Seven: Endgame

Seven: Endgame

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Game overview

Seven (7): Endgame is a free-to-play, interactive horror thriller where your choices determine the outcome. With puzzles and mini-games, solve the mystery and save your loved ones.

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Seven (7): Endgame" is a thrilling follow-up to the previously successful interactive text horror game "Seven (7): Deadly Revelation". With this game, you are the one who shapes the outcome of the story, making it an enthralling and terrifying experience.
As you thought you were safe from danger, evil rears its ugly head again. You are forced to confront a stranger who manipulates your actions and threatens the people closest to you with their twisted mind games. You have to solve the puzzle of his identity and prevent your loved ones from becoming his next victims.
In Seven (7), you determine the direction of the story and the fate of the characters by engaging in real-time text messages, documents, and calls. Every decision you make influences your relationship with the characters and determines who will live and who will die.
The game immerses you in an unsettling world of fear and suspense, with a variety of puzzles, challenges, and mini-games that add to the excitement. You will have to navigate the depths of the human psyche to outwit the unpredictable psychopath and rescue your family and friends.
"Seven (7): Endgame" is free to play, with the option of in-app purchases for a faster and more intense gaming experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to put yourself at the center of a spine-chilling and immersive horror story.
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