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Mortal Kombat: Onslaught

Join the Mortal Kombat universe in their mobile RPG. Build a team of iconic fighters and dominate epic RPG battles to save the realms!

Mortal Kombat: OnslaughtWarner Bros.
For an eternity, the different territories have been entangled in a never-ending Mortal Kombat, resulting in fatalities and vengeance between light and darkness. Today, the Elder Gods are looking for a new warrior like you, to participate in these battles and determine the fate of the territories. Get ready to immerse yourself in the Mortal Kombat world in this mobile-exclusive RPG adventure, full of cinematic experiences. Build your own team featuring the legendary Mortal Kombat champions of your choice and prepare them to combat endless hordes of ruthless enemies. Experience the excitement of epic RPG Kombat in a fast-paced, strategy-focused game, featuring up to 10 characters fighting at the same time. Assemble an unstoppable team of four classic champions like Scorpion, Raiden, Liu Kang, and Shao Kahn, and train them to master new Kombos and Special Abilities. With their help, try to conquer the challenging Story Mode and make a name for yourself in the Earthrealm. Gather Mortal Kombat's iconic fighters and level them up from a colossal roster that includes veterans like Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Kitana, and Jax, among many others. Summon special fan-favorite variants of classic kombatants such as Smoke and Cyrax, and create powerful teams of four, based on their unique fighting abilities and class-based skills. Enjoy Mortal Kombat's innovative AAA quality graphics, fierce battles, cinematic cut scenes, and brutal fatalities, only available in this epic new RPG Story Mode. Duel your way through the game's multiple chapters and unlock new champions with unique abilities along the way. Take on the strategy gameplay challenge and build unstoppable teams, featuring Assassins, Warriors, Snipers, and Defenders, to face the different RPG game modes' unique challenges. Earn a vast amount of rewards and resources to increase your fighters' power, level up their combat skills, and unlock their Gear. To create an even stronger team, strategically equip Relics, powerful items drawn from Mortal Kombat lore, and earn bonuses and Fatalities! Train your team, ascend the Boss Tower and Chasm Modes, challenge players from the Earthrealm to Kombat! Take part in PvP Seasons, and climb the leaderboards earning special Arena rewards to show the world your mastery and the unique skills you have acquired. Download the game now, join this epic Kombat, and fight to save the universe from Shinnok's evil plans. You won't regret it! Join the Kombat conversation today and take your skills to the next level by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also chat with us on Discord or sign up for our newsletter at
Immortal Chaos

Join Legendary Heroes to choose a side, discover divine weapons, and fight against primitive beasts in this otherworldly adventure with romance and pet companionship.

Immortal ChaosYUEYOO GAMES
The war between deities and demons erupted long ago, leading to the splitting of the Jadeon Tome - a sacred book. The pages were dispersed all over the land, granting humans access to the secrets it held. Centuries have passed, and a skilled sword wielder has finally mastered the art of Jadeon Tome, only to uncover a treacherous reality. The gods and demons purposefully scattered the book to manipulate humans as their puppets. Upon discovering the truth, the sword fighter was on the brink of madness until a benevolent lady intervened. What will come next? Legendary Heroes presents an epic encounter between valiant warriors. Choose your protagonist and embark on an interdimensional adventure. Will you ally with the Immortals, who strive for law and order? Or do you side with the Demons, seeking chaos and destruction? The emergence of every divine weapon triggers a bloodbath. Only the strongest can claim these mystical artifacts! The Classic of Mountains and Seas is home to bizarre creatures that can unleash apocalyptic havoc. Join forces with your comrades to eliminate these primitive beasts and earn great rewards along the way. In this world of pandemonium, love awaits you. Soulmates are destined to unite, and you are no exception. On this daunting journey, your pet can provide a loyal companion during trying times. After all, you and your furry friend are in this together.
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Project: The Outcast

Project: The Outcast features mystical martial arts and supernatural elements with a collaboration with Bruce Lee. Advanced combat system requires players to adapt and react to the enemy.

