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Take on the tyrannical Tyrant in tactical turn-based game Tyrant's Blessing, leading the Uprising and making difficult choices with 20 different heroes.

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The Tyrant arrived in Tyberia with the offer of a paradise that would be free from war, anguish, and death. To be granted access to his utopia, all Tyberians had to do was succumb to his Dead Army. Before the battle began, thousands of people were lost in the Tyrant's wake, only to be revived under his magical spell. The sole living warriors that remain are scattered across the land, working tirelessly to defeat the despotic Tyrant and his army and return life to their homeland.

In Tyrant's Blessing, a turn-based game that demands strategic planning and intuition, it is not enough to simply rely on the strength of your units or weapons. Your skills in planning, adapting, and strategizing should take center stage. Choose your battles carefully, make challenging decisions, and skillfully use your unruly band of rebels to defeat the undead horde and reclaim Tyberia.

Before confronting the Tyrant, your first task is to ensure your survival long enough to retake the Island. Should you choose to fight, attempt to save the living from the Undying, or gather your strength? Every choice you make throughout the uprising will have a significant impact.

As you journey through Tyberia, you will encounter random attacks that will force you to make difficult decisions. Do you risk your warriors to combat highwaymen, or try to save a child despite the potential loss of crucial time and resources? Your morality and values will be put to the test.

Conquering the Tyrant requires the destruction of an entire army of Undying. Nonetheless, success is not reliant on brute force alone. Analyze the battle and construct a plan, placing your warriors in advantageous positions around the field, and exploit the surroundings to your advantage. Be mindful of your environment, create distractions to deflect the enemy, and dodge their attacks.

Remember that each of your heroes has their distinct personalities, traits, and abilities. Who will you risk in harm's way? You can recruit up to twenty distinguished heroes, each of whom has skills that can significantly impact the outcome of the battle. However, not all of the heroes are promised to be available in every playthrough, and not every hero will survive until the end of the adventure.

Choose your team members carefully based on the task at hand, as each hero's skills are distinct. An assassin may be more effective in confined spaces, whereas an archer may struggle in close quarters. Some of your teammates may even bring their pets, who might be the key to winning a particular battle.

Victory against the undead Tyrant is of the utmost importance. Losing even one hero is not an option!
Release date
Sep 12, 2023
Single player

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