ride. This game is perfect for when you need to take a break and de-stress!

In Fluffy Run, you have to grab the musical notes as your fuel and avoid obstacles to keep your car going. Collect more coins along the way to achieve a cuter and better furry car. Try to drive as far as you can and beat your own record!

Upgrade your car with various color combinations as you collect more coins to enhance your gameplay. Infinity Games has always been an expert in minimum and relaxing gameplay, so Fluffy Run is no exception. Download Fluffy Run now and experience endless fun today!
Release date
Sep 28, 2022
Single player



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