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Best new mobile games 2024

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Squad Busters

Create your Squad, loot bosses, and play with beloved characters in this exciting game full of unique gameplay and fun surprises.

Squad BustersSupercell
Get ready for an unpredictable and enjoyable experience every time you play! This game is all about growing your squad, looting bosses, and taking on your friends. With a unique roster of Supercell characters from popular games like Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, and Hay Day, each match is full of twists and turns with fresh gameplay. Explore endless combinations of maps with wild gameplay and crazy twists in each epic 10-player match. Hold on tight to the most gems if you want to come out on top. This game offers the chance to merge and evolve over 25 different characters, starting with cute babies and evolving them into full-grown superstars with sensational abilities. There are dozens of game modifiers that constantly change the character lineups and make millions of unique games. You can chase down Loot Goblins, smash piñatas, recruit Royal Ghosts to haunt others, and so much more. With every game, you'll discover new tactics and fun surprises. Part action, part strategy, full-on party, this game requires you to think fast and choose the right mix of attackers, suppliers, and speedsters for your squad. You can play it safe by farming or risking it all to knock out other players. There's more than one route to victory in this exciting game packed with beloved characters and worlds. Adventure through fun new worlds and themed maps on your journey, discovering unique environments, bosses, traps, and unlocking fan-favorite heroes and villains as you progress. Be social and invite your friends, family, and frenemies to your own multiplayer party room. Challenge them to see who can survive the battle and become the top squad. This is the perfect way to settle scores or get the party started! So why did the chicken cross the road? To bust the Barbarian and steal his gems, of course! Join the squad and let the games begin. Check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for further information and guidance.
Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is an action RPG where you awaken as Rover and explore an open world to regain lost memories and overcome enemies with Resonators.

Wuthering Waves is an incredible open-world action RPG that provides players with extensive freedom and an enthralling storyline. You will awaken as Rover, accompanied by a lively group of Resonators on a quest to reclaim lost memories and surmount the Lament. ✦Introduction✦ Join the adventure-thirsty voyager Rover, as you arrive on the shores of an annihilated world during the Ebb Tide, where everything lies barren. The earth is left to mourn in silence after the Lament, but the creatures strike back vehemently, showing their might. Despite everything, humanity has resurged from the apocalypse's ashes, and you are all set to embark on an Awakening adventure. The game world is vast, exciting, and teeming with endless possibilities, where you'll meet new people, overcome foes, uncover hidden truths, and bear witness to unmatched spectacles. The decision rests on you. Be the answer, leader, and follow the echoes to the path of a new beginning. As the thundering waves of Wuthering clatter endlessly, a new era of humanity unfolds. Rise and start your odyssey as Rover. ✦Features✦ Following the Lament, the civilization has been reborn/Plunge into a vast world where freedom is the norm. Enjoy total freedom of movement in the immersive overworld explorations as you dive into Solaris-3's expansive environment. Use the grapple and wall dash to travel long distances and get over hindrances with minimal strain on your stamina. As you proceed with your ceaseless quest, the world of Solaris-3 will guide you in recovering your lost memories. Defend and mount an assault on your foes with finesse/Take part in sleek and fast-paced combat. Combat against enemies is responsive, smooth, and delivered at breakneck speeds. Utilize easy mechanisms like Extreme Evasion, Dodge Counter, Echo Skill, and unique QTE for an unparalleled battle experience. Alongside your companions with your newfound powers/Meet the Resonators. Build a harmonious ensemble with the Resonators, each donning unique abilities and attires. Their Fortes spell out their distinct personalities, which will be essential assets on your journey ahead. Command the power of your enemies/Collect Echoes to boost you on the battleground. Unleash your own Echoes by capturing remnants of Tacet Discords' ghosts that roam the mystical land, resonating everlasting sounds. Earn an array of Echo Skills to wage powerful attacks on your foes. ✦Official Social Media✦ Official Website: X (Twitter): Facebook: YouTube: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Tik Tok:
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The Enchanted World

Slide and solve 30+ handcrafted puzzles in a magical world, unlocking 9 different realms to restore with a valiant fairy. No ads.

The Enchanted WorldNoodlecake
*Note: Demo Available - Play the initial level before purchasing. Full version is available through a one-time in-app purchase, without any annoying ads.* The Enchanted World is an enthralling adventure revolving around a tile-sliding puzzle set in an otherworldly landscape reeling under the impact of malevolent powers. Accompany a gallant sprite on her expedition as she navigates through magical terrains, solves intricate puzzles, and encounters peculiar personages on a mission to unite the world. Explore enchanting woods and enigmatic valleys, visit solitary deserts, and descend into dim caves. Take a leap across mystical marshes, investigate a forsaken factory, and access a surrealistic futuristic scenery. Features: - Indulge in spellbinding graphics that blend beautifully with the animations - Tackle over 30 challenging tile-sliding puzzles developed manually - 9 different kingdoms with exclusive tile collections - Extra winter levels added during the holidays - Enjoy an engaging, narrative expressed through captivating visuals and music - Face a challenging puzzle combat with a formidable adversary - Engage with the world and its inhabitants - Travel through the winding paths of the Enchanted World - Savor an exclusive soundtrack and an immersive audio experience. For the ultimate gaming experience, use headphones. The tale of the fairy is the inspiration for the developers’ childhood, and it is a game made with passion and attention to detail. Every scene has been crafted with precision to offer a delightful and satisfying experience. The game’s creator has a background in animation and visual effects in the film industry, and combined with that, The Enchanted World delivers a one-of-a-kind gaming adventure. **Winner - Best Upcoming Game, International Mobile Gaming Awards Global 2018** **Multi-award-winning game**
Dumb Ways to Survive

Play as Noob, the hapless explorer who must survive the wilderness with silly, craftable weapons and tools. Fight dangerous creatures and bizarre weather in this Dumb Ways to Die roguelike adventure!

Dumb Ways to SurviveNetflix, Inc.
To join the latest adventure in the popular "Dumb Ways to Die" series, you will need a Netflix membership. In this fun-filled and exciting survival game, you'll play as a bumbling bean called Noob who must navigate through the wilderness and avoid an untimely demise. As you explore the interactive environments filled with both dangerous and tasty wildlife, you'll have to rely on your wit and resourcefulness. You can collect various resources and harvest plants in your quest to survive in Beanland and find your way back home. To survive, you'll have to craft your own tools from the resources you've collected and the plants you've harvested. You never know what you might find useful, such as a guitar or giant candy cane to fend off your attackers. You'll also have to fight for survival in battles with different critters in real-time. You'll need to observe the animals' attack patterns to know when to make a move or back away. If you fail and die, don't worry; the game features roguelike gameplay mechanics so you can try again and learn from your past encounters. Construct and upgrade buildings such as the Forge and Juice Bar to increase your chances of survival and earn Scout Badges, which can offer unique benefits to help you throughout the game. You can also log your achievements in the Handbook as you progress through the game. Be prepared for all kinds of weather patterns, each with its own gameplay effect, as you attempt to survive and thrive in this exciting new game by Playside.
Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a roguelike RPG where players use mystical cards to shape the world beneath their hero's feet, unlock new classes, and break an endless time loop.

