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Fight through the Underworld to escape Hades, with power from the gods and dozens of customization options in this Greek mythology-inspired dungeon crawler.

HadesNetflix, Inc.
Netflix membership is necessary to play this game. In this dungeon-crawling adventure, you'll take on the ever-changing Underworld as you fight your way to escape it, with the support of the Greek gods. If you die in the attempt, don't worry, just try again. As the Prince of the Underworld, you are immortal and can navigate through the dungeon maze, full of deadly traps, to reach your final destination while dealing with unresolved familial relationships. This award-winning RPG packs in thrilling combat with deeply crafted storytelling and visuals inspired by Greek mythology. Play on your own terms with completely customizable touch controls, or use Bluetooth controllers for an even better experience. You won't miss out on any content as this edition features everything from the PC and console versions. Hades, the ruler of the Underworld might be your father, but you're ready to show him who's boss. Face off against supernatural beings that guard your father’s domain and break free to reach the outside world. With each escape attempt, you'll become more powerful and gain more insight into the intricately woven story. Utilizing divine Boons, bestowed upon you by the likes of Zeus, Athena or Poseidon, that amplify your abilities, the Olympians provide you with a considerable boost. There are various ways to develop your character throughout your journey. You'll meet and establish connections with a fully voiced cast of ghosts, monsters, and gods, building new relationships and uncovering unique storylines as you explore the Underworld. With each visit, you'll face new challenges and surprises, adding a level of replayability that is hard to match. The guardian bosses will remember you, so be prepared, or use the Mirror of Night to get stronger permanently. Supergiant Games has done it again, delivering a must-play game for fans of the RPG and Greek mythology genres.
Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds

Action-packed top-down adventure with Survivor swapping. Collect heroes, combat bullet-hell bosses, and explore diverse environments. Stock up before time runs out.

Risk of Rain: Hostile WorldsGearbox PublishingRelease date: TBA
Get ready for an adventure-packed journey in Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, where you control the game's top-down perspective. This addition to the franchise, taking place simultaneously as Risk of Rain 2, presents a fresh new story arc. You'll have the chance to swap mid-game with other Survivors and develop a roster of heroic characters to wield as your tool for success. Brace yourself for high-octane, run-and-gun action while confronting formidable bullet-hell bosses. The game offers an array of new allies while returning fan favorites, each wielding powerful equipment to traverse various environments. The clock is ticking, so don't waste any time acquiring mission items that'll support you as your enemies grow in strength. If you want to get your hands on the game, visit their official website:
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Explore Geodia, harness Sparklite, build The Refuge, and defeat greedy Baron in the whimsical and ever-changing world of Sparklite. No IAPs needed.

If you are looking for an incredible gaming experience, try Sparklite for free before the first Titan comes along! This thrilling action-adventure roguelite is set in a fanciful and constantly changing world. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you battle dangerous enemies using a variety of gadgets, guns, and gear. Explore the procedurally generated world and defeat titans of the mining industry while harnessing the power of Sparklite! Explore the vibrant and picturesque land of Geodia, use the power of Sparklite to defeat monsters and titans, befriend the locals, and help build The Refuge. Invent an arsenal to overcome puzzles, defeat enemies, and become even stronger. Save the environment from the greedy Baron and enjoy the exceptional pixel art aesthetic. The original soundtrack by composer Dale North (Wizard of Legend) is inspired by retro classics, and the gameplay is a true gem that you shouldn't miss. Sparklite has been carefully redesigned for mobile, with a revamped interface, achievements, cloud save, controller support, and no in-app purchases. Pay once and enjoy the full experience of Sparklite without any hidden charges, without any ads. Additionally, our customer support team is always ready to help you if you experience any technical issues. Simply reach out to us at and provide us with as much detail as possible. Play Sparklite now and join the adventure! Copyright © 2021 Red Blue Games.
Dead Cells

Return to Castlevania DLC features new storyline, biomes, monsters, weapons, bosses, outfits & soundtracks. Play Dead Cells "Roguevania" mobile game with new DLCs.

