Wars Across the World

Game overview

WAW is a turn-based strategy game featuring various conflicts across the world throughout history, with real uncertainty and replay potential. Purchase scenarios for added gameplay.

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WAW is an innovative turn-based strategy game with a boardgame feel that embodies all conflicts from Prehistoric periods to modern times, including grand massive wars and asymmetrical conflicts, which offers an amalgamation of all conflicts in a solitary system.

The essence of the game is the I GO U GO, turn-based mechanism, with each player in charge of one side, which may occasionally comprise more than one nation. The game involves multiple regions, each of which has different landscapes and structures such as ports, fortresses, and airports, which can be leveraged for income generation.

To purchase and maintain forces or receive new event cards, you can use a simple income system that activates when needed. The game features various types of combat units comprising infantry, cavalry, artillery, guerrillas, submarines, flat tops, fighters, elephants, and anti-aircraft batteries, which can be combined into distinct stacks for hassle-free management.

Leaders represent a critical element in the game, and their significance cannot be overstated. Leaders provide combat stacks with bonuses on base combat values, help to check victory or defeat levels with their morale values, and are essential for launching attacks on the enemy.

Two antithetical stacks in the same area prompt a conflict that resolves in a semi-tactical manner in two consecutive rounds. The game automatically calculates the rewards and penalties, their corresponding morale levels, event card usage, and each combat unit of each side shoots at the enemy simultaneously. Failures are registered in terms of hits and panics, which influences the initial army's morale, eventually leading to rout, pursuit, and breakthroughs.

Both sides are given multiple event card packs, comprising alliances, income, movement, weather, leadership, number and quality of troops, and many other tactical aspects for battles, to enable them to influence all aspects of the game. This feature provides real unpredictability in the game, making it highly replayable.

The Normandy 1944 scenario comes with the application, while other scenarios, such as Hamilkar 264 (First Punic War), Hastings 1066 (Conquest of England), Saratoga 1777 (American War of Independence), Waterloo 1815 (Napoleonic wars), Bull Run 1861 and Missouri 1861 (Civil War), Tannenberg 1914 (World War I), Malaya 1941 (WW2 Malaysian Campaign), Bulge 1944 (WW2 Battle of the Bulge), Berlin 1945 (End of World War II) and Six Days 1967 (Six Day War), are purchasable in-app.

In conclusion, the game presents an opportunity to experience all conflicts in a single system, making it an exciting and enjoyable experience. Additionally, new scenarios are regularly added, making the game more dynamic and exciting.
PID Games
Release date
Jan 28, 2021
Single player

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