Loop HeroPlaydigious
Experience an adventure like no other with Loop Hero, now available for a free trial with the option to pre-order the full game at a special 10% discount. The entire world has been plunged into an unending state of chaos by the Lich, leaving its inhabitants struggling to survive an endless loop of timelessness. As you play through this addictive roguelike RPG, you'll gain access to a powerful deck of mystical cards that will allow you to place enemies, buildings, and terrain items along each unique expedition loop, making it a true test of your skills and strategy. You'll also be tasked with recovering and equipping your hero with the most powerful loot and equipment to take on the toughest battles. Each class of hero has a unique set of abilities, and you'll have to carefully expand your survivors' camp to provide them with the support and resources they need to survive. There are multiple classes to unlock, along with an extensive selection of cards and malicious guardians to keep gameplay fresh and engaging. Loop Hero boasts an unparalleled level of replayability thanks to the randomly generated loops that offer endless possibilities for exploration and experimentation. You'll create your own paths and shape your expeditions with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to script your hero's trials and tribulations. The game's melancholic dark fantasy plot is brought to life through retro pixel art direction, drawing you into a gloomy universe that demands you recollect memories of the world and absorb its story in full. Defeat mighty bosses and break the cycle of despair to triumph over the Lich's never-ending time loop. The mobile version of the game has been designed with your device in mind, featuring an exclusive interface optimized for touch screen controls and complete compatibility with MFi controllers. You can even share your progress between Android devices thanks to the game's cloud save feature, making it easy to stay engaged no matter where you are. So, get ready to dive into an epic adventure of strategy and survival with Loop Hero!
Dark and Light Mobile

Survive, tame magical creatures, master magic and craft weapons in the vast world of Dark and Light Mobile. Collaborate with players or confront them in cross-server battles.

Dark and Light MobileSnail Games Japan,Inc.
Experience the thrill of survival and magic in Dark and Light Mobile, a sandbox game that runs on Unreal Engine 4. Immerse in the vast, seamless world where players can encounter different types of landforms and mythical creatures. This magical sandbox lets you explore, learn different magic technologies, build a house, tame creatures and collaborate with other players or confront them. With a variety of magical creatures ranging from the mythical Wyverns, Griffins, and Unicorns to exotic ones, such as the Lava Tigers and Moon-Tailed Beasts, you can tame creatures to become your partners or mounts. Use hunting spears armed with anesthesia to catch any magical creature in the wild. Build your home with the resources you’ve collected from the vast world, starting with a foundation. Each stage of your construction allows you to create more powerful structures, from magic guard towers protected by your dragons to robust strongholds. Change the world with your constructions. Unlock blueprints by studying Knowledge and master magic technologies to craft your weapons. From the Drying Shelf to the Enchantment Table and weapons such as the Dagger and Ice wand, use steel and magic technology to design, reform, and assemble your weapons and armor. Use them in combat against elite creatures and unknown enemies to become a legend. Collaborate with your friends to fight across the servers or fight solo against other players. Ride multi-passenger mounts like War Elephants with your teammates to fight enemies. Build your team with diverse weapons, creatures, and magic technology to win the battle. Come to Gnarris and dive into its endless possibilities. Start building, taming creatures, and exploring the vast world of Dark and Light Mobile now.
Blood Strike - FPS for all

Experience smooth controls and deadly abilities in Blood Strike's exciting modes like Battle Royale, Death Match, and Control Point. Team up with friends and press the advantage for fast-paced firefights.

Blood Strike - FPS for allNetEase Games
Blood Strike offers gamers a mobile FPS experience like no other, with intuitive controls and unparalleled precision. Whether you're aiming, shooting, running, or gliding, the smoothness of the gameplay is simply unbeatable. Nothing can stand between you and victory. The game features exciting modes for players to enjoy, including Battle Royale, Death Match, and Control Point modes, all available immediately upon leaving the tutorial. With your favorite mode selected, you can begin blasting your enemies and earning your first blood. Playing as part of a team has never been easier, thanks to Blood Strike's streamlined team-based modes. You can quickly find and add your friends to your squad, then jump in and start battling together in no time. The game features a variety of unique heroes, each with its own set of active and passive skills. Choose your favorite and bring defeat to your opponents, striking with deadly precision and making strategic decisions on the fly. As a mobile-first game, Blood Strike has been designed from the ground up to work smoothly on a wide range of devices, even those with only 2GB of RAM. The lightweight design ensures that the game runs flawlessly, even during fast-paced firefights. Pouncing on enemies and pursuing them in tense firefights is key to success in Blood Strike. While tactical decisions matter, camping a spot unchallenged is not an option. Players must stay on their toes and press the advantage to emerge victorious. Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates by following Blood Strike on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Join the community today by joining the official Discord server.
AFK Journey

Embark on a legendary adventure in Esperia, a fantasy world, using classic strategic cards & real-time battles in AFK Journey.

AFK JourneyFarlight Games
Embark on an exciting journey with AFK Journey, a 3D strategy card RPG, set in the picturesque world of Esperia. Here, you'll join forces with your companions to drive away the Miasma and create your own heroic tales. Get ready to meet your allies at the tavern, awaiting your arrival. This colossal and magical world with its breathtaking graphics is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes. Get lost in Esperia's beauty and explore the land, discover hidden treasures, and experience seasonal changes as you wander through its magical terrain. AFK Journey combines classic strategic cards with real-time combat, adding an extra layer of thrill to the battles. A strategic game plan, impeccable timing and a complete mastery of advanced tactics are essential ingredients to crush your opponents with their ultimate spells. The ever-changing battlefield and varying terrains make every fight unique and challenging. Pay close attention to the environment, for the terrain plays a vital role when it comes to controlling your enemies. As the chosen one, you need to adjust your formation, use combat mechanisms wisely and make strategic moves to defeat the menacing opponents. Endure and succeed; take a well-deserved break around the campfire when fatigued. However, know that the adventure never sleeps, and even during breaks, there are tons of loot to collect when you wake up fresh and energized. Create your own heroic tales and defeat the miasma with your companions in Esperia. AFK Journey is the ultimate card strategy RPG packed with action, exploration and adventures – be prepared for an unforgettable adventure.

Escape the Underworld using customizable controls and power-ups from Greek gods in this award-winning, action-packed RPG.

