GamelistsWhat to play in December 2023

What to play in December 2023

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WolframWolframfrom Skich app
Star Survivor:Premium

Survive an endless swarm of space invaders and alien drones in this rogue-lite bullet heaven game. Upgrade your ship and strategically build your deck.

Star Survivor:PremiumErabit Studios
Experience a thrilling rogue-lite adventure, Survive the Swarm, that combines survivors, asteroids, and bullet heaven game genres. Your mission is to destroy as many space invaders and alien drones as possible while confronting the Endless. Upgrade your spacecraft with a range of power-ups and equipment from a crafted deck. Your foes are thousands in numbers. Will you make the right choices and overcome the odds in this action-packed shoot'em up game? As the last ship standing, survive the swarm of enemies with all the overpowered weapons and fleet upgrades at your disposal. The game is a rogue-lite survival asteroids game. You can create overpowered builds every run by selecting the weapons and upgrades that suit your playing style. With Newtonian physics, guide your ship through the hordes of enemies. Each kill will earn you resources to either improve your vessel, unlock new ships, or gain an edge over your opponents. You get to choose from a variety of unique ships that offer different gameplay experiences and equipment synergies. Turn the odds in your favor with challenge mode by building your deck. Every run unlocks new cards, and you can level up in combat to draw more cards from your deck, making your upgrades even more strategic. In Campaign adventure mode, choose your path wisely and build your ship as you progress through each sector. Conquer the Endless Queens in an epic space war by immersing yourself in the thrilling arcade-style battle and perfect your reflexes in this intense shooting game. Join the Survive the Swarm community on Discord and Twitter @erabit_studios, Facebook @Star Survivor, and Tiktok @Star Survivor, or email to take your fighting skills to the next level!
Dark Slayer : AFK RPG

Save the world from zombies using swordsmanship, marksmanship, and spellcasting. Grow your character and collect gear in this stylish action game.

Dark Slayer : AFK RPGGamepub
The entire world is infested with dreadful zombies, and only one brave hero can save it! That hero could be you, as you possess the extraordinary strength and power to defeat these deadly creatures. ★ Key Features of the Game ★ - Chic Combat with Three Distinct Weapon Categories : Delight in an exhilarating and trendy gameplay experience, where you can seamlessly switch between using a sword, a gun, or casting spells to vanquish monster after monster. - Effortless and Boundless Idle Action : Extremely easy to control, this game lets you develop your character easily and have fun without the need for any complicated maneuvers. - Dazzling Outfits and Gear Sets : Elevate your style and boost your strength simultaneously with the help of costumes and powerful gear sets. - Offline Progress : Even when you're not playing the game, your character will continue to collect valuable resources and items to aid in their progress. If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us via the in-game Customer Service Center. For any further assistance, send an email to Join us on Facebook at
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Jewel Run

Jewel Run modernizes the asymmetrical multiplayer genre online, with team strategies and intense action. Steal jewels or defend your base, with endless customization options.

Jewel RunCerbere Games
Prepare yourself for thrilling team-based gameplay and non-stop action with Jewel Run! This cutting-edge game takes the asymmetrical multiplayer format to the next level by bringing the experience online and making it accessible on both PC and mobile platforms. Work together with your teammates to defeat an imposing opponent, or feel the rush of claiming victory over an entire opposing team singlehandedly. Take Your Pick You can play as a daring thief seeking adventure and riches by teaming up with an alliance of up to 7 fellow treasure hunters. As Mr. or Mrs. Crosby however, you'll go it alone to protect your peaceful way of life. Don't hesitate to employ your strength and all the tools you have at your disposal to safeguard your belongings. Defend or Steal? For thieves, the objective is to travel through the maze-like garden, harvest gems from trees, and bring the haul back to their base. However, carrying too much loot will slow you down! Meanwhile, the outnumbered and lumbering Crosbys have a plan of action: strategically deploying their bumbling dogs to corner the thieves and tackle them with precision. Catch a few thieves and the victory is yours. Express Yourself Feel free to play humorously, mischievously, or competitively with your friends. Dash to unattainable speeds, lure the canine guards away from your team, or snatch as many jewels as you can at once! And unlock character customization options such as unique outfits elements, and map gameplay features like alarms that highlight your location to the opposing team, trick walls that'll block the pursuers, bushes to hide in, and even teleporters. Every session presents a new set of challenges and electrifying action. Keep in mind that while Jewel Run is free to play, the Premium DLC is necessary to gain access to most character customization options and map gameplay features. However, if you play with someone who has the Premium DLC, you can play on the premium maps at no cost! A Singular Visual Experience The Jewel Run designers were influenced by the renowned filmmaker Tim Burton. The dark and twisted universe of Jewel Run is bathed in glowing and colorful visuals, creating an unmatched gaming atmosphere. Players will step into a world that is full of peculiar and captivating individuals, as well as locations that will leave them spellbound.
Era of Conquest

Worldwide battles, fair game environment, and various special troops await in Era of Conquest, launching October 27th. Claim pre-registration rewards and participate in global challenges.