Project: The OutcastMorefun StudiosRelease date: TBA
The game, Project: The Outcast, is inspired by the well-known Chinese webcomic series, Hitori No Shita: The Outcast. It incorporates contemporary Chinese culture, mystical martial arts, and supernatural stories, creating a unique gaming experience. The game is also a collaboration with martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, adding excitement to this eagerly awaited martial arts action title. Players can witness fantastic fighters as they execute combinations, counters, and throws while using mystical abilities like fireballs, energy webs, and ice attacks, making it a captivating martial arts extravaganza. Project: The Outcast has thrilling combat animations, an energetic battle system, and takes place in the enthralling Inhuman World. As players explore this game, they will surely impress themselves with stunning visual fidelity and an advanced combat system that aims to emulate a graceful "dance" through a blend of offensive strikes and defensive maneuvers. The game demands players to actively adapt and react to enemies' assaults while capitalizing on openings during combat sequences, making Project: The Outcast an enthralling gaming experience.
Project Entropy

Command alien civilizations, assemble your crew, and battle for interstellar dominion in the immersive mobile sci-fi RPG Project Entropy.

Project EntropyFunPlus International AG
Greetings, commander! Get ready to indulge in a thrilling experience of Project Entropy- an extraordinary sci-fi and role-playing mobile game set in the vastness of space. In the immersive MMO universe, you'll lead alien civilizations, conquer worlds that are yet to be explored and amass an incredible fleet of Heroes. Besides upgrading your troop with state-of-the-art equipment and unique abilities, you can challenge any players worldwide to fierce PvP battles or engage in intense PvE missions. Make your way through an extensive map, brandish your conquering skills and build your identity as a space legend. Be part of the vibrant and global community of players and feel the adrenaline in a mech warfare. So, are you ready for the command? Your interaction with diverse alien civilizations has led you to access human technology's apex, capable of facing extraterrestrial combat. As an important member of the Interstellar Trial, an elite competition in the universe, you're tasked to lead brave and heroic warriors to conquer unexplored planets' sovereignty. Every planet you encounter will have its own unique features, hosts of alien beasts, incredible ecosystems, ruins from ancient civilizations, and enigmatic wonders. As an Interstellar Trial Commander, you'll witness the interstellar warfare drama play out between different races and civilizations, eagerly awaiting your command. Project Entropy has compiled many interesting features that make the game an incredibly immersive experience, including: Build your crew and fortify your forces by recruiting a diverse array of species from across the universe, allow them to utilize their unique technologies to perfect your defense. Take control of your playstyle and upgrade your war equipment at the fleet command, including powerful weapons and advanced vehicles, offering you an array of customization options, all while you traverse the galaxy. The Epic Heroes that you recruit on your journey will reveal their stories and skills, making your united front stronger and victorious. Prepare for the Grod invasion! The alien beast is amid us, but it won't last long with your advanced technology and cunning battle strategies. Command versatile tanks and aircraft with their unique tactical advantages over Grod swarms and enemy forces. Take your pick from a vast array of high-tech weaponry, shaping your armory to your gameplay. Engage in adrenaline-pumping real-time battles with other alliances on the region map for territorial control over resources and encounter various creatures, environments, and technologies throughout the game. Join an alliance and fight for glory alongside your comrades-in-arms. Socialize and communicate with players from all around the world thanks to our advanced real-time translation system, breaking down language barriers. The world of Project Entropy allows you to take control of your troops, recruit Epic Heroes, and undertake challenging missions to conquer worlds in this legendary sci-fi and RPG game. The game's epic space battles, exploration of new civilizations and worlds will provide an unparalleled and immersive gaming experience. The fleet awaits you; the cosmos is calling, explore and conquer a myriad of planets to become a legend of the stars. For any support or queries, please write to us at Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Also join our Discord server Don't hesitate! Take the lead!
Raji: An Ancient Epic

Save humanity & rescue your brother in Raji, an action-adventure game set in ancient India, developed by Nodding Heads Games, available exclusively on Netflix.

Raji: An Ancient EpicNetflix, Inc.
Exclusive to Netflix subscribers, embark on a visually stunning action-adventure inspired by Indian culture in which you are selected by divine beings to fight demons, scale ancient ruins, and fulfill your destiny to save humanity. In this award-winning gaming odyssey set in the ancient world of India, Raji, a young woman, must face off against an invading demonic force to rescue her younger brother and confront Mahabalasura, the demon overlord. After a thousand years of tranquility, humans, having forgotten the ancient ways of alchemy, are caught off guard by the demon's sudden invasion and massive assault. Cities crumble, fortresses are obliterated, and innocent children are taken from their homes. Amidst the chaos, only Raji emerges as the last hope to defend human civilization. The game was developed by Nodding Heads Games.