HadesNetflix, Inc.
To play this award-winning adventure, you must have a Netflix membership. The game, set in Greek mythology, puts you in the shoes of the immortal Prince of the Underworld who is on a mission to escape the afterlife by navigating through a constantly changing labyrinth filled with deadly peril. You'll also have to overcome your personal demons and father issues that come up along the way. You can play the game your way. It has customizable touch controls with support for Bluetooth controllers that allows you to jump straight into the action. The PC and console version has been included, and all features are present in this edition. Although Hades may rule the realm of the dead, you refuse to be under his sway. You'll face supernatural opponents guarding your father's domain and find a way to break free from the underworld. With each unique escape attempt, you'll grow stronger and uncover more of the story. The Olympians grant you their divine powers, including those of Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon, allowing you to choose and use dozens of divine Boons in an attempt to enhance your abilities. As you explore the underworld, you'll meet and build relationships with a fully voiced cast of characters, including restless souls and larger-than-life figures, making this game more engaging. Thanks to its replayability, no two visits to the ever-changing underworld will be the same, and the guardian bosses will remember you. You can use the powerful Mirror of Night to gain permanent strength and better prepare for your next run. Moreover, you can challenge yourself by increasing the difficulty level and white-knuckling through your future games. Supergiant Games created this action-packed roguelike RPG with rich storytelling, intricate artwork, and heart-pounding combat, which is bound to capture your attention.
Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile delivers iconic FPS Battle Royale and Multiplayer maps, with immersive gameplay and cross-progression technology. Survive and dominate against real players.

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ MobileActivision Publishing, Inc.
Prepare to experience the intense action of Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile, featuring breathtaking Battle Royale and Multiplayer FPS gameplay. Unleash your combat skills with Call of Duty: Warzone style weapons and stunning graphics that simulate real-life situations. Join forces with your squad and challenge others in PvP battles to become the ultimate champion of the game! Immerse yourself in iconic maps, such as Verdansk and Rebirth Island in the FPS Battle Royale mode, or buckle up for fast firefights in classic Multiplayer maps like Shipment, Shoot House, and Scrapyard. Powered by cutting-edge Call of Duty technology, Warzone Mobile allows you to level up shared weapons, earn XP, and transfer all your progress to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare® III and Call of Duty: Warzone, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. Warzone Mobile delivers exciting and immersive gameplay that is fully customizable. Choose and personalize your loadouts with custom controls that complement your playstyle. Discover unique weapons, operators, events, and Battle Pass content that is exclusive to this mobile game. Encounter a new level of PvP shooting mechanics and experience tactical multiplayer combat unlike anything you have seen before. Fight to survive and dominate against other players no matter where you are! Join friends and build the best team in Battle Royale mode to prove your supremacy in this competitive arena. With cross-progression technology, take your shared weapons, operators and Battle Pass XP with you anywhere on mobile, making Call of Duty truly accessible at any time. Don't wait any longer - immerse yourself and your friends with this intense and thrilling game and unlock endless possibilities. See you on the frontlines! Please note that the minimum device specifications required are Adreno 618 or better, and 4GB RAM or more. Visit for more information. Age restrictions apply, and the game requires a persistent internet connection. Enable push notifications to stay informed about exciting events and new content updates. A customer service support is available at Check terms and conditions at © 2024 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION, CALL OF DUTY, and CALL OF DUTY WARZONE are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google LLC. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Before playing, accept Activision's privacy policy and software terms of use at

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM - Build and upgrade your NBA dream team and play a variety of game modes on the go for free. Sync your progress between mobile and console.

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM2K, Inc. - a Take-Two Interactive affiliate
Immerse yourself in the world of NBA 2K24 MyTEAM, the ultimate basketball simulation game, where you can experience a unique gameplay style like never before. With MyTEAM, you have the freedom to create a lineup consisting of your favorite NBA players from any era and take on your competition. Whether you're a basketball aficionado or a casual gamer, MyTEAM caters to everyone's needs, providing an unmatched gaming experience that is sure to leave you engaged. It is available for free on mobile, and you can also link your PlayStation or Xbox account to sync your in-game progress seamlessly. Redeem locker codes, claim exciting rewards, and acquire the latest players right from the convenience of your mobile device. MyTEAM offers various game modes, from 3v3, 5v5 to full-lineup match formats, with different win conditions and gameplay formats to test your skills. Earn rewards across all modes, whether you want to compete in Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, Domination or showcase your skills with Clutch Time - a fast-paced single-quarter mode. The Unlimited mode lets you showcase your skills against the best players worldwide. Look out for new rewards that can be earned every season in various modes such as Spotlight, Pick-Up, Skills, and Signature Challenges to flex your championship-caliber lineups. Try out the brand-new Salary Cap mode, where you are given a cap for assembling your team's maximum salary. Keep in mind that each card has a value that goes against your salary cap, so choose your players wisely to ensure you have the strongest team possible. With a unique game format for Salary Cap games, you can build a lead in the first half and be the first to reach the target score in the second half to win! With new rewards and rounds every two weeks, Salary Cap is always worth playing. In the newly added Player Market, you can build your dream lineup right from day one. Earn reward cards by playing several game modes or use the MTP earned from gameplay to acquire players of your choice. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours! Never miss a drop in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM; redeem locker codes on the go. Complete Season Agendas to earn season rewards and XP, unlock great rewards, and achieve Level 40 along the way. Once the current season ends, a new one begins, adding another layer of excitement and fun! Outside the digital hardwood of the game, you can participate in weekly challenges to earn rewards for your team. Send your players on missions in Exhibitions mode where they can leave your collection temporarily but come back with new rewards. Use the Pack Market, Token Market, and Exchange features to upgrade your lineup. MyTEAM allows you to create and experiment with limitless lineup variations on your way to achieving greatness. MyTEAM's cross-progression feature allows you to authenticate your XBOX or PlayStation account. Play, progress, and enjoy content across all your devices. You can also use your Google login to start playing MyTEAM on your mobile today. Please note that MyTEAM requires an internet connection and a mobile device with at least 4 GB of RAM. At Take-Two Games, we take our players' privacy seriously. Learn more about our privacy policy and opt-out options here: While NBA 2K24's online features are scheduled to be available until December 31, 2025, we reserve the right to modify or discontinue online features with notice in accordance with our Terms of Service. Head over to for more information. Get your game on with NBA 2K24 MyTEAM, and play your way to the top!

Death Stranding Director's Cut (iOS) - Deliver hope to humanity as Sam Bridges, in a post-apocalyptic world haunted by grotesque afterlife creatures. Drops players into the futuristic society surrounded by gloom and an uncertain future.

Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking adventure as you play DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT, a game created by the renowned Hideo Kojima, which defies genre conventions. This definitive version of the game promises to offer an enriched experience, featuring new content and improved technical features. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the Death Stranding has wrecked havoc on society by creating a sinister bridge that links the land of the living with the realm of the dead. This catastrophe has resulted in the emergence of ominous creatures that roam around, turning the once-beautiful world into a desolate wasteland. As Sam Bridges, it is your objective to fulfill the crucial mission of delivering hope to the destitute denizens of a broken America by reuniting them. But can you succeed? The challenge ahead requires connecting with other survivors and piecing the shattered society back together, one step at a time. Enjoy the enhanced experience of the Director's Cut on iOS, which allows you to play at a higher frame rate, capture stunning images with the Photo Mode, and enjoy content from Valve Corporation's HALF-LIFE series and CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077. You can stay connected with fellow players from all over the world through the Social Strand System™. While you can play this game offline, it is recommended that you connect to the network to fully embrace the Social Strand System™ experience. It is essential to enable iCloudDrive and sign in to iCloud to play this game on your iOS device. Communication fees may apply during online gameplay. Upon launching the game, you may be required to download additional data, which allows you to begin playing after downloading approximately 13 GB of data. As you progress throughout the game, additional downloads may occur, including the voice data for different languages, which leads to a total of approximately 50 GB of downloads. For more additional information, visit Enter Death Stranding's world, survive, and reunite the broken world!
Slice & Dice

Control 5 heroes, beat 20 levels of randomly-generated enemies, and take on the final boss. 100+ hero classes, 61 monsters, endless combos, and online leaderboards.