Dead CellsPlaydigious
Experience the ultimate vampire slaying adventure in the Return to Castlevania DLC, where you will join Alucard and Richter Belmont to defeat the Ruler of Darkness and explore Dracula's Castle and its outskirts. With two new biomes and nine new monsters awaiting you, you'll have to master the 2D combat using 14 new powerful weapons, including the legendary Vampire Killer and Holy Water. Challenge yourself with three new bosses, including Dracula himself, and dress as your favorite Castlevania characters with 20 new outfits. The game features an alternative soundtrack with 51 original tracks and 12 reimagined ones in the style of Dead Cells, providing an immersive experience. Dead Cells is a thrilling roguevania action platformer available on PC, consoles, and mobile. Explore the sprawling castle and try to unravel the mysteries of the gloomy island while fighting deadly minions and bosses. In this game, you'll have to master frantic 2D combat with a vast array of weapons and skills to survive permadeath. Enjoy the replayability of a rogue-lite and the thrill of nonlinear progression with new levels and paths to unlock every time you die. You can explore every nook and cranny of the castle at your own pace, or rush to the end and find out what happens. The game includes two DLCs, The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls, which add new levels, monsters, weapons, and bosses to the game. In The Bad Seed, you'll fight new monsters like the Jerkshroom and Mama Tick, while in Fatal Falls, you'll explore three new biomes, including the Fractured Shrines and the Undying Shores, and battle the Scarecrow. In the Queen and the Sea DLC, you'll take the fight to the sea with two new biomes, a throwable shark, and two new bosses, including the Queen. Dress up your character with new outfits and get a not-so-cute pet while you bash new enemies. The mobile version of the game is carefully redesigned with a revamped interface and custom controls, including touch controls and MFi external controller support. You can choose between two game modes, Original and Auto-Hit, and change the button's position and size to your liking. The game does not feature ads or F2P mechanics. However, devices with less than 2gb of RAM may not run the DLCs correctly, and customers are advised not to purchase them in that case. In case of any issues, please contact with as much information as possible on the problem.
Project MOLD: Roguelike ARPG

Project MOLD: a unique mobile sci-fi Roguelike ARPG, combat mysterious contamination and upgrade your character with distinct levels of difficulty.

Project MOLD: Roguelike ARPGLagrange Studios
Experience the ultimate science-fiction adventure with Project MOLD - the cutting-edge Roguelike ARPG game that promises an unparalleled mobile gaming experience. Embark on an enthralling journey as you combat mysterious contamination and master an array of potentially infinite game difficulties. Immerse yourself in a deep world characterized by exceptional mobile graphics with a futuristic flair and a grim dark ambiance. Engage in rapid action combat and explore infinitely generated playable levels with limitless game difficulties that challenge your mastery. Be on the lookout for a unique cast of menacing enemies that you must defeat using a diverse array of weapons and abilities. Tweak your character to optimize their performance as you experiment with unique weapons and abilities. Unlock potent new skills that will help you master rapid combat and select from various special abilities. Explore unique melee and ranged weapons and discover powerful gear to slash through hordes of infected. Enhance your gear's potential through the upgrade system and equip extraordinary items imbued with unique powers. Collect loot to improve your gear and complete various tasks to weaken the mysterious enemy and slow its growth. Infiltrate ships made out of concrete that have been taken over by the enemy and became its neurons. You'll use a diverse arsenal of weapons, abilities, and upgrades to battle your way through these hostile territories, but you must be prepared for brutal melee combat as your ammunition is limited. Make the most of the options available in the latest features, including the ability to revive once per Campaign without using currency, speed up the Modules fusing process, and info about collected loot & equipped modules on the death screen. Enhance your experience further with exciting new character upgrades, and accomplish unique tasks to earn better rewards. But beware- the enigmatic Mold is relentless in its quest to consume humanity, and you must do everything in your power to stop it before it's too late. Are you up for the challenge? Play Project MOLD now and find out!
Abyss - Roguelike ARPG

Abyss is a co-op roguelike action RPG with biopunk enchantments and endless dungeon crawling featuring exciting monster battles, strange magic, and artifact crafting.