Race through 80 visually stunning tracks, customize over 100 luxury cars, and compete against players globally in RACING X.

RacingXyuanboRelease date: TBA
Immerse yourself in the dynamic and vibrant open world of RACING X, where you can experience an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride by driving an array of upscale luxury cars amidst next-gen graphics. Brace yourself to dominate the world on wheels as you blaze your trail to achieving legendary status on the track. Prepare for some nail-biting time trials and ranked ladder matches that will leave you on the edge of your seat as you vie for glory and racing immortality. Make sure you have at least 6G of memory to get the most out of this gaming experience. Get ready to customize the ride of your dreams from a vast collection of over 100 world-renowned cars that have been crafted with meticulous care to reproducing every detail from the real deal. Utilize the tuning simulator to create your own unique ride with colors and materials that match your personality. Experience the awe-inspiring visuals and stunning racetracks that will take your breath away across 80 tracks inspired by iconic landmarks. Explore locations such as the Universal Studios, Mayan ruins, and an alien base, all of which have been impressively transformed into a blockbuster cinematic experience! Embark on your journey in single-player mode, where you can unlock some of the most massive supercars at your own pace or challenge yourself with online multiplayer events. Show off your racing skills and compete against up to 11 players from around the world, proving that you are the ultimate racing legend. But the party doesn't have to stop there! Join the club scene and become a part of the social extravaganza within RACING X. Share the spectacle of over 20 luxurious cars with fellow global car enthusiasts. Dance, socialize, and engage in passionate discussions about your shared love for racing in this diverse social event.
Honkai: Star Rail

Hop aboard Honkai: Star Rail's Astral Express for a space RPG adventure with compelling allies and reimagined tactical combat.

Embark on a thrilling space adventure like never before with Honkai: Star Rail, a new HoYoverse space fantasy RPG. Climb aboard the Astral Express and witness the endless wonders of the galaxy filled with adventure and excitement. Along the way, players will meet new companions from a variety of distinct worlds, and may even come across some familiar faces. Work together to overcome the obstacles caused by Stellaron and uncover the hidden truths behind it all. The universe is full of surprises, and in Honkai: Star Rail you'll get to experience them all. Discover never-before-seen views of the galaxy, from space stations full of Curios, to foreign planets trapped in eternal winter and starships hunting down abominations. With multiple fantastical worlds and civilizations to explore and mysteries beyond imagination to uncover, the adventures you will embark on are seemingly endless. With state-of-the-art rendering engines, innovative facial expression systems and original scores by HOYO-MiX, the immersion provided by Honkai: Star Rail is unmatched. As you shape the story of your galactic journey, your choices will define the outcome in a universe filled with conflict and collaboration. The allies you make along the way will be just as compelling as the adventures you'll have. With endless encounters and limitless adventures, the companions you meet will make your virtual journey unforgettable. From spunky amnesiac girls to noble and upright Silvermane Guards, indolent Cloud Knight generals, and even mysterious and secretive professional beauties, you'll get to know your companions and work together to confront the Stellaron crisis. Utilize a brand-new command combat system to defeat enemies and exploit their weaknesses. With exciting battles that have a satisfying rhythm, you'll use techniques and suppress enemies with different Types' Weakness Breaks, then finish the fight in style with a stunning Ultimate. In the randomly-generated mazes of the Simulated Universe, you'll encounter surprising random events and almost 100 different Blessings and Curios. These will grant you an incredible boost in abilities, allowing you to challenge a more unpredictable combat environment. With full voice-over in four languages, the characters of Honkai: Star Rail come alive. Dozens of emotions, hundreds of facial expressions, thousands of lore pieces, and millions of words make up the universe's beating heart. Experience a dream team of voice actors assembling the entire story. They will transcend their virtual existences and become your tangible companions, creating a new chapter in this tale together with you. To get support for Honkai: Star Rail, contact customer service at You can also visit their official website at or connect with other players on their official forum at Be sure to follow them on Facebook at, Instagram at, Twitter at, YouTube at, Discord at, TikTok at, and Reddit at for the latest updates.
Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Explore Adenthia and assemble a team of 200+ heroes to fight the darkness. Roll dice, strategically battle and make choices to shape your story in this open-world, seasonal RPG.

