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Survive 20 minutes against endless Lovecraftian monsters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn using unique characters, weapons, upgrades, and runes.

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Prepare to face waves of horrifying monsters for 20 minutes straight with the chills-inducing and gripping shoot-em-up game, 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Pick from a variety of characters and weapons to fight through hordes of enemies inspired by Lovecraftian myths.

The Quickplay mode in this game promises a unique and adrenaline-pumping experience every time. Run and gun your way to victory, testing out special abilities of each character to gain an edge over the haunting creatures.

The game features more than 10 unique characters, each gifted with special abilities that make the gameplay unpredictable and exciting. For instance, start off with Diamond if you need higher defense stats to survive longer or unlock Scarlett to roast your enemies with her fire waves causing significant damage over time.

Strategize on picking upgrades that add more depth to the weapons you choose. Collect XP to level up and acquire upgrades such as Quick Hands that complement the Flame Cannon making it quicker and more lethal in combat. Similarly, with the Holy Shield upgrade, you get massive destruction powers with crossbows, making it easier to reload between fights.

Check for effective synergies by clicking on the “II” button during the game. Unleash the full potential of combining upgrades to obtain bonus points, like the Mini Clip synergy that gets unlocked after collecting Fresh Clip and Fan Fire upgrades. This combo reduces reload time and increases impact damage.

These formidable monsters won’t go down easy. So, take advantage of the Sword and Shield runes and select the right one as per your strategy to survive for longer periods in the game. Collect swords and enjoy critical damage against the monsters while the shield runes come in handy to protect you during dire times.

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Face the monsters and stay alive until the sun comes up with 20 Minutes Till Dawn.
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Sep 05, 2022
Single player




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