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Battle Crush

Release date: TBA

Game overview

Battle Crush: outlast up to 30 players, locate treasure chests and choose from a range of mythological characters with unique skills to script your own heroic saga.

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Introducing Battle Crush, a game where the chosen champions of the gods - known as Calixers - have entered the arena, ready to become victorious. Enter into a fierce battle amongst 30 players from all around the world, and only the strongest will come out on top. Experience an innovative battlefield filled with explosive energy that will immerse you into the game right away.

Your objective in BATTLE CRUSH is to outlast up to 30 players and come out as the ultimate survivor. The game is filled with adrenaline-pumping action, and each round keeps you on the edge of your seat for up to 8 minutes. You need to be prepared for the ground to crumble beneath you as your enemies close in on you from all angles.

BATTLE CRUSH offers an array of action-packed skills to make gameplay exciting. With an arsenal of skills at your disposal, you will be able to easily maintain an impervious stance while maneuvering towards your ultimate ability, deftly evading incoming attacks with nimble dodges and countering with precision.

During the game, you can embark on a quest to locate scattered treasure chests and valuable artifacts scattered across the battlefield. You will encounter items that will enhance your Calixer's prowess and increase your chances of survival.

Step into the arena and prepare to acquaint yourself with the illustrious Calixers! These mythological figures, such as Poseidon and Medusa, have never looked more resplendent. Each Calixer has a unique backstory and an arsenal of skills tailored towards their persona. Choose your preferred Calixer, and shape your own heroic saga!

With various game modes available, you can participate in Battle Royale (Solo/Team), facing up to 30 contenders, all fighting to become the last warrior standing. Or, form a formidable trio in Battle Royale Team Mode to strategically align your chosen Calixers for a synergistic onslaught made up of Solo or Team Brawls. In Brawl Mode, select a trio of Calixers to lead into combat. The arena is compact, increasing the pace and delivering a relentless onslaught.

Finally, you can engage in a riveting one-on-one showdown against your adversaries in the Build-Up mode. To become the victor, be the first to secure three victories out of five. Gain insight into your opponent's chosen Calixers before each match and select your items first in the next round, improving your chances of winning.

Get ready to gear up, embrace the challenge, and become victorious in epic battles in Battle Crush!
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