Dragonheir: Silent GodsNuverse Games
Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an engaging RPG set in a vast high-fantasy open-world environment, where you command a team of more than 200 heroes. The game offers an unparalleled tactical combat system that counts every move and decision, making each choice critical to achieving victory. With frequently updated seasonal content and elements of chance, Dragonheir keeps the gameplay fresh and stimulating, offering a world full of adventure and exploration opportunities. ◉ Game Features ◉ 〓 Adventure In An Open World 〓 Discover the vast open world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, where adventure awaits around every corner. Hunt for hidden treasures, solve challenging puzzles, compete in cooking and drinking contests, and mold your hero's story in your own unique way to create an unforgettable experience. 〓 Roll The Dice 〓 Dice rolls play a crucial role in combat, adding an element of randomness to every situation, from stealing to negotiation, drinking contests, and more. 〓 Assemble A Heroic Team 〓 With more than 200 unique heroes and their individual abilities and attributes, the world of Adenthia is full of allies waiting to join you in the fight against the dark forces. Cooperate with your friends to complete PvE mode, conquer challenging enemies and create legendary stories together. 〓 Strategic Combat 〓 Experience thrilling chess-like tactics, utilizing different character abilities, and a bit of luck as you roll the dice to see who will come out on top. Every hero placement and the environment play a pivotal role in combat, making your choices critical to your success. 〓 Make Choice Shape Your Story 〓 Immerse yourself in the magical high-fantasy world of Adenthia as the chosen one, fighting against the three-headed dragon oppressor with your team. Exploring ancient caverns and uncovering secrets, every decision you make will alter your journey. Create your own legend and forge a unique story to be told. 〓 Seasonal Update 〓 Seasonal updates bring new locations, enemies, characters, and even refresh options for your build. 〓 Infinite Hero Builds 〓 With diverse builds and customization options for every character, the possibilities for creating a standout team are endless. Chose wisely as each member of the team possesses unique abilities, strengths, and recruiting tactics. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and experience the multiverse in Dragonheir: Silent Gods!
Moment of the Sword

A romantic journey between two worlds in feudal Japan as players assemble a team of skilled fighters to save the land.

Moment of the Sword艾肯娛樂(香港)股份有限公司
Longing that spans centuries – in the land of the rising sun, Nakatsu country. This Eastern island nation has two completely different worlds: the "present" that follows the rules of reincarnation, and the "eternal night" that remains in eternal time. By chance or fate, You become the princess of "Kiwamaru Kunituna" and meet Tokugawa Mitsukuni. "Can I really handle this heavy responsibility of saving Nakatsu country?" In a home called "Honjin", the thoughts of "humans", "demons" and "monsters" are interwoven into a Japanese legendary story. An unexpectedly found, incredible sword opens up a journey of longing that spans a hundred years. "How did you get hold of Kiwamaru Kunituna?" This is your first encounter with Tokugawa Mitsukuni. The "divine power of the five swords", the opposition between the "present" and the "eternal night", the entanglement of the "human", "demon" and "monster" tribes... What kind of encounters and endings will the wheel of destiny bring you? A heartwarming home called "Honjin" - is it a refuge, or is it salvation? It's a refuge that gathers companions from the "human", "demon" and "monster" tribes. Should you take back the "divine power of the five swords" to protect the present, or touch his heart and bear the past together? Or stay here, enjoy the hot springs, food, dates, and martial arts competitions... Distance is gradually reduced, thinking overlaps. Late at night, when cherry blossoms bloom, your smiling face reflecting on the water surface becomes the place where I can go back to. Dozens of companions, each with unique skills and outstanding appearance; Flexible and versatile lineup combinations to deal with the diverse challenges of different styles of levels. Real-time combat, strategic elimination, bond combinations... Simple operation, gorgeous performance, detailed design everywhere. Battle is not just a duel of victory or defeat, but it also allows you to understand each person better. Main storyline, character-specific stories, random events... In the grand and beautiful Japanese world, the AVG-style plot interaction brings unlimited exploratory fun. The romantic "deep interactive cultivation" and rich casual gameplay. In the alternation between adventure and daily life, the bond with your favorite character deepens day by day. Multiple interactions, ingenuity expression, bringing an immersive experience like real life. An animated long story that you can immerse yourself into, with "Iwasaki Daisuke", the president of Rejet, a Japan's well-known women's game company as the planning coordinator and lyricist of the theme song, and "Fukamachi Kazumi", the winner of "Best Screenplay" in the 2016 Japan Women's Game Awards, as the creative leader of the plot. The original illustration of "Sword Ga Kimi" is by "Yom", with a group of well-known Japanese illustrators working on character design. Dozens of Japanese popular voice actors recorded a massive amount of voice lines, and "Hanae Natsuki" sang the theme song... "Anime-level character design": not only good-looking, but also each character has its own background, personality, martial arts school, and the development of relationships, as well as small details such as clothing and habits. Every character is well-rounded, and every detail is carefully designed. As your relationship with them deepens, you will learn about everyone's past that they don't easily mention, and you will also co-build the future with each of them, with feelings and emotions... At the same time, you will also be amazed by the Easter eggs buried in the settings from time to time. A massive amount of "plot CG" that was drawn by Japan's top illustrators, expressing each frame in the most splendid way, making those moving scenes come to life. Breaking through the limit of 2D, the "animation expression" makes the characters lively and realistic, bringing a super-immersive experience of walking into an animated show.
Kemono Friends: Kingdom