Slice & DiceTann
This game offers a complimentary trial where you can play without any ads, allowing you to use a single in-app purchase to unlock all the game’s features. In "Dicey Dungeons", you will oversee 5 heroes, each having their own personal set of dice. To win the game, you must battle your way through 20 tiers filled with monsters, with the final goal of taking on the ultimate boss. While it may sound easy, note that if you lose a single battle, you must begin again. So, think wisely and cross your fingers for good luck. The game features a simple turn-based battle system with 3D dice physics. Additionally, the player can opt to reroll dice to improve their chances of winning the fight. After each battle, level up your hero or acquire an item of value. All encounters that you may encounter throughout the game are randomly generated, ensuring that no two playthroughs are the same. It is comparable to a mini-puzzle, allowing players to undo their moves as much as they desire. The game is completely transparent, with no hidden mechanics; as a result, everything is visible at all times. As the player progresses through the game, new features become available. Over 100 hero classes are available, and with countless combinations, one can potentially have over 20,000 unique characters. Additionally, there are 61 types of monsters, 354 items to discover, and 18 extra modes that you can try out. The game is filled with over 300 difficulty modifiers, numerous accomplishments to achieve, and a "Ridiculous Combos" feature to keep things lively. Online leaderboards enable gamers to compete against one another. The "Infinite curse mode" is also available as a unique bonus feature for players.
Stray Cat Doors 3

Enjoy a stage-clear adventure game with the protagonist, a girl with a black cat hat, and cute kittens to assist in solving puzzles.

Stray Cat Doors 3パルスモ株式会社
The latest version of Stray Cat Doors has finally arrived, featuring a new protagonist with a black cat hat. Work together to uncover the secrets of the dream world with this charming new character. In this stage-clear adventure game, players can solve various mysteries with cute characters in tow. Explore levels by controlling characters, navigating through traps, and solving puzzles. Even if the challenges prove to be too tricky, beginners can find hints to help them along the way, so players can enjoy the game no matter their level of experience in adventure games. This installment boasts a variety of colorful and adorable kittens that pop up to help solve puzzles and offer comfort with their heartwarming presence. In addition, other characters also appear throughout the game, making it a lively and colorful experience. Experience a significant increase in puzzle volume in this version of the game, with challenges ranging from traps to puzzles, providing players with a much more nuanced experience. Dress your character in various outfits thanks to the returning Dress-Up Feature from the previous installment. Collect costumes and other items via a free Gacha where you can spend medals that don't even need to be purchased, as they can be entirely obtained within the game. That being said, you may need to watch an advertisement or two to keep the medal pool stocked. Relax with beautiful background music that is unique to each stage. Have fun with adorable cats and animals that you can summon with the touch of a button on the home screen, those creatures provide an engaging experience with fun and varying reactions to your interactions. This game is perfect for players that love games featuring cats, as well as puzzle-solving, adventure, and escape games. It's also suitable for fans of cute animals and characters and those who love collecting items. Additionally, players who have played the previous game should check out this updated version. Control your character simply by tapping or swiping. Collect four items necessary for clearing stages, use items in the inventory to navigate puzzles, and use food to summon cats and animals on your home screen to receive presents and increased reactions. Access missed events and special episodes in the gallery, take advantage of hints when stuck, and search for hidden treasure chests to receive gacha medals. Don't forget to watch advertisements to earn extra medals. Get all the details and the official download from If you have any questions about the app, get in touch through the official website. Although this game is free to play, some paid content is available.
UCDS 2 - Car Driving Simulator

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator 2: heart-racing gameplay, multiplayer races, breathtaking visuals, and customizable vehicles – get ready for an unmatched driving experience!

UCDS 2 - Car Driving SimulatorSir Studios
Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled journey with Ultimate Car Driving Simulator 2, a racing game that takes the excitement and thrill of its predecessor to an unprecedented level. Navigate dangerous terrains, execute jaw-dropping stunts, and compete against global rivals and friends for the ultimate driving adventure. With heart-pumping gameplay, stunning graphics, and a wide array of customizable vehicles to choose from, UCDS 2 guarantees an unparalleled driving experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat! ●Dynamic Upgrades and Customizations Select from a diverse range of vehicles, each with its unique capabilities and characteristics. Upgrade your ride to boost its performance on the most challenging tracks. With an impressive variety of options ranging from supercars to monster trucks, the possibilities are endless! ●Multiplayer Battles Engage in adrenaline-pumping multiplayer races against competitors from around the world! Compete head-to-head and show off your driving skills as you race towards victory. The inclusion of multiplayer cups adds to the competition and excitement. ●Adventure Mode Enhancements Embark on an epic journey through stunning landscapes, from treacherous inclines to sprawling cities. Each environment presents its unique challenges and opportunities for stunning stunts. Can you master them all? ●Nerve-Wracking Stunts and Trials Pull off daring flips, gravity-defying jumps, and stunning stunts to score bonus points and rewards. Overcome unique challenges to unlock new stages and vehicles. The more audacious your stunts, the more impressive the rewards! ●Personalization and Adaptation Customize your rides with an extensive selection of skins, paint jobs, and decals to create a unique look. Refine and upgrade your vehicles to match your playing style and dominate the tracks. Flaunt your style to the world! ●Competitive Team Races and Weekly Challenges Climb the ranks and show off your driving skills in competitive team leagues and challenging weekly events. Compete against similarly skilled players and earn rewards as you climb the leaderboard. Will you reach the top and become a driving legend? Ultimate Car Driving Simulator 2 is not just a game - it is an action-packed adventure that will keep you captivated for hours. With easy-to-use controls, captivating 2D visuals, and a massive selection of vehicles and tracks to explore, this game promises endless fun and challenges. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned racing enthusiast, Ultimate Car Driving Simulator 2 is the perfect game to test your driving skills while having a thrilling experience. Get behind the wheel and prepare to conquer hills, perform breathtaking stunts, and rise as the ultimate driving champion! At Sir Studios, we value your feedback and are passionate about creating unique, original content for our racing games, including new cars, bikes, cups, levels, and features. If you come across any bugs or encounter a crash, kindly inform us so we can address the issue. We highly appreciate your feedback, preferences, and concerns about our racing games. Please reach out to Stay Connected: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Ultimate Car Driving Simulator is a registered trademark of Sir Studios Inc. All rights reserved.
Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings, the world's most-played mobile MOBA, offers unique heroes, intense teamfights, and a fair free-to-play system. Join the battle now!

