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Enjoy a stage-clear adventure game with the protagonist, a girl with a black cat hat, and cute kittens to assist in solving puzzles.

The latest version of Stray Cat Doors has finally arrived, featuring a new protagonist with a black cat hat. Work together to uncover the secrets of the dream world with this charming new character. In this stage-clear adventure game, players can solve various mysteries with cute characters in tow. Explore levels by controlling characters, navigating through traps, and solving puzzles. Even if the challenges prove to be too tricky, beginners can find hints to help them along the way, so players can enjoy the game no matter their level of experience in adventure games. This installment boasts a variety of colorful and adorable kittens that pop up to help solve puzzles and offer comfort with their heartwarming presence. In addition, other characters also appear throughout the game, making it a lively and colorful experience. Experience a significant increase in puzzle volume in this version of the game, with challenges ranging from traps to puzzles, providing players with a much more nuanced experience. Dress your character in various outfits thanks to the returning Dress-Up Feature from the previous installment. Collect costumes and other items via a free Gacha where you can spend medals that don't even need to be purchased, as they can be entirely obtained within the game. That being said, you may need to watch an advertisement or two to keep the medal pool stocked. Relax with beautiful background music that is unique to each stage. Have fun with adorable cats and animals that you can summon with the touch of a button on the home screen, those creatures provide an engaging experience with fun and varying reactions to your interactions. This game is perfect for players that love games featuring cats, as well as puzzle-solving, adventure, and escape games. It's also suitable for fans of cute animals and characters and those who love collecting items. Additionally, players who have played the previous game should check out this updated version. Control your character simply by tapping or swiping. Collect four items necessary for clearing stages, use items in the inventory to navigate puzzles, and use food to summon cats and animals on your home screen to receive presents and increased reactions. Access missed events and special episodes in the gallery, take advantage of hints when stuck, and search for hidden treasure chests to receive gacha medals. Don't forget to watch advertisements to earn extra medals. Get all the details and the official download from If you have any questions about the app, get in touch through the official website. Although this game is free to play, some paid content is available.
Release date
Mar 05, 2024
Single player



Cute quest rooms game) hard, interesting and cozy

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Gameplay & Streams

Stray Cat Doors stage 3Yasser Ali
Stray Cat Doors. Stage 3. Walkthrough.dinalt
Stray Cat Doors Stage 3 Walkthrough (pulsmo)Tiny Bunny


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