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Heaven Will Be Mine

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Game overview

Heaven Will Be Mine is a queer sci-fi mecha visual novel where three pilots fight for humanity's future in space, making choices that decide love or ideals.

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In 1981, the dream of a new home in space for all of humanity was deemed a failure by Earth command after years of fighting an elusive threat beyond the solar system. The future of cosmic battles and prospering cities across the solar system was no longer possible. However, the girls who were raised in space to be pioneers for a new future refused to give up that easily. With their invincible Ship-Selves, they were ready to make their futuristic dreams a reality.

From the creators of the queer cult horror visual novel "We Know The Devil," comes "Heaven Will Be Mine", a science-fiction mecha visual novel about three women piloting giant robots fighting for humanity's future. The story follows veteran ace Luna-Terra, overwhelming super psychic Pluto, and hacker-hijacker Saturn as they battle across three factions in an eight-day war. Your choices will decide if they become compelling rivals or clandestine lovers, and which faction’s ultimate plan for humanity’s fate in space and beyond will succeed.

Co-created by Aevee Bee, Founder of Mammonmachine: ZEAL and illustrator & cartoonist Mia Schwartz, "Heaven Will Be Mine" features multiple playable protagonists so you can watch the narrative unfold from their unique perspectives. Your choices will determine the outcome of the fate of space and which faction prevails, but be aware that it also features mature themes such as fantasy violence, body horror, and discussion of sexuality, abuse, and trauma.

Developed in collaboration with Pillow Fight and featuring a surreal and cosmic soundtrack by Alec Lambert (We Know The Devil) and gorgeous retro UI aesthetics by Christopher Simon, "Heaven Will Be Mine" offers a rich world to explore. You can delve deeper into the rise and fall of the space program by reading through chat logs and emails to uncover the end of their many dreams.

Giant robots, fighting for humanity's future, and passionate rivals or secret lovers - what's not to enjoy? Get ready to grasp heaven in your hands and make your choices count in "Heaven Will Be Mine".
Pillow Fight LLC
Release date
Dec 08, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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