GamesProject: The Outcast

Project: The Outcast

Release date: TBA

Game overview

Project: The Outcast features mystical martial arts and supernatural elements with a collaboration with Bruce Lee. Advanced combat system requires players to adapt and react to the enemy.

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The game, Project: The Outcast, is inspired by the well-known Chinese webcomic series, Hitori No Shita: The Outcast. It incorporates contemporary Chinese culture, mystical martial arts, and supernatural stories, creating a unique gaming experience. The game is also a collaboration with martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, adding excitement to this eagerly awaited martial arts action title. Players can witness fantastic fighters as they execute combinations, counters, and throws while using mystical abilities like fireballs, energy webs, and ice attacks, making it a captivating martial arts extravaganza. Project: The Outcast has thrilling combat animations, an energetic battle system, and takes place in the enthralling Inhuman World. As players explore this game, they will surely impress themselves with stunning visual fidelity and an advanced combat system that aims to emulate a graceful "dance" through a blend of offensive strikes and defensive maneuvers. The game demands players to actively adapt and react to enemies' assaults while capitalizing on openings during combat sequences, making Project: The Outcast an enthralling gaming experience.
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