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Command mythic, historic or fictional characters in epic battles! Deep tactical play, stunning art, easy-to-learn rules, and unique abilities, this game has near infinite replayability!

Unmatched: Digital Edition is an amazing take on the popular board game that allows two or more players to pit their favorite mythological, historical or fictional characters against one another. Who would come out on top in a battle between the legendary King Arthur, with the help of Master Wizard Merlin, and the sword-wielding Alice from Wonderland? What if the adventurer Sinbad and his hardy porter were up against the cunning Medusa and her three harpy companions? Unmatched will help you find out and so much more. Unmatched is a tactical game in which each player controls a hero and multiple sidekicks. You'll use a unique deck of cards to outmaneuver and overpower your foes on the battlefield, with the ultimate goal of bringing their hero down to zero health. There are three types of actions you can take on your turn, such as moving your fighters, playing an attack card, or a special effect card called a scheme. It's that simple. However, the real fun lies in the heroes themselves. Each character possesses a distinct ability and deck of cards that are entirely unique to them. For example, Alice can change size as she pleases, while King Arthur can beef up his attack by discarding a card. Sinbad gains strength over time as he goes on more voyages, while Medusa can even harm you with just a glance! Unmatched is the perfect game for those who are looking for something easy to learn, but with astounding depth. The strategic choices you make and your decision-making skills will make all the difference in the game's outcome. You can expect epic duels and beautiful artwork by some of the best artists in the industry. There are also three levels of AI for solo play, and endless replayability to boot. Unmatched is perfect for those who love board games but want the added convenience of a digital platform. You can play offline or go online for multiplayer action. There are even two-way play modes: synchronous and asynchronous. The game includes an in-depth tutorial, so no need to worry about being lost in the rules. The designers of the board game have ensured it adheres to the official Unmatched rules, guaranteeing a unique experience every time. Finally, new heroes and maps will be added to the game later, so you'll never run out of playable characters to choose from.
Acram Digital
Release date
Feb 23, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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