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Game overview

Embark on a new adventure in Tsuki Adventure 2 traveling the world, making animal friends, discovering hidden wonders and building your cozy home.

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Get ready to explore a whole new world alongside your favorite bunny, Tsuki, in the long-awaited sequel of Pocket Bunny's Adventure! Discover the mesmerizing beauty of the kawaii universe as you journey from the Mushroom Village deep into the mysterious forests. Indulge in a charming aesthetic where you will encounter mystical friends, tackle thrilling puzzles and make fulfilling choices throughout your incredible adventure.

Delve into Enchanting Realms
- Embrace the beauty of lush groves as you unveil hidden wonders that await you.
- This latest episode of the game brings plenty of new discoveries that will excite and leave you intrigued.
- With Tsuki Adventure 2, you will surprise yourself as you take exciting trips to different countries and uncover the secrets of the world.

Build and Improve Your Dream Abode
- Customize your cozy home by decorating it with adorable furniture.
- Upgrade your residence to unlock new areas and features.
- Enjoy creating your picture-perfect home in Tsuki Adventure 2!

Experience the Pleasure of Animal Friendship
- With a plethora of furry friends to meet, from precocious pets to wise elders, get ready to expand your circle.
- Get immersed in heartwarming relationships with your new animal friends as you hang out on the beach or have a peaceful picnic.
- Discover the stories of animal people from different parts of the globe and create delightful memories.

Bask in the Beauty of a Pocket Paradise
- Enjoy the picturesque perfection of Tsuki's pocket world beautifully remodeled with splendid vistas from globally acclaimed hotspots.
- Take delight as you relax on the sandy beach, take restorative strolls through the bamboo forests, feel the breeze on a biplane ride, and find peace in Tsuki's enthralling realm.
- Even when you step away, Tsuki's fascinating world will keep on moving!

Rekindle Past Friendships
- Immerse yourself in heartwarming found-family dynamics as Tsuki refreshes old friendships with characters such as Chi, the giraffe, and Moca, the tea-obsessed turtle.
- Enjoy the joys of building new friendships, exploring love and support as Tsuki's furry family expands.

Welcome to Tsuki Adventure 2, where every step will lead you to new discoveries, exciting animal encounters, and the blissful pleasures of Tsuki's relaxed lifestyle. Escape to a serene pocket paradise and explore the cutest sim game you will ever encounter! Follow Tsuki all around the world, as you enjoy the small yet incredible experiences life has to offer.
Release date
Nov 23, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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