Abyss - Roguelike ARPGPyro Entertainment Limited
Abyss is a thrilling ARPG with fantasy and adventure elements that is available for free. This game offers a variety of roguelike features, and you will go on a journey into an infinite dungeon. Along the way, you will stumble upon fascinating biopunk magic and face formidable creatures. The game requires players to hone their skills and gear up before attempting to venture into the heart of the Abyss. Those who are brave enough to do so will uncover treasures that others can only dream of. In Chapter 8, Adventurers will encounter a seemingly impossible path forward that only experienced players can navigate. However, the reward for completing this challenge is unimaginable. In Abyss, players experience a captivating action roleplaying game that requires gear refinement and skill acquisition. Team up with other gamers during an Emergency Raid to defeat bosses and collect monster parts. This infinite Dungeon Crawler Adventure piques your interest with the challenging monsters and traps that greet you on every floor. The biotechnology in the game creates remarkable surprises that you never saw coming. After each excavation, ensure that you bring back valuable resources that will help you better advance. In this game, you will face mystical beasts while exploring an expansive dungeon filled with ancient technology cores. Improving your character's fighting abilities is critical, but so is gear refinement. Every delve into the Abyss comes with great risk, but significant rewards are also available. Dark magic and mysterious secrets fuel the action in this ARPG, which brings wonder and anticipation to each new gaming experience. Abyss includes unusual weapons that you can craft from the items and artifacts you loot from the game. Hundreds of possibilities and countless builds are available, allowing you to experiment with different weapon configurations. Combine weapons and skills to create distinct character builds and gameplay styles. Use spells to attack from a distance, and wield various forms of devastating magic to achieve your gaming objectives. The amalgamation of dark magic and biotechnology creates a unique, dangerous, and exciting gaming world in Abyss. You will experience a mysterious world that is beyond both science and magic. In this multiplayer game, you can complete the dungeon crawl with a co-op roleplaying experience. Alternatively, you can make new friends who are looking for help. Work together using the unique skill sets of each person in your crafting team, defeat monstrous dungeon bosses, and continue delving into the Abyss. Join the fun today and experience the captivating Abyss by visiting its official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Pyro series' Privacy Policy and Titan World's Terms of Service can be found on their respective websites.
Hellrider 3

Join Hellrider for a new adventure with unique game mechanics, multiple modes, daily challenges, and an amazing story in a huge picturesque world.

Hellrider 3Andrei Chernyshov
Welcome to the newest edition of the Hellrider series, where you'll embark on a brand new adventure and experience thrilling 3D gameplay. This installment introduces a variety of innovative game mechanics, offering a fresh take on the runner genre! Enter a world of engaging gameplay modes, each offering distinct challenges and unique goals to conquer. Immerse yourself in a captivating storyline that reveals the Hellrider universe from a fresh perspective. Along the way, encounter a cast of dynamic characters eagerly awaiting a hero to step up to the challenge. Think you have what it takes? Put your skills to the test with daily challenges that constantly raise the stakes. A vast and breathtaking world brimming with mysteries and treasures awaits daring explorers. Discover hidden secrets and unlock rewards as you traverse this fascinating landscape. In addition to these incredible features, Hellrider offers so much more excitement! Get ready to experience heart-pumping thrills and endless hours of fun. Don't miss out on the epic adventure that awaits you!
Night of Full Moon

A dark fairy tale come to life with exquisite 2D artwork and over 500 cards to choose from. Conquer over 93 mysterious villains with your chosen Little Red Riding Hood profession.