Honor of KingsLevel Infinite
Are you ready to party? Get ready for the ultimate competitive experience with Honor of Kings – the world's most popular mobile MOBA game. It offers you the chance to play with your friends as you battle in a fierce teamfight against your enemies. Follow the three lanes, destroy nine towers, and eliminate your rival's crystal to claim victory while enjoying new content, social events, and star protection. Unlock your potential and showcase your personal style, no matter if you're a Tank, Assassin, Warrior, Mage, Marksman, or Support. With over 60 unique heroes to choose from, each with their own magnificent signature moves, impressive skins, and legendary stories to uncover, there's endless fun to be had. Keep an eye out for new additions to the hero roster coming soon. Enjoy an intense and fast-paced MOBA experience, thanks to the smooth gameplay offered by a dedicated Brazilian server. The Brazilian server ensures less lag and more fun while offering fully localized in-game text and voice-over that helps to transport you straight into the world of Honor of Kings. Join the battle for free and put your skills to the test. Level up your heroes and try out new tactics to outplay your enemies. You won't need to spend a single penny to level up or win the game – fair play is honored, and skill is all that matters. TiMi studio Group released the game in China in 2015, and after years of hard work, it became the top social entertainment choice in China. With 100 million average daily active users in 2020, Honor of Kings became the world's most-played mobile MOBA, and now it's available to Brazilian players, thanks to Level Infinite. Whether it's the stunning skins or the fast-paced teamfights that you enjoy, Honor of Kings has something for everyone. So, why wait? Join the battle now by visiting our official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Discord.
Bike Unchained 3: MTB Racing

Bike Unchained 3: blaze down epic trails, race to glory, and customize your bike with Red Bull. Will you be the next MTB legend?

Bike Unchained 3: MTB RacingRed Bull
Welcome to the thrilling third installment of the Bike Unchained series - an epic game that allows you to blaze down amazing trails and become the next MTB legend. Bike Unchained 3 is the ultimate MTB racing experience that brings worldwide MTB riders together to a high-speed downhill race, published by Red Bull. With exciting features such as exciting races, thrilling jumps, and bike customization, you're guaranteed an adrenaline-fueled experience like never before. The game comes with ultimate racing modes that immerse you in two heart-pumping race modes - downhill and jumps. Conquer the mountain first in high-speed downhill races and reign supreme, gathering the highest points in daring jumps. It's time to get your competitive spirit and claim the mountain as yours. Unlock a vast array of iconic mountain bikes from leading brands like Propain, Transition, GT, Commencal, Specialized, NS Bikes, Canyon, and YT. With gears from renowned brands such as SRAM, SR Suntour, Manitou, and Box Components, you can customize your ride and show off your unique style on the trails. Stay protected and stylish with the best MTB gear from brands like Leatt and 100%, customize your rider and stand out on every trail. The game offers realistic tracks featuring breathtaking mountain trails with jaw-dropping graphics that promise stunning views and epic challenges. Learn and ride like a pro by unlocking mentors like Gracey Hemstreet, Carson Storch, Jaxson Riddle, and Brage Vestavik. Take on their racing styles and become an expert rider. Join the fun and download Bike Unchained 3 today. By downloading the game, you agree with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. By accepting our Privacy Policy, you consent to the processing and transfer of your personal information set out in our Policy. If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to contact us through Start your experience today.
BROK the InvestiGator

In BROK, a private detective in a world replaced by animals, solve puzzles, make choices, level up combat skills, uncover the truth, fully voice acted, and accessible to visually impaired players.

BROK the InvestiGatorBreton Fabrice
In BROK, a unique blend of adventure, beat 'em up, and RPG, you will assume the role of a detective in an animal-dominated, post-humanity world. In a futuristic, light-hearted cyberpunk landscape, privileged individuals live in a protective bubble that shields them from environmental contamination, while others must fend for themselves on the outside. Brok, a private investigator and former pugilist, lives with Graff, his deceased wife's son. Although he never discovered the truth about her fatal accident, recent unusual events suggest that a much more dismal outcome awaits them, one that may have ties to their very existence. Will they endure and confront the corrupt forces that ravage their environment, as well as their own fate? To progress, BROK offers a variety of options, including puzzle-solving using intelligence or brute strength, picking actions that influence gameplay and story, and entirely relaxed gameplay modes where fights can be bypassed. As you advance through the game's six chapters, it is necessary to level up your characters against bosses and adversaries, with clues and experience points providing insight into the story's secrets. Additionally, BROK includes the following features; two playable characters that can be swapped at any moment, 15 to 20 hours of gameplay, numerous distinct endings, voice acting with 23,000 lines, touch screen optimization, compatibility with Bluetooth controllers, local co-op for up to four players, and text translations in ten languages. BROK is also the first full-fledged adventure game to be wholly available to visually challenged or blind players. Enjoy the game's fully narrated voice acting and audiodescriptions, converted puzzles, adaptable tutorials, and positional audio for battles. BROK's excellent accessibility options include the ability to repeat the last voice speech and directions, bigger fonts, a higher contrast, and offline playability without internet connectivity. Notably, BROK provides the first chapter for free, with each subsequent chapter costing $1.99. Alternatively, gamers can purchase all six chapters at a discounted price of $7.99 as a premium option.
Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic

Join Clicky on an enchanted adventure in Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic! Find hidden objects with Reality-Shift and explore 4 magical eras.

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & MagicRogueside
Embark on a magical expedition with Clicky in the all-new Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic, a captivating 2D game that is certain to charm you with its whimsical tone, cozy ambiance, and endless amusement. Inquisitively scour the picturesque hand-drawn environments for an assortment of concealed artifacts, and unlock new discoveries as you progress. Embark on a journey through four mystical epochs with the engaging Story Mode. Exploit your hidden object sleuthing skills to uncover items that will enable you to journey through the stages and divulge each era's plot, unraveling secrets unforeseen! The Reality-Shift feature adds a new dimension to your hidden object experience, enabling you to harness the power of time mastery. Shift from day to night, summer to winter, and explore multi-faceted maps, but pay careful attention to items visible only in a singular state of being. Don't delay; embark on an enchanted journey through time today with Clicky. Your adventures are only a Click(y) away!
Sea of Conquest

Become a pirate captain in Sea of Conquest by crafting your flagship, gathering your crew, and conquering the Devil's Seas through battles and treasure hunts.

