Night of Full Moon

Game overview

A dark fairy tale come to life with exquisite 2D artwork and over 500 cards to choose from. Conquer over 93 mysterious villains with your chosen Little Red Riding Hood profession.

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- Experience a captivating storyline filled with twists and turns
Immerse yourself in a free exploration of a dark fairy tale world...
The once-beautiful Black Forest is now under a curse, perpetually snowed in
An enigmatic red figure has appeared, heralding a change...
As you guide the little girl on her quest to find her missing grandmother, will you uncover the truth behind the legend?
Get ready for unraveling the mystery…

- Enjoy exquisite 2D artwork and animations, crafted exclusively for the game
Choose from 6 unique professions for Little Red Riding Hood, each with its own perks.
Witness stunning card effects during battles that'll leave you spellbound!
Download the game now and enter into an enthralling card war!

- Encounter mysterious events that occur at random
What decision will you make when you find yourself at a crossroads?
Remember to choose wisely, for once you make your choice, there's no turning back...

- Multiple storylines to explore
Who is awaiting your rescue?
Who dares to stand up against your mighty 1V1 extermination?
Browse among over 500 cards to find the ones that suit your fairy tale best.

- Take on a wide range of challenging bosses!
Awaken mythical monsters that have been slumbering for ages.
Tackle over 93 different villains, each one more mysterious than the last.
The road to victory awaits you!

- Stand together and face the odds!
You don't have to face the dangers alone – choose your own retinue!
Indulge in thrilling PvE hunting duels that'll keep you hooked!
Begin your journey to victory now!

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Release date
Oct 19, 2017
Single player


3eqpfrom Skich app
Its so good.. in free version you get several unique gameplays. It’s like 2 games in 1 with a great balance. One flaw — there is no multiplayer...

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