Night of Full MoonGiant Network
- Experience a captivating storyline filled with twists and turns Immerse yourself in a free exploration of a dark fairy tale world... The once-beautiful Black Forest is now under a curse, perpetually snowed in An enigmatic red figure has appeared, heralding a change... As you guide the little girl on her quest to find her missing grandmother, will you uncover the truth behind the legend? Get ready for unraveling the mystery… - Enjoy exquisite 2D artwork and animations, crafted exclusively for the game Choose from 6 unique professions for Little Red Riding Hood, each with its own perks. Witness stunning card effects during battles that'll leave you spellbound! Download the game now and enter into an enthralling card war! - Encounter mysterious events that occur at random What decision will you make when you find yourself at a crossroads? Remember to choose wisely, for once you make your choice, there's no turning back... - Multiple storylines to explore Who is awaiting your rescue? Who dares to stand up against your mighty 1V1 extermination? Browse among over 500 cards to find the ones that suit your fairy tale best. - Take on a wide range of challenging bosses! Awaken mythical monsters that have been slumbering for ages. Tackle over 93 different villains, each one more mysterious than the last. The road to victory awaits you! - Stand together and face the odds! You don't have to face the dangers alone – choose your own retinue! Indulge in thrilling PvE hunting duels that'll keep you hooked! Begin your journey to victory now! Like to know more about us? Get in touch: Stay updated about our latest mobile games by following us on Facebook: Chat with us on Discord: Connect with us on Twitter: Find us on Wechat: Night of The Full Moon Join us on Weibo: Night of The Full Moon
Death's Door

Play as a crow who reaps souls in this fantasy RPG to uncover death's secrets and recover a stolen soul. Talon-sharp combat and whimsical bosses await.

Death's DoorNetflix, Inc.
The game "Death's Door" is an exclusive RPG title available for Netflix members that puts you in the feathered skin of a crow responsible for reaping souls. However, when an unknown thief steals one of the souls under your care, it's up to you to embark on a journey that takes you through dungeons filled with dangerous creatures and bosses. As a soul-reaping crow, it's your job to ensure that the dying pass on smoothly, but things take a turn for the worse when the soul of a giant is stolen. Join the crow on a journey to retrieve it and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to destabilize life and death itself. Explore a variety of vibrant and fantastical realms, such as the Estate of the Urn Witch and the Frog King's swampy dungeon. Utilize an arsenal of weapons, including swords, hammers, bows, and magic spells, to defeat enemies and victory harder bosses as your journey to unravel the mystery unfolds. Thanks to the game's upgrade system, you can customize your crow and evolve its strength, dexterity, haste, and magical abilities to ensure it functions as the most efficient lil' soul reaper in the world. The game features an enthralling cast of characters, each with their problems that can only be solved by a tiny yet powerful soul-reaping crow. From these characters, you may learn more about the soul thief and other matters that influence your task. Developed by Acid Nerve and 22nd Century Toys, "Death's Door" is a fantastic game that combines stunning visuals, whimsical combat, and a riveting storyline that immerses players into a world full of wonder, danger, and intrigue.
Phantom Blade: Executioners

Phantom Blade: Executioners is a kungfupunk action game with fast-paced combat, stunning Oriental art style, and an engaging Wuxia storyline.