Embark on a heartwarming adventure with diverse animal friends in Kingdom, combating mysterious enemies with strategic combat and thrilling terrain mechanisms.

Kemono Friends: KingdomNeocraft Limited
Don't miss out on exclusive information and rewards by following us on our social media platforms - Facebook and Discord. Embark on a miraculous adventure at "Kingdom", an abandoned theme park, where you will encounter a diverse cast of animal friends. Watch out for the azure monsters scattered throughout the Kingdom! Work together with your animal friends, utilizing each one's unique abilities and the landform organs' mechanisms, to defeat these mysterious enemies and save the Kingdom. Enjoy a captivating storyline filled with laughter, tears, and heartwarming plot twists that will keep you engaged throughout the game. "Kingdom" offers a variety of animal friends, each with their own distinct personalities and thrilling adventures, guaranteed to leave you wanting more. To defeat the mysterious sky blue monster, players must adjust their flying device's ejection angle and strength strategically. Battle a variety of sky blue monsters, each presenting unique challenges to overcome. Explore "Kingdom's" varied terrains, such as grasslands, rainforests, and deserts, and discover hidden terrain mechanisms that can make or break your progress in battle. Plan with your animal friends and tackle these challenging levels together. Experience stunning 2D animations showcasing each animal friend's miraculous ultimate moves, such as the crested ibis's singing or the leopard chameleon's ninjutsu. These ultimate moves can defeat the sky blue monster and protect the peaceful life of "Kingdom". Learn fun facts about the animal friends in "Kingdom" and their real-world counterparts through the game's popular science feature. Spend time with them in-game and discover more about the animals that inspired their design. Join us at "Kingdom" and be prepared for a heartwarming story and strategic combat against mysterious enemies. Don't miss out on the fun and adventure that awaits!
Motorsport Rivals

Join a global racing community, customize your team, and compete with your national team in tactical team races. Support and energy key in free-to-play Motorsport Rivals.

Motorsport RivalsPlaysport Games
Looking for an unparalleled Motorsport Game racing experience? Look no further than the Motorsport Rivals racing game! This multiplayer motorsport racing game provides a brilliant way for you to connect with other fans and rivals of racing from all around the world. Work together with your friends to lead your team to victory against your fierce competitors. By joining a racing team you instantly become part of a large community of millions of supportive players all around the globe. At Motorsport Rivals, teamwork is everything! Play racing cards to attack your ultimate competitors and compete in thrilling races that test your team spirit and tactful abilities. Every race is an opportunity to improve your strategy and bring glory to your team. Get acquainted with your local motorsport community and team up with other racing fans to support your national team and defeat rival countries. Who knows, you may even make some lifelong friends. The Motorsport Rivals racing game offers a variety of features to keep you engaged and interested, including customization of your team, team chat, emojis to communicate with competitors, energy to race, motorsport competitions, pitstop minigames, and season pass. You must aim to win speed and battle for a better season position. To achieve this goal, you must be proactive and support your teammates. With Motorsport Rivals, you can be part of a dream team and race in your dream season. Stay connected with ease by linking your social media account to effortlessly connect with your friends, and make new ones. The best part is, Motorsport Rivals is completely free to play! Although some items can be purchased for real money, the game only requires a network connection. Are you ready to become a motorsport champion by taking on the best of the competition? Download Motorsport Rivals today and rev your engines! If you need any assistance or recommendations, contact us at
Summon Dragons 2

Summon Dragons 2: Build, collect, and explore in a mystical world with 100+ dragons and epic battles.

