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Project Entropy

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Game overview

Lead the fight for survival against the awakened Grod and rebuild civilization with advanced technology and good strategies in this post-apocalyptic RTS game.

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The approaching terror of Grod, an ancient creature reawakened by global warming, has caused widespread devastation to the population, causing the collapse of nations and societies across the globe in a matter of years.

As humanity moves to higher ground to avoid this danger, the once fertile and vibrant landscapes have become barren, plagued by "Dead Soil" - a toxic presence, visible everywhere that threatens the very existence of mankind.

In an effort to reclaim the lost home of humanity, the "Returner Campaign" has been launched by the high-tech group, "World Tree Corporation" in 2095. As a Returner armed with powerful land purification devices, you have set out to clear the Dead Soil, filled with the dangerous Grod, and reclaim your home.

The world as we know it has altered completely with highly corrosive dead soil, bloodthirsty Grod, and the mysterious Penitents Legion, lurking dangers. As a commander of the Returners, you must quickly build up your base, gather allies, and discover the truth behind the disaster.

Your wisdom and courage are what this collapsing world desperately needs!

The game features:

• Grod is coming! An ancient threat that awakens during global warming, causing humanity's greatest crisis. As a Returner leader, use advanced technologies and strategies to save humanity!

• Purify and rebuild! Survive and reclaim the lost home of humanity by purifying the dead soil with special devices and rebuilding your land

• Power armor and air support! Mechanized power armor and vehicles are the best defense against Grods and other enemies. While air support can destroy enemies from above, it's up to you to choose weapons and tactics to become the hero!

• Various weapons! Customize your arsenal with high-tech weapons like armored vehicles, combat droids, and more!

• War heroes! Meet various heroes with their unique stories, recruit them to your team, and fight alongside each other as your own epic story unfolds!

• RTS multiplayer mode! Fight against other players' Alliances for limited resources and territories on massive region maps.

• Alliances! Make alliances with like-minded players, fight alongside your allies and band together for your Alliance's honor!

• Talk to players worldwide! A powerful real-time translation system helps you communicate with millions of players from different countries and align with them.

This world has been completely transformed and you have the opportunity to set a new order in it. Formulate your strategy and forge your own legend! Join the Returner Campaign today!

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FunPlus International AG
Release date
Apr 17, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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