Phantom Blade: ExecutionersSHARPMAN STUDIO LIMITED
Phantom Blade: Executioners is an adrenaline-pumping action game that immerses you in the Phantom World, a unique universe conceived by S-GAME. Diving headfirst into a labyrinthine plot that threatens to upset the world order, you must eliminate kungfu masters who have gone mad and uncover the puppet master behind a chain of apparently unrelated events. The combat system of Phantom Blade: Executioners is a fast-paced extravaganza that transports you right into the action. Like in a classic kungfu movie, you will face foes in droves, and only swift maneuvers such as dodges, parries, and leaps of faith will see you through. Demonstrating the Combo Chain mechanism, this system eliminates the need for excessive button-mashing or memorizing lengthy move lists, allowing you to customize your fighting style to make use of all your most beloved kungfu moves. Blaze a trail to victory! Phantom Blade: Executioners is an intriguing blend of ancient Chinese traditional art and cutting-edge modern imagery. By injecting the traditional painting of China with an element of fantasy and contemporary sharpness, "Kungfupunk" has been created, a term that encapsulates the essence of this approach, akin to steampunk and cyberpunk. Under the guidance of Michael CTY, the art director of Demon's Souls and the first two chapters of the Dark Souls trilogy, all combat movements are designed in-house. Get ready for a visually stunning experience like no other. The Phantom Blade: Executioners game unfolds in a world that is on the brink of despair, as kungfu masters inexplicably gain immense strength overnight and turn insane as a result. During your exploration of this complex matter, these incidents appear to have a pattern. With time running out, you must intercept the crazed ones before they can do any more harm and put an end to the influence of Sha-Chi Mod, which is known as a body engineering technique. Get ready to embark on an authentic Chinese Wuxia adventure filled with suspense and engaging branching side quests.
Sky Dancer 2

Sky Dancer 2: Jump, dodge obstacles and fight monsters in epic boss battles. Auction-packed gameplay, with a combination of rogue-like and RPG elements. Free to play.

Sky Dancer 2Topebox
Greetings, Sky Dancers – The Challengers! Prepare yourself to venture forth on a voyage of discovery, seeking out new beginnings. You'll face a multitude of challenges as you traverse perilous terrain, plagued by formidable monsters. But with your strength and dexterity, we have faith that you will be the first to reach the promised land, bathed in tranquility under the watchful gaze of the Almighty. Sky Dancer 2 offers straightforward gameplay whilst still requiring a range of tactics and skills. It's up to you to manoeuvre your character around obstacles, perform jumps, and battle demons in your quest for success. However, with a little help from passive abilities and an equipment system that dovetails perfectly with your skills, you'll have all the support you need to excel. Our key features are: - Action & More Action: Familiarise yourself with the game's basics before diving into epic boss battles. Sky Dancer 2 delivers an extra layer of challenge with convoluted terrains and an abundance of new hurdles and worlds to unlock. - A satisfying clicker mechanic during battles to ease your stress, accompanied by stunning visuals that are guaranteed to please. - The game introduces rogue-like elements, enabling you to implement various tactics and choose your skills with greater precision, consequently leading to victory. Sky Dancer 2 requires strategy, skill, and a wise selection of skill combinations. - The game delves into RPG elements, providing you with lots of equipment and weapons to use. Customise your character to suit your individual preferences, resulting in highly unique looks, skills, and abilities that set you apart from the crowd. PLEASE NOTE: - Sky Dancer is a free download, and you can play it without paying. However, certain items in the game can only be acquired by using real money. If you'd rather not use this feature, you can disable it in your device's settings. - Privacy Policy:
20 Minutes Till Dawn

Survive 20 minutes against endless Lovecraftian monsters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn using unique characters, weapons, upgrades, and runes.