Sea of ConquestFunPlus International AG
Enter the thrilling world of SEA OF CONQUEST and embark on a seafaring adventure like no other. From the depths of the Devil's Seas, a pirate's paradise brimming with enchantment, loot, and excitement, you'll set sail into the unknown. Take on the role of the esteemed Captain and experience the excitement of navigating uncharted waters, building your cabin, assembling your fleet, and customizing your Flagship. Engage in heart-thumping duels with other pirates, sharp strategic maneuvering, and nail-biting maritime confrontations. SEA OF CONQUEST offers an exhilarating and global adventure filled with challenges and ports for you to explore. With your trusty Storm Horn, brave the treacherous Devil's Sea, sail to the world's end, and elevate your Adventure Level. Encounter stunning scenes, overcome unforeseen trials, and answer the call for new episodes. Craft your Flagship and become a true pirate royalty. Your flagship is a reflection of your unique style and strategy - from the flag fluttering in the breeze, the powerful armaments you equip, to the design of the Figurehead. With your specially designed flagship, you'll stand fearless against any raid or monster, paving your way to ultimate kingship amongst the pirates. Don't miss out on the powerful rewards that await you at the weekly Pirate Revel event, where filling large orders for food and drinks can earn you bountiful rewards. Ready to start your adventure? Gather your crew today! Make your way into the boots of a legendary pirate captain as the sea is teeming with noble pirates eager to join your crew! With a motley crew at your side, you'll embark on grand adventures across the seven seas. The thrill of the hunt awaits as you search for precious treasures hidden deep in the ocean's depths. Will it be gold, pearls, rare materials, or perhaps even a mysterious drifting bottle that you uncover? Enter the exhilarating Hero Trials as a daring Captain, with each level-up bringing an explosion of adrenaline. Masterfully assemble your Hero team and strategically direct your assaults. The Rogue's Rumble awaits, an intense forge of heroism and fierce triumphs. This is more than a fight, it's a nerve-wracking test of your bravery and strategic intellect! Ready to charge into battle? Seize the opportunity as a fearless Captain and enjoy intense sea battles against rival pirates, formidable navy, and unpredictable sea monsters. Conquest awaits as you capture ports, sentry towers, and passes. With new alliance championship matches on the horizon, the excitement never gets old! Get ready for the cyclical Showdown o'Gangs event, where alliances compete for glory and rewards! Will you rise to the challenge? Hear the call of the sea, and embark on a pirate's treasure quest. Feel the thrill of the hunt as the sea becomes your playground and hidden treasure, your ultimate prize. Imagine commanding your crew, battling sea creatures and rival pirates, all in pursuit of hidden riches. Decipher cryptic maps and uncover the secrets of the sea. The ultimate treasure hunt awaits, are you ready to answer the call? Join the ranks of pirates and claim your reputation, glory, and wealth beyond the unknown. Hoist the black sails and become the best pirate in the Devil's Sea. For assistance, contact us via the in-game Customer Service or send us an email at: Join Discord for more fun, and official website: Check out our Facebook page: and our Twitter account: Terms and Conditions apply: Please review our Privacy Policy:
Potion Permit

As a chemist, heal the sick with potions, upgrade buildings, make lasting relationships, and find love in the quaint and whimsical town of Moonbury.

Potion PermitPlaydigious
The inhabitants of Moonbury have always been hesitant about embracing contemporary medical advancements, instead opting for their time-honored healing techniques. However, when the mayor's daughter becomes ill, and the local healer proves unable to heal her, they are left with no choice but to seek assistance beyond their small community. You, the most accomplished alchemist from the Medical Association, are tasked with curing the mayor's daughter and convincing the town of the wonders of modern alchemy. Care for the denizens of Moonbury by detecting their illnesses, gathering ingredients, and creating potions to cure them. Upgrade the town by improving buildings, expanding the gathering area, and enhancing the lives of the people in various ways. Establish connections with the inhabitants of Moonbury, win their trust, and eventually find true love with your preferred partner. Accompanied by your faithful dog, who supports you in your work, explore the picturesque and lively world of an apothecary. This sim RPG, with its sprawling, open-ended gameplay, has been carefully redesigned to fit a mobile interface and includes Game Center achievements, Cloud Save feature, and MFi controller compatibility. Encounter any issues while playing? Connect with us at with maximum information about the matter. Sit back, relax, and lead the life of an apothecary in a comfortable and colorful world.
NBA Infinite

NBA Infinite: Collect and customize your team, compete in real-time PvP matches, and manage your way to championships in a variety of game modes.

NBA InfiniteLevel Infinite
Experience the thrill of basketball like never before with NBA Infinite, a mobile game designed to amplify your love for the sport. Establish yourself as one of the best basketball players and build an unbeatable team from scratch, customizing your team to perfection. Take to the court and outmaneuver your opponents, creating a legacy you'll be remembered for. With NBA Infinite, all you need is one download; the game is updated regularly with new modes, player updates, and customization options so that you can focus entirely on playing. Take charge of the game and become a floor general in Dynasty mode, or team up with friends in Triple Threat mode. You can dominate in 1v1 pickup games, or hone your skills in more laid-back modes like the Three-Point Contest and 11-Point Game. The choices are yours to make, with each decision you take paving the way for your next run at the Larry O'Brien Championship trophy. Collaborate with friends to form your championship PvP team in 3v3 mode or test your skills in 1v1 and 5v5 modes. The unique online competitive modes in NBA Infinite offer an unmatched mobile experience. Quick matches allow for seamless multiplayer experiences with all NBA Infinite players. Compete and play anywhere you want and share your game highlights with the world. Build a team of real-life NBA players, each having a unique moveset waiting for you to master. Level up players like Giannis Antetokounmpo to drive past defenders or Kevin Durant to stun them with his step-back move. You can also make the defense look silly like Trae Young or shoot three-pointers like Stephen Curry. Enjoy non-stop basketball action with NBA Infinite exclusive and dominance skills that are unique to each NBA star. Celebrate a well-executed give-and-go or hit the game-winning buzzer-beater right from your phone's comfort. Develop your team's abilities and make smart decisions to transform your starting five into a legendary lineup that will win championship after championship. Upgrade your coaching staff to lay the groundwork for your team's core defensive and offensive tactics, executing them smartly on the hardwood. Join the community for all the latest NBA Infinite news and updates through Discord, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. NBA Infinite requires an internet connection, either via 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use if you have any concerns, and don't hesitate to send your feedback and questions at
Eggy Party: trendy party game

Create, customize and collaborate with friends to unleash your creativity in Eggy Party. Embark on epic adventures and uncover endless possibilities in the Eggyverse.

Eggy Party: trendy party gameNetEase Games
Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Eggy Party by NetEase Games! Let your imagination run wild and join the ultimate party extravaganza filled with endless possibilities. Embark on epic adventures and explore imaginative realms with your adorable Eggy Friends by your side. Creativity knows no bounds in Eggy Party! Showcase your artistic skills and become the master of your own universe by customizing your Eggy avatar and designing your dream world. Whether you want to build multi-level mazes or craft intricate obstacle courses, the choice is yours! Connect and collaborate with fellow Eggy enthusiasts from different parts of the globe to tackle challenging quests, compete in thrilling mini-games, or simply hang out and socialize in vibrant virtual worlds. Every day is a new adventure in Eggy Party! Dive into the Eggyverse and unlock a diverse array of attractions and activities that will leave you awestruck. From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to mind-bending puzzle challenges, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Traverse through whimsical theme parks, mysterious dungeons, and enchanted forests as you embark on a journey filled with wonder and excitement! The Eggyverse is the ultimate destination for creative expression and endless fun! Design your own custom games, share them with the community, and watch your creations come to life. Whether you're a pro builder or a first-time creator, you can unleash your imagination and leave your mark on the Eggy Party universe. Join the party of a lifetime by downloading Eggy Party now! If you want to learn more about Eggy Party, visit their official website, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Discord.
Race Max Pro - Car Racing

Race Max Pro pits the world's top race cars against each other in Street, Drift, and Drag racing! Customize your ride and show off your style while racing through stunning locations.

