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Strange HorticultureRelease date: 2024
Step into the world of occult with Strange Horticulture - an unusual puzzle game that lets you take on a role of a local plant shop owner. Start identifying new plant types, interact with the local coven, pet your feline companion, or join a cult - the choice is yours. The storyline of this game is intriguing and shrouded in mystery, and you'll unfold it as you go along through Undermere's spooky forests and harsh mountains. Undermere is not an ordinary town, and the Horticulturist is no typical plant shop owner. Your quirky customers often bring with them secrets that you couldn't imagine! Explore the dark forests, but be cautious, as malevolent forces lurk in the shadows. Your mind might unravel as you discover some secrets of the land beyond your store. Gather context clues to explore the right places - some are friendly and some not so much. Your encyclopedia will come in handy if you want to understand the mysterious plants of Undermere and use them to your advantage. Identify the peculiar plants to find out their properties, which can range from hallucinogens to deadly poisons. Use these properties to influence the story as it unfolds. The game has been reinvented to offer you the best possible experience on your mobile devices and tablets. With perfect settings and intriguing interactions, you can now immerse yourself in the world of Undermere anytime, anywhere!

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