20 Minutes Till DawnErabit Studios
Prepare to face waves of horrifying monsters for 20 minutes straight with the chills-inducing and gripping shoot-em-up game, 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Pick from a variety of characters and weapons to fight through hordes of enemies inspired by Lovecraftian myths. The Quickplay mode in this game promises a unique and adrenaline-pumping experience every time. Run and gun your way to victory, testing out special abilities of each character to gain an edge over the haunting creatures. The game features more than 10 unique characters, each gifted with special abilities that make the gameplay unpredictable and exciting. For instance, start off with Diamond if you need higher defense stats to survive longer or unlock Scarlett to roast your enemies with her fire waves causing significant damage over time. Strategize on picking upgrades that add more depth to the weapons you choose. Collect XP to level up and acquire upgrades such as Quick Hands that complement the Flame Cannon making it quicker and more lethal in combat. Similarly, with the Holy Shield upgrade, you get massive destruction powers with crossbows, making it easier to reload between fights. Check for effective synergies by clicking on the “II” button during the game. Unleash the full potential of combining upgrades to obtain bonus points, like the Mini Clip synergy that gets unlocked after collecting Fresh Clip and Fan Fire upgrades. This combo reduces reload time and increases impact damage. These formidable monsters won’t go down easy. So, take advantage of the Sword and Shield runes and select the right one as per your strategy to survive for longer periods in the game. Collect swords and enjoy critical damage against the monsters while the shield runes come in handy to protect you during dire times. Connect with us on Discord (@20 Minutes Till Dawn), Twitter (@erabit_studios) and Facebook (@Erabit Studios/@20 Minutes Till Dawn), or send us an email at to know more about this immersive game. Face the monsters and stay alive until the sun comes up with 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

Survive as Brotato, the only potato wielding 6 weapons, against hordes of aliens in this top-down arena shooter roguelite with unique builds and fast runs.

BrotatoErabit Studios
Brotato, the last potato standing, is trapped in a dangerous arena where aliens are constantly attacking. Armed with up to 6 weapons simultaneously, players must fight off wave after wave of extraterrestrial enemies until they are rescued by their fellow spuds. With a plethora of unique traits and items to choose from, players can tailor their build to enhance their chances of survival against the hordes of invading aliens. Players can customize their game experience by selecting from dozens of different characters, each with their own unique abilities, including one-handed, crazy, lucky, and mage. With a wide variety of weapons and tools at their disposal, including flamethrowers, SMGs, rocket launchers, and even sticks and stones, players can choose the armament that best suits their playstyle. Additionally, each wave lasts between 20 and 90 seconds, affording players a fast-paced and action-packed experience that can be completed in under 30 minutes. As players progress through the game, they must collect materials to gain experience and purchase items from the in-game shop to aid them in their struggle against the alien menace. With auto-firing weapons as the default option, players can opt to use manual aiming for more precision in their attacks. Finally, players should be aware that cloud storage is only available when online. While offline play is possible, in this case, your progress will not be saved to the cloud. Contact the developer via their YouTube channel, Discord, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or email, if you have any questions or feedback, or simply want to connect with others who enjoy this exciting game.
The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate

A rogue-like RPG game with Cthulhu-style random dungeons, 3 classes, multiplayer teaming, pet system, and auto-expedition.

The Greedy Cave 2: Time GateAvalonGames
The Greedy Cave 2 carries on the story of the original game, following two years of refinement by the development team. This dedicated Roguelike RPG game boasts a Cthulhu-inspired art style that offers twisted bosses, frightening monsters, dark dungeons, and a myriad of challenging mazes. The incorporation of Rougelike elements produces new adventures every time you play. This game features three unique classes—sword, shield, and mage—each with their own weapon types and skill trees that enable you to hone your battle strategy. Collect all the gear you find to be the ultimate dungeon crawler. Team up with other players in real-time to explore and gain richer rewards for a better gaming experience. Recruit other players to form your very own guild. Each time you venture into the cave, engage in multiplayer survival challenges to determine the ultimate champion. You can enjoy real-time voice communication too, which adds to the fun of the game. The new pet system will allow you to incubate your exclusive pet and train it to be your powerful sidekick when exploring the game. Together, you will face all the monsters in the game and sweep them aside effortlessly. An auto expedition system enables you to adjust your work and rest schedules while earning rewards even while offline, making it a stress reliever. Permissions are required for team voice functions (RECORD_AUDIO) and customer services and other functions such as READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, but they are not used to reveal any personal information about players. Rest assured that granting these permissions will enhance your gaming experience. If you wish to know more about the permissions, contact the customer support via Don't hesitate, dive into this adventure today and follow us on Facebook @GreedyCave2 for more updates.
Box Head: Zombies Must Die!

