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Game overview

Pacific Fire is a realistic turn-based wargame set in the Pacific Theater of World War II, with historically accurate campaigns and over 180 types of aircraft and 170 types of warships.

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Pacific Fire is a war strategy game set in World War II's Pacific Theater. It's a turn-based and one-man creation game which allows players to control various forces of US, Japanese, British, Australian, and more. The game covers the period from 1941 to 1945 and provides 20 historically accurate campaigns, including the Pearl Harbor attack and the Empire of Japan's surrender.

This classic-style game delivers a detailed and realistic simulation of WW2 air and naval combat. Players can control more than 180 types of aircraft and over 170 types of sea vessels, including submarines and aircraft carriers. The game lets you experience the entire war in the Pacific with unparalleled depth and historical accuracy.

The AI in Pacific Fire adapts its strategy to ensure a challenging and unique gaming experience for players. Additionally, hot-seat multiplayer (pass-and-play) mode lets you challenge your friends. This game contains no in-app purchases and ads, and you only need to purchase the game once to gain access to all current and future content. An internet connection is not even necessary to play it.

Pacific Fire's campaigns include some exciting battles, such as the infamous Coral Sea's first fight between aircraft carriers. Experience the battles for Guadalcanal and the Kokoda Track while leading the US Pacific Fleet, US Marine Corps, seizing strategic islands, and liberating the Philippines from Japan. Additionally, players can command Imperial Japanese forces invading the Philippines, Singapore, and the Dutch East Indies at the start of WW2.

The game also features Operation Downfall - a massive Allied invasion of the Japanese home islands in an alternate history campaign. welcomes feedback and suggestions from the community. Join the Pacific Fire community on Discord and find WirrawayDev on Twitter.
Wirraway Software
Release date
Jun 02, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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