Get ready to enter the realm of Summon Dragons 2, where you'll be transported to a magical world filled with fantasy dragons, adventures, and quests. Become the ultimate adventurer by expanding your town, collecting and hatching dragons, and exploring beyond the horizon. Begin your journey on a small island where you can build and customize every detail of your town. Harvest resources and construct unique buildings to expand your territory. Your ultimate goal is to create the perfect dragon town! There are over 100 different dragons, divided into three factions, waiting for you to collect, hatch, and train. With mystical creatures at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Summon your dragons and embark on an epic journey that will take you through the Sacred Ruins, Twilight Realm, Ancient Domain, Ancient Altar and Traveling Portal. Thrilling battlefields and epic bosses await you, offering the perfect opportunities to put your strategy and your dream team to the test. Train your dragons carefully and put in the effort to improve your squad – strategic thinking and hard work will always pay off. Privacy and security are of utmost importance, which is why you can rest easy knowing that Summon Dragons 2 is fully compliant with all necessary privacy policies and terms of service. Enter the world of Summon Dragons 2 where adventure and excitement await!
Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight™ update invites players to experience the thrill of being both killer and survivor. Customize your strategy and play with iconic horror characters. Fits in your pocket.

Dead by Daylight MobileBehaviour Interactive
Experience the thrill of the hunt in the intense multiplayer horror and action game, Dead by Daylight™, now enhanced with a massive update. Immerse yourself in The Fog and prepare for a game of deadly cat and mouse. Are you ready to take on the roles of both Killer and Survivor in this pulse-pounding game of hide and seek? Form your friends into a crack team of Survivors and see who can outlast the others. Alternatively, step into the role of a Killer and sacrifice Survivors to The Entity. With five players in the Killing Grounds, expect the unexpected and brace yourself for some unforgettable jump scares. Dead by Daylight Mobile delivers you iconic characters from your favorite horror franchises and offers you the chance to play as legends of horror. The Realms and Trials offered are dynamic and unpredictable, providing you with the perfect opportunity to experience the game through the eyes of the killer. The Killers and Survivors each come with their own perks and abilities, providing you with plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your personal game strategy. Understand your surroundings, adopt the right approach, and leverage the might of your experience and skills to either hunt your prey or escape the Killer's clutches. The fully optimized mobile version of Dead by Daylight is designed to provide you with pocket-sized access to the survival horror game you love on your console or PC, and the eerie ambiance, music, and chilling environments combine into an unforgettable experience. Are you brimming with curiosity to know more about this game? Check out our official site or follow us on Twitter at DbDMobile today. If you have any queries, contact our customer service desk at Dead by Daylight Mobile requires an Android version of 7.0 (Nougat OS) or higher and a Samsung Galaxy S6 or an equivalent.
Money Heist: Ultimate Choice

Join the Professor's crew in an interactive prequel heist game set in the "Money Heist" universe, where you must choose between revenge or being a team player.

Money Heist: Ultimate ChoiceNetflix, Inc.
This game is exclusively available for Netflix members. In this interactive crime story, you have the decision to make it personal and avenge your family or become a team player. Based on your decisions, you can choose to join the Professor's crew who are on a mission to infiltrate Spain's underground art auctions. The narrative fiction prequel game is set in the "Money Heist" universe which revolves around a whirlwind crime drama and love story. You get to choose your character and venture down different paths based on your decisions. As a newbie in the Professor's crew, your mission is to execute a heist in the alluring criminal world while making decisions that will alter your fate. You get to experience theft, drama, and romance while making choices that could change the direction of the story. Whether it's taking revenge or pursuing romance, your choices will determine your destiny in this crime drama. Your character has a secret that you must keep under wraps. You can choose to support your partners in crime and remain loyal or choose to further your personal agenda. The story's tension is derived from your choices, making it crucial to select your path wisely. You have the option to select romance and drama in this crime story. While your childhood best friend supports your decision, there are also intriguing new personalities in your team. The game allows you to choose your path, build your love story, and decide which personalities will cause drama or spark romance. This interactive crime story takes place before Season 1 of "Money Heist," making it a thrilling expansion of the "Money Heist" universe. In many ways, the drama that unfolds in this game serves as a practice run for the crew's first real heist. Created by Netflix Game Studio, Boss Fight, this game takes you on a journey filled with crime, love, and drama that depends on the choices you make.

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