Era of Conquest4399 Games
Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with Era of Conquest, launching on October 27th, where you'll join forces with players from around the world in a clash of civilizations. Benedict Cumberbatch himself stars in this historical strategy game. To get a head start, pre-download is available on October 26th at 9:00 (UTC+0), just in time for the official launch at 2:00 (UTC+0) on October 27th. Register now to claim your exclusive pre-registration rewards, including one of four 6-Star Heroes of your choice and more. With the EOC Global Challenge, you can participate for a share of 100 Million Gems, and if you log in for 7 days, you'll receive a Free 6-Star Hero - Toussaint Louverture. Imagine a world where all historical legends exist simultaneously. From King Arthur drawing the Sword from the stone in the West to Qin Shi Huang unifying China in the East, and even the Vikings from the North Sea. Get ready to engage in a battle that spans time and space like never before. Come and create your own legend! Forge alliances with players around the world in Era of Conquest and fight for territory in global battles. Unlike many other strategy games, Era of Conquest offers a fair game environment with no purchasable resources or VIP privileges. Players can only win through troop restraint and skill choice, and by collaborating with allies to use various tactics to occupy the Supreme Kingdom. In comparison to traditional strategy games, Era of Conquest offers free, automatic conscription, which means the conscripting process is accelerated when the conscription mobilization is turned on. This is a particularly useful feature as time and resources will no longer be an issue. The open-world battlefield lets you control troops effortlessly in vast scenes, with a massive 120km * 120km map, players will have a whole new experience in the multi-civilization world. The siege battles in Era of Conquest offer an unparalleled experience due to the new SRP technology that supports real 3D graphics and allows up to 6000 units to battle in the same screen thanks to the new DOTS technology. With hundreds of heroes and various special troops at your disposal, Era of Conquest also offers secrets behind the Treasure Map which are waiting to be explored. To emphasize the variety present in Era of Conquest, players can get a sand table buff in the time-limited Wonder competition. Stay up to date with the latest news on Era of Conquest by joining their Facebook and Discord communities. While some permissions are required during gameplay, players can still enjoy the game without them. Permissions include access to photos, media, and files which are needed for game installation and saving data, and camera access that is used for profile avatars in-game and game community. Notifications are required for information and ads. Microphone access is used for recording microphone audio when saving videos. To revoke access permissions on OS 6.0 or higher, access the Permission Management system in the Personal Information section of Settings and follow the prompts. If using an older operating system, access permissions cannot be revoked, so simply delete the application or update your system. Experience the adventure of a lifetime with Era of Conquest.
Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas

Lead the City of Light, unite fantasy races, raise champions and fight back darkness in Lithas. A vast world of adventure awaits.

Bloodline: Heroes of LithasGOAT Games
「Game Description」 Enter the mythical realm of Lithas and become the leader of the City of Light by becoming the High Guardian in this enchanting fantasy game. A diverse world with lycans, demons, demi-gods, elves, orcs and more awaits passionate players with the challenge of uniting them as powerful champions on the battlefield. Bring them together on your quest to become the next High Guardian in the world of Lithas. Forge bonds with your allies and even find romance among them to start a new generation of powerful champions with unique skills and traits. Explore their territories and interact with them extensively to determine their fate and that of the world. Preserve peace and order while restoring the world with the Bloodline of the Ancient High Guardians, the only thing that can counter the spread of chaos. Luxis, the thriving city of light, awaits you. Become the High Guardian to lead and manage it, expanding and rebuilding it. Make wise decisions in handling political affairs while allocating and utilizing resources to unlock more features and growth opportunities for your city. With your champions and allies, work together to bring prosperity to Luxis through the unique skills that each of them contributes. As you explore the world of Lithas, the deeds and achievements you make will be recorded in your Clan showroom. Build a strong combat team, develop your city, and even find love with your companions while passing down your bloodline to the next generation of heirs. Your accomplishments will bring honor and glory to your Clan. Engage in thrilling raids to fight back against the Darkness threatening to overwhelm the world with its evil forces. Your chosen champions and allies will accompany you through expeditions that will uncover secrets since long hidden and threatening the very foundation of the world. Will you rise up to the challenge and emerge as the victorious High Guardian?

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