Immortal Chaos

Immortal Chaos

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Game overview

Join Legendary Heroes to choose a side, discover divine weapons, and fight against primitive beasts in this otherworldly adventure with romance and pet companionship.

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The war between deities and demons erupted long ago, leading to the splitting of the Jadeon Tome - a sacred book. The pages were dispersed all over the land, granting humans access to the secrets it held. Centuries have passed, and a skilled sword wielder has finally mastered the art of Jadeon Tome, only to uncover a treacherous reality. The gods and demons purposefully scattered the book to manipulate humans as their puppets. Upon discovering the truth, the sword fighter was on the brink of madness until a benevolent lady intervened. What will come next?

Legendary Heroes presents an epic encounter between valiant warriors. Choose your protagonist and embark on an interdimensional adventure.

Will you ally with the Immortals, who strive for law and order? Or do you side with the Demons, seeking chaos and destruction?

The emergence of every divine weapon triggers a bloodbath. Only the strongest can claim these mystical artifacts!

The Classic of Mountains and Seas is home to bizarre creatures that can unleash apocalyptic havoc. Join forces with your comrades to eliminate these primitive beasts and earn great rewards along the way.

In this world of pandemonium, love awaits you. Soulmates are destined to unite, and you are no exception.

On this daunting journey, your pet can provide a loyal companion during trying times. After all, you and your furry friend are in this together.
Release date
Apr 12, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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