Race Max Pro - Car RacingRevani
Are you ready to reign supreme in the world of racing? Look no further than Race Max Pro, where you can dominate the streets through three thrilling racing types: Street Racing, Drift Racing, and Drag Racing. Saddle up and speed off towards the pinnacle of racing! With Race Max Pro, take control of fierce and authentic race cars from esteemed manufacturers such as Ac Cars, Audi, Chevrolet, Lotus, Naran, Nissan, Renault, Rezvani, and RUF, featuring such notable models like: - Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 - Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R Vspec2 - Lotus Evija - Audi RS e-tron GT - Renault R5 Turbo 3E E-Tech Choose your vehicle and driving experience, personalize and fine-tune your ride to showcase your style. Customize your car’s rims and paint, add spoilers and tinted windows, or crank up the heat with head-turning decals! Push your race car and driving skills to their limits as you dig, drift, drag, and roll your way to the finish line, leaving your competitors behind in the dust. Experience new challenges continuously through Career Mode, Real-Time Events, and thrilling Game Modes like Airtime, Speed Trap, and Time Trial. STREET RACING - DRIVE SMART & FAST Unleash your full driving potential! Outwit and outpace your opponents, upgrade your car, and increase your level. Tackle beefier bosses, unlock new career tiers, and faster race cars. DRIFT RACING – MASTER YOUR SKILLS Inject adrenaline into your driving, control your car with expert drifting skills, and dominate corners as the fastest racer! DRAG RACING – MAXIMIZE YOUR TORQUE & PERFECT YOUR SHIFTS How quickly can you hit 60 mph? Rev your engine and launch to a fantastic start! This race is all about torque and your reflexes! FEATURES: Special Events - Push Your Limits Get your heart racing with high-intensity special events. Overcome unique challenges and receive exclusive rewards. Daily Events - Race Every Day Fuel your love of racing and driving with daily series. Challenge yourself with fresh obstacles every day to maintain the hype and rewards. Weekly Events - Claim Your Glory Dominate the weekly stage to establish your superiority. Compete in rigorous weekly events, claim your just victories, and revel in the glory of your accomplishments. Crash Leaderboards Rise to the top, be it globally or locally! Ascend the leaderboard ladder by racing your way to the summit. Stay on top and enjoy weekly rewards! Explore Various Locations Burn rubber around the world's best race courses with Ac Cars, Audi, Chevrolet, Lotus, Naran, Nissan, Renault, Rezvani, and RUF, featuring iconic models, all set across breathtaking locations such as Nordic Countries, Amalfi Coast, West Coast, North American Deserts, Far East, and many more…

Wytchwood is a gothic adventure game where you play the old witch of the woods, exploring a strange countryside, collecting magical ingredients, and passing twisted judgement. Less than 25 words.

WytchwoodWhitethorn Games
In Wytchwood, an adventure game that channels a gothic vibe amidst a fantasy setting, you assume the role of an enigmatic crone of the woods - on a mission to uncover its many secrets. Traverse the picturesque environs, gather magical components, brew potent potions, and mete out a verdict in relation to the whimsical denizens of the realm. It's all for the sake of teaching a valuable lesson, of course. Beauty takes centre-stage in Wytchwood, where the art style is inspired by storybook illustrations, a veritable feast for the eyes. You'll spend much of your time assembling a veritable compendium of strange and unusual items - such as toxic toadstools, bottled fear, and eye of newt- which will aid you in your quest. A dash of wit and a pinch of savvy come into play as you navigate the woods, devising cunning curses and devious spells, transforming the wicked to suit your whims - just desserts for those who find themselves on the wrong side of the story. The charming individuals and mesmerizing environments of the game give an allegorical aspect to the experience, whose fantastical elements add to the whimsy. Regardless of how peaceful the woods may seem, one never knows what manner of beast or riddle they might encounter. Players will need to put their thinking caps on and flex their problem-solving skills to outsmart the challenges ahead.
Kingdom: The Blood

Survive the zombie-infested last royal dynasty of Joseon Korea. Experience intense battles, traditional Korean elements, and diverse game modes in KINGDOM: The Blood.

Kingdom: The BloodYJM Games
The captivating action-packed game, KINGDOM: The Blood, invites players to explore the captivating world of a zombie-infested Joseon Korea's last royal dynasty. The game boasts gorgeous traditional Korean elements including architecture and clothing. The attention paid to details is remarkable, from character movements and their traditional outfits to the stunning traditional architecture. Players will face adrenaline-pumping zombie combat head-on. The zombies come from all directions, so players should flee when facing swarms. Avoiding the zombie's devastating bites is of the essence. The game also offers diverse special attack patterns beyond zombies. Players will encounter enemies with unique movements and attack patterns, continually becoming more difficult to face as the game progresses. The hand-to-hand combat intensifies as players progress, delivering an exhilarating rush. Powered by Unreal Engine, KINGDOM: The Blood delivers a never-before-seen action experience. The manual controls empower players with impactful strikes and allow them to mix and match skills to unlock their unique action style. The game offers various battle modes, from multiplayer to PVP, that challenge players’ skills while taking down intimidating bosses. The training sessions offer additional rewards, fostering growth with every encounter. The game requires at least 6GB of RAM and 4.5GB of available storage space, with Android 9 as the minimum system requirement. KINGDOM: The Blood is now available for pre-registration. Players can register from February 5th to March 4th, and the Mobile Play Test runs from February 5th to February 13th. The game is available on Google Play Store. To disable permissions, tap settings, then apps, after which allow or deny the app's permissions.

Experience the essence of classic RTS games in CASK, a mobile real-time strategy game. Build a nation, command armies and explore a vast virtual world!

CaskFernando Pastor
Try out CASK, the ultimate mobile RTS game, and embark on an epic adventure! This game will throw you into a strategic journey in which you will collect resources, build your own nation from the ground up, and rule the virtual world by commanding armies. Get a chance to enjoy vibrant casual gameplay sessions of 30 minutes, and experience the mechanics of classic RTS games in a whole new way with CASK. Start your very own village with a Town Hall and two Villagers from scratch and grow it by collecting wood, food, and gold. You'll be able to build houses, castles, towers, and train more villagers or soldiers such as knights and archers. Get ready to launch daring attacks, defend your territory on all fronts, and surge across vast continents to attain dominance. Join the world of CASK and explore your skills in strategy-making!

Join 70 million gamers in Warframe, a free-to-play sci-fi combat game with immersive gameplay, epic storylines, and limitless customization options.