Survive the undead apocalypse with a customizable arsenal in a beautifully crafted, ever-changing world of Boxhead: The Zombie Wars.

Box Head: Zombies Must Die!PANTHERA GLOBAL
Get ready for a thrilling and heart-pumping post-apocalyptic battle like no other in our one-of-a-kind 3D action-packed roguelike game! Immerse yourself in a world that's overrun by relentless mobs of zombies and annihilate them with your vast arsenal of different and destructive weapons. 🔥Unleash Your Arsenal: Pick your weapon of choice from a wide selection of options, each with its unique style and abilities. Slice, smash, and shoot through the zombie apocalypse with sledgehammers, katanas, flamethrowers, and laser rifles. Devise different strategies for defeating the undead by choosing each weapon judiciously. 🛡️Forge Your Defenses: It's not only your offense that can save the day. Upgrade your armor and gear to withstand the hordes of zombies carefully. Custom make and personalize your equipment offering tailor-made defenses to become a super force. 🧟‍♂️A Roguelike Challenge: Each playtime offers a new experience in this never-ending adventure filled with fresh challenges each time you step onto the battleground. Can you adapt to and overcome the ever-changing zombie-infested chaos landscape? 🆙Endless Progression: Your journey doesn't stop with each playthrough. Keep collecting and earning valuable resources, unlock strong abilities, and uncover hidden ancient secrets. Consequently, you will keep growing stronger the more you play. 💀Relentless Foes: Encounter different types of zombies, each with their distinct strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors. From the flesh-hungry horde to mutated monstrosities, you need to use your resourcefulness and skills to survive each feat. 🌍Explore a Haunting World: Immerse yourself in a beautifully designed, post-apocalyptic environment saturated with eerie landscapes and hidden risks. Solve mysteries to figure out the dark secrets that led to the zombie apocalypse during your quest forward. 🤜Action-Packed Combat: Get ready for a thrilling experience with every pulse-tingling battle featuring responsively sharp controls and dynamic graphics. Each strike will feel powerful, and every slam, shot, or slash will be satisfying as you defeat the endless waves of foes. Are you set to face the ultimate challenge in a world overcome with the undead? Curate an ideal arsenal of weapons, upgrade your defensive gear and join the fight for survival in our 3D roguelike game filled with heart-pounding action and entertainment. The apocalypse awaits and needs the strongest to emerge victoriously. Will you rise above the horde to become an ultimate zombie-slayer hero? Join our Facebook page or our Facebook group to know more.
The Greedy Cave

Explore a mysterious cave, defeat monsters, collect equipment, and solve the mysteries in The Greedy Cave.

The Greedy CaveAvalonGames
In a remote kingdom to the north of Milton, lies the barren and wild Iblis, a place where people eke out a living by mining minerals for the lords of the south. The story begins when a fledgling adventurer stumbles into a hole and returns with a bounty of gold and treasure. The news of his success creates a buzz across all the kingdoms, and soon, adventurers, warriors, and peasants flock to explore the cave, clearing the cavern of monsters in search of treasure. As more and more people start flocking to the cave, a bustling town springs up around it. Merchants see the potential and build taverns and shops near the cave, selling equipment and potions for eager adventurers. As explorers delve deeper, new creatures and treasures await them, but the balance of wealth begins to waver, and cracks appear among the adventurers. The veteran adventurers who roam the depths of the cave hoard their secrets, and the latecomers are reduced to wandering the upper levels. The sinkhole starts to take a dark turn when an adventurer disappears without a trace. Rumors circulate that he found some legendary treasure, but others believe he was murdered by a rival party. More people disappear, and the treacherous nature of the cave comes to light. It is in this circumstance that you, an ordinary young man, step in with a purpose unknown to others. Welcome to "The Greedy Cave," a game where you are the brave adventurer tasked with battling monsters, gaining mighty equipment, and deciphering the mystery surrounding the cave. The levels are randomly generated, ensuring a unique gameplay experience every time. There are hundreds of monsters to defeat, equipment to collect, quests to complete, and achievements to conquer. Enchant, reform, level up, gold collecting - the game offers a plethora of systems to explore. Join other adventurers in The Greedy Cave and see what you can uncover. Reach the depths of the cavern and find the treasure that awaits you. Contact us via or visit our Facebook page at
Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

