Topia World: Building Games

Topia World: Building Games

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Game overview

Build your own fantasy worlds in TopiaWorld, featuring 3 themed chapters and thousands of items to choose from. Unleash your creativity now!

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Greetings young adventurers! Welcome to TopiaWorld, a captivating building game designed for kids, brimming with the imagination and exploratory nature found in beloved games such as Toca. Here, you have the power to bring your wildest fantasies to life, with the capability to erect three distinct and spectacular worlds to your heart's content. You may choose to adhere to a specific theme, or mix and match elements from all three worlds to create a town that is entirely unique to you!

Magic World: A World Filled with Marvels and Enchantment

In Magic World, the sky's the limit! This stimulating land is filled with wonder and mystery. Here you may encounter singing wizards and elves who camp by the Misty Forest trail. Close by is the School of Magic, where you can learn about incantations, ride brooms, and brew potions. Unleash your adventurous spirit by immersing yourself in the world of magic!

After class, head on over to Animal Town to visit the circus and coffee plaza. With Central Station in close proximity, travel by train, car, airship, rented magical creatures or shared brooms becomes a breeze!

Divine State: A Diverse Array of Lifestyles for its Inhabitants

In Divine State, another world that mirrors Toca's inquisitive and playful nature, take a trip back in time as you experience the quaint village atmosphere. Keep an eye out for wandering cats and literary enthusiasts chanting ancient poems or playing qin. Visitors from afar often stop by the tea stall for a break.

Rumours abound about the utopian Peach Blossom Land, with tales of immortals visiting now and again. In the vibrant capital, participate in the annual Lantern Festival and appreciate the colourful party boats floating on the lake, as well as the downtown area adorned with vibrant red lanterns. Enjoy the lively atmosphere while witnessing a traditional wedding ceremony!

East Island: The Scenic Beauty, Culture and Traditions

Embark on an adventure to East Island, a world that echoes the Toca spirit of free-range play, and soak in the beauty of the vernal landscapes! Here you will spot a craftsman making scrumptious glutinous rice while listening to mesmerising tales of samurai and watching Kabuki dancers perform. Offer prayers for good luck at the Maple Shrine and participate in the revelries at the Ghost Festival venue. Conclude your day by relaxing in the well-known hot spring!


• Three themed realms with an additional 18 content packages to unlock!

• A vast array of nearly 5000 unique characters, constructions, and items to select from!

• Straightforward controls - no need to waste time learning complicated instructions. Bring your architectural dreams to life!

• Customizable environment and weather. Observe the cycle of the seasons as you explore your town!

• Combine and match construction components from various worlds to fabricate your dream world!

• This game provides an infinite supply of joy for all ages, similar to the beloved Toca series.

Prepare to unleash your imagination with TopiaWorld, the ultimate building game for children!

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May 12, 2023
Single player

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