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Explore a mysterious cave, defeat monsters, collect equipment, and solve the mysteries in The Greedy Cave.

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In a remote kingdom to the north of Milton, lies the barren and wild Iblis, a place where people eke out a living by mining minerals for the lords of the south. The story begins when a fledgling adventurer stumbles into a hole and returns with a bounty of gold and treasure. The news of his success creates a buzz across all the kingdoms, and soon, adventurers, warriors, and peasants flock to explore the cave, clearing the cavern of monsters in search of treasure.

As more and more people start flocking to the cave, a bustling town springs up around it. Merchants see the potential and build taverns and shops near the cave, selling equipment and potions for eager adventurers. As explorers delve deeper, new creatures and treasures await them, but the balance of wealth begins to waver, and cracks appear among the adventurers. The veteran adventurers who roam the depths of the cave hoard their secrets, and the latecomers are reduced to wandering the upper levels.

The sinkhole starts to take a dark turn when an adventurer disappears without a trace. Rumors circulate that he found some legendary treasure, but others believe he was murdered by a rival party. More people disappear, and the treacherous nature of the cave comes to light. It is in this circumstance that you, an ordinary young man, step in with a purpose unknown to others.

Welcome to "The Greedy Cave," a game where you are the brave adventurer tasked with battling monsters, gaining mighty equipment, and deciphering the mystery surrounding the cave. The levels are