Survive and thrive in the strange, unexplored wilderness world of Don't Starve: Pocket Edition. Gather resources, craft items, and unravel mysteries to escape and find your way home.

Don't Starve: Pocket EditionKlei Entertainment Inc.
Explore an unknown and wild world, full of peculiar creatures, unexpected obstacles, and fascinating surprises, with Don't Starve: Pocket Edition! Developed by Klei Entertainment, an independent video game company known for their unconventional concepts and original ideas, Don't Starve: Pocket Edition is now available for Android devices. Join Wilson, a curious and clever scientist, who finds himself mysteriously trapped in an enigmatic universe, where science and magic coexist, and where nothing is as it seems. With over 6 million players worldwide, Don't Starve: Pocket Edition invites you to test your skills and intelligence in a ruthless quest for survival, where every decision counts. You must explore and exploit the natural resources of your surroundings, interact with its inhabitants, and manipulate the environment to your advantage if you want to escape this enigmatic world and return to your home safely. Whether you want to play defensively or aggressively, every move you make will have consequences, and your fate will depend on your choices and abilities. Are you ready to embark on this thrilling adventure, where creativity, strategy, and courage are vital to your survival? Then download Don't Starve: Pocket Edition now and start exploring this captivating world full of mysteries and challenges!
Dungeon Overlord

A tower defense, strategy, auto-chess, and rogue-like game with stylized monster portraits. Upgrade and enhance your towers to defeat waves of enemies and guard the core crystal.

Dungeon OverlordAvalonGames
This unique game seamlessly mixes tower defense, strategy, auto-chess, and a hint of roguelike. Every tower built in the dungeon must be positioned with strategic foresight, much like a game of auto-chess. Clear each wave of enemy attacks to earn a new card and upgrade your tower with three identical cards. Furthermore, you may acquire several weapons to amplify your tower's strength (known as monsters in this game). The game features stylized monster portraits that could be considered works of art. Dozens of monsters with formidable abilities await to be commanded by you. It's recommended to focus on upgrading one monster per game. Random events will arise during challenging gameplay. Don't overlook enhancing your monsters outside of combat. Protect the core crystal successfully to achieve victory. Stay connected through Discord: and follow the game on Facebook: Do you have the confidence to complete the challenge?
Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire: A single-player deck-builder with ever-changing Spire and hundreds of cards & powerful relics to discover.

Slay the SpireHumble Games
In our game, we have combined the mechanics of card games and roguelikes to create the ultimate single player deckbuilder experience, which we proudly present to you as, Slay the Spire. With hundreds of cards to choose from to create a unique deck, encounter unpredictable and strange creatures, and come across relics of immense power, embark on the journey to reach the pinnacle of the spire. Our dynamic deck building feature allows players to carefully select cards that work in tandem to defeat foes and advance through the spire. With each attempt, a new layout is generated, providing players with an ever-changing experience. With the option to choose a safe or risky path that will either lead to different enemies, cards, relics, or even bosses, players will discover new elements with each playthrough. The relics in Slay the Spire are like no other. These power-packed items have the potential to dramatically strengthen your deck through dynamic interactions, making them extremely valuable. However, obtaining these relics may come at a steep price, perhaps even more than just gold. So, be careful. Are you ready to take on the spire? Do you have what it takes to reach the top? Play Slay the Spire now to find out!
Rogue Slasher

Rogue SlasherProject Zima

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