WarframeDigital ExtremesRelease date: 2024
Be a part of the epic sci-fi adventure on your iOS device, playing Warframe, which is free-to-play and popular among over 70 million players. Explore a vast interplanetary system, engage with different factions and their wars while following the direction of the mysterious Lotus. As you level up your Warframe and equip yourself with powerful weapons, discover your true potential in this third-person combat experience that has defined the genre. Step into the Warframe, a bio-metal suit of immense strength, and unleash its abilities and an array of destructive weaponry, annihilating any opposition in your path. Unlock more than 40 different Warframes, each with its own set of unique powers and replay the chaos any way you wish. Play with friends and form a squad to enhance your gameplay, earn valuable rewards and complete missions collaboratively. Your Warframe's abilities can be used to heal allies, redirect enemy fire, and help achieve your goals while having fun with your friends. Experience the Warframe system and ground-based missions with your Warframe's mesmerizing parkour skills, customize and fly through the stars in your spacecraft in ship-to-ship battles. Discover a mysterious open-world landscape with friendly and hostile life forms filling the system. Unravel the Origin System’s epic and cinematic storyline across Warframe's five expansions and more than 30 story-based quests. Discover your powers as you embark on your journey with one of the original Warframes and uncover the truth behind your awakening. Craft an arsenal of hundreds of weapons to complement your playstyle, level them up, and find the perfect combination of weapons and gear to face your opponents. Customize and refine your loadout with a plethora of customization options to make your Warframe distinct. Join fellow Tenno with their personalized Warframes, Weapons, and gear. The sheer number of customization options will challenge you and your squad to create the perfect look for your Warframe. With Warframe, you can experience the extraordinary cinematic adventure and battle gameplay, discovering your true power while having the most fun.
App Store
Yes, Your Grace

Manage a medieval kingdom as King Eryk, making difficult decisions to support your family and satisfy lords while defending against monsters and keeping your citizens happy.

Yes, Your GraceNoodlecake
In this RPG game of managing a kingdom, individuals will present themselves in the throne room during each turn to request your guidance and aid. It's up to you to choose whether to provide help, or conserve resources for more pressing concerns. It's important to remember that resources are scarce, and not everyone has the best interest of the kingdom at heart. Each turn you'll hear petitioners out, and based on their requests, decide who to offer assistance to. Aside from these requests, members of your family will come to you with their personal struggles, and it is your job to determine their fate. To aid your cause, hire Generals, Witches and Hunters. In preparation for battle and to create alliances, satisfy the desires of lords and kings. Engage in interesting tales based in the kingdom of Davern, which is ruled by King Eryk during the medieval times. The game is situated in an imaginary world, heavily influenced by Slavic folklore where monsters and arcane practices are common. Your subjects will ask for your assistance with problems ranging from monsters attacking the village to an absence of recreation. Some will bring joy to your throne room, while others will present difficult choices, making your decisions challenging. In addition to this, supporting your family in their time of need is critical. You'll meet lords with diverse personalities, each with their unique traits. Winning their support may be vital to succeeding in upcoming battles, but some may ask you to carry out unethical deeds to cement the alliance. It's challenging to keep everyone happy, but that's the experience of being a king in "Yes, Your Grace".

Pre-register for One Punch Man: World and get exclusive rewards. Enjoy the hardcore 3D action, play as iconic heroes, and experience their stories. Enforce justice and explore the world!

Get ready for an action-packed experience with One Punch Man: World, a captivating 3D action game that takes you on a thrilling journey into the world of One-Punch Man. Pre-register now and claim your rewards, including the Disclosure Privilege, an Exclusive Namecard set, a random SR Character, and Impression Arm, to name a few. This cross-platform game will be available in several languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish, ensuring that players from all over the world can participate in this exciting adventure. You can play as some of the anime's most loved characters, including Genos, Mumen Rider, Silverfang, and even the iconic Saitama. How he will be playable in an unexpected way will surprise you. Experience the legendary battles and feel the heroes' every punch and kick on your palms. With One Punch Man: World, you will delve into action-packed gameplays representing the iconic heroes, the villains, and unexpected perspectives like breaking out as Carnage Kabuto. Parry the enemy's attacks, complete various combos, accumulate power, unleash ultimate skills, and defeat bosses in your unique style. This game offers a hardcore 3D action experience that will leave you wanting more. But, the action doesn't end there. Get ready to defend your city and enforce justice by completing tasks assigned by the Hero Association. Level up by joining forces with fellow heroes and become stronger! Indulge in a hero's everyday life, discover new territories, enjoy games at the Arcade Center, or join Saitama during a discount frenzy at the supermarket. There's a lot to explore in this captivating world! Stay updated by following One Punch Man: World on their official website, Facebook, Discord, or Twitter. Be sure to review their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for a pleasurable gaming experience. One Punch Man: World is the perfect game for anime and action game lovers alike!
Mech Chaos Fury War Arena Robo

Power up and join the fight against monsters as a super Mech in stunning open-world graphics.

Mech Chaos Fury War Arena RoboMayank Bhoria
Prepare yourself for the heroic task of saving the world from menacing monsters! Take on the role of a powerful mechanical machine that is capable of annihilating any monstrous creature that comes its way. The visuals of this game are truly stunning, leaving players in awe of the beautifully crafted graphics. Explore an expansive open world, full of hidden secrets and challenges that will test your skills and prowess. As you journey through this magnificent world, you will encounter varied and brutal monsters that will require swift action to defeat. The mechanical suit you wear is not only powerful but also highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences and play style. With its arsenal of weapons and abilities, taking down these monsters will be a breeze. The thrill of the game lies in the freedom it offers to players. With its intricate open world design, you can boldly explore every inch of the world at your own discretion. Discover unexplored territories, embark on challenging quests, and engage in heart-pumping battles with the towering beasts that roam the world. The game's customization options are a game-changer. With the ability to modify your mechanical suit, players can customize their weapon load-outs and even their play-style. Whether you prefer ranged attacks, explosive weaponry, or brute force, there is always an optimal configuration to suit your unique preferences. Overall, this game is an adventure that is sure to immerse players in a world full of hidden treasures and the thrill of victory. With its stunning graphics and potent gameplay mechanics, this is a game that any avid gamer and monster hunter wouldn't want to miss!
Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat mobile game captures the series' world with authentic characters, weapons, and BOSSes, delivering immersive combo experience & Gothic visuals.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combatnebulajoy
Become the ultimate warrior and conquer the demons in 《Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat》, a highly anticipated mobile game by NebulaJoy with deep collaboration from the official team of CAPCOM Devil May Cry! You will experience the trademark freedom, flexibility, and strategic skills, along with the sleek and unrestrained fighting style of Devil May Cry. With industry-leading motion capture technology, each combo you perform is unique and immersive, calling forth the most distinctive battles of Devil May Cry. Rest assured, the game maintains the consistent worldview of the Devil May Cry series. The game restores classic characters, settings, weapons, and bosses, bringing Gothic Worlds to life with unparalleled art scenes and visual effects. Witness untold new stories within the original series and experience a greater variety of possibilities. Don't miss out and pre-register on the official website to receive exclusive rewards: Keep up to date with the latest game-related information through our official social media, including Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and Facebook

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