Moment of the Sword

Moment of the Sword

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A romantic journey between two worlds in feudal Japan as players assemble a team of skilled fighters to save the land.

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Longing that spans centuries – in the land of the rising sun, Nakatsu country. This Eastern island nation has two completely different worlds: the "present" that follows the rules of reincarnation, and the "eternal night" that remains in eternal time. By chance or fate, You become the princess of "Kiwamaru Kunituna" and meet Tokugawa Mitsukuni. "Can I really handle this heavy responsibility of saving Nakatsu country?" In a home called "Honjin", the thoughts of "humans", "demons" and "monsters" are interwoven into a Japanese legendary story.

An unexpectedly found, incredible sword opens up a journey of longing that spans a hundred years. "How did you get hold of Kiwamaru Kunituna?" This is your first encounter with Tokugawa Mitsukuni. The "divine power of the five swords", the opposition between the "present" and the "eternal night", the entanglement of the "human", "demon" and "monster" tribes... What kind of encounters and endings will the wheel of destiny bring you?

A heartwarming home called "Honjin" - is it a refuge, or is it salvation? It's a refuge that gathers companions from the "human", "demon" and "monster" tribes. Should you take back the "divine power of the five swords" to protect the present, or touch his heart and bear the past together? Or stay here, enjoy the hot springs, food, dates, and martial arts competitions... Distance is gradually reduced, thinking overlaps. Late at night, when cherry blossoms bloom, your smiling face reflecting on the water surface becomes the place where I can go back to.

Dozens of companions, each with unique skills and outstanding appearance; Flexible and versatile lineup combinations to deal with the diverse challenges of different styles of levels. Real-time combat, strategic elimination, bond combinations... Simple operation, gorgeous performance, detailed design everywhere. Battle is not just a duel of victory or defeat, but it also allows you to understand each person better. Main storyline, character-specific stories, random events... In the grand and beautiful Japanese world, the AVG-style plot interaction brings unlimited exploratory fun. The romantic "deep interactive cultivation" and rich casual gameplay. In the alternation between adventure and daily life, the bond with your favorite character deepens day by day. Multiple interactions, ingenuity expression, bringing an immersive experience like real life.

An animated long story that you can immerse yourself into, with "Iwasaki Daisuke", the president of Rejet, a Japan's well-known women's game company as the planning coordinator and lyricist of the theme song, and "Fukamachi Kazumi", the winner of "Best Screenplay" in the 2016 Japan Women's Game Awards, as the creative leader of the plot. The original illustration of "Sword Ga Kimi" is by "Yom", with a group of well-known Japanese illustrators working on character design. Dozens of Japanese popular voice actors recorded a massive amount of voice lines, and "Hanae Natsuki" sang the theme song...

"Anime-level character design": not only good-looking, but also each character has its own background, personality, martial arts school, and the development of relationships, as well as small details such as clothing and habits. Every character is well-rounded, and every detail is carefully designed. As your relationship with them deepens, you will learn about everyone's past that they don't easily mention, and you will also co-build the future with each of them, with feelings and emotions... At the same time, you will also be amazed by the Easter eggs buried in the settings from time to time.

A massive amount of "plot CG" that was drawn by Japan's top illustrators, expressing each frame in the most splendid way, making those moving scenes come to life. Breaking through the limit of 2D, the "animation expression" makes the characters lively and realistic, bringing a super-immersive experience of walking into an animated show.
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