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Game overview

In BROK, a private detective in a world replaced by animals, solve puzzles, make choices, level up combat skills, uncover the truth, fully voice acted, and accessible to visually impaired players.

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In BROK, a unique blend of adventure, beat 'em up, and RPG, you will assume the role of a detective in an animal-dominated, post-humanity world. In a futuristic, light-hearted cyberpunk landscape, privileged individuals live in a protective bubble that shields them from environmental contamination, while others must fend for themselves on the outside.

Brok, a private investigator and former pugilist, lives with Graff, his deceased wife's son. Although he never discovered the truth about her fatal accident, recent unusual events suggest that a much more dismal outcome awaits them, one that may have ties to their very existence.

Will they endure and confront the corrupt forces that ravage their environment, as well as their own fate?

To progress, BROK offers a variety of options, including puzzle-solving using intelligence or brute strength, picking actions that influence gameplay and story, and entirely relaxed gameplay modes where fights can be bypassed. As you advance through the game's six chapters, it is necessary to level up your characters against bosses and adversaries, with clues and experience points providing insight into the story's secrets.

Additionally, BROK includes the following features; two playable characters that can be swapped at any moment, 15 to 20 hours of gameplay, numerous distinct endings, voice acting with 23,000 lines, touch screen optimization, compatibility with Bluetooth controllers, local co-op for up to four players, and text translations in ten languages.

BROK is also the first full-fledged adventure game to be wholly available to visually challenged or blind players. Enjoy the game's fully narrated voice acting and audiodescriptions, converted puzzles, adaptable tutorials, and positional audio for battles. BROK's excellent accessibility options include the ability to repeat the last voice speech and directions, bigger fonts, a higher contrast, and offline playability without internet connectivity.

Notably, BROK provides the first chapter for free, with each subsequent chapter costing $1.99. Alternatively, gamers can purchase all six chapters at a discounted price of $7.99 as a premium option.
Release date
Feb 21, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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