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Jewel Run modernizes the asymmetrical multiplayer genre online, with team strategies and intense action. Steal jewels or defend your base, with endless customization options.

Prepare yourself for thrilling team-based gameplay and non-stop action with Jewel Run! This cutting-edge game takes the asymmetrical multiplayer format to the next level by bringing the experience online and making it accessible on both PC and mobile platforms. Work together with your teammates to defeat an imposing opponent, or feel the rush of claiming victory over an entire opposing team singlehandedly. Take Your Pick You can play as a daring thief seeking adventure and riches by teaming up with an alliance of up to 7 fellow treasure hunters. As Mr. or Mrs. Crosby however, you'll go it alone to protect your peaceful way of life. Don't hesitate to employ your strength and all the tools you have at your disposal to safeguard your belongings. Defend or Steal? For thieves, the objective is to travel through the maze-like garden, harvest gems from trees, and bring the haul back to their base. However, carrying too much loot will slow you down! Meanwhile, the outnumbered and lumbering Crosbys have a plan of action: strategically deploying their bumbling dogs to corner the thieves and tackle them with precision. Catch a few thieves and the victory is yours. Express Yourself Feel free to play humorously, mischievously, or competitively with your friends. Dash to unattainable speeds, lure the canine guards away from your team, or snatch as many jewels as you can at once! And unlock character customization options such as unique outfits elements, and map gameplay features like alarms that highlight your location to the opposing team, trick walls that'll block the pursuers, bushes to hide in, and even teleporters. Every session presents a new set of challenges and electrifying action. Keep in mind that while Jewel Run is free to play, the Premium DLC is necessary to gain access to most character customization options and map gameplay features. However, if you play with someone who has the Premium DLC, you can play on the premium maps at no cost! A Singular Visual Experience The Jewel Run designers were influenced by the renowned filmmaker Tim Burton. The dark and twisted universe of Jewel Run is bathed in glowing and colorful visuals, creating an unmatched gaming atmosphere. Players will step into a world that is full of peculiar and captivating individuals, as well as locations that will leave them spellbound.
Cerbere Games
Release date
Oct 03, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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Jewel Run is OUT!Cerbere Games
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