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Death Stranding

Release date: TBA

Game overview

Join Sam Bridges on an unprecedented gaming quest to mend a fractured world altered by Death Stranding and unravel its enigma.

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Get ready for an unparalleled gaming experience as you embark on an epic journey through a world that has been forever changed by the mysterious Death Stranding. Follow Sam Bridges as he carries the shattered pieces of our fate and works tirelessly to repair the broken world, one step at a time.
As you traverse through the barren and haunted terrain, come face to face with unprecedented challenges that threaten humanity's existence. It is up to Sam to explore the deserted lands and save mankind from total destruction.
With an unraveling storyline that reveals the secrets of the Death Stranding, join Sam on his quest to discover the truth behind this unknown entity. Brace yourself for a gaming adventure like no other, where you will experience unparalleled gameplay that will answer the lingering questions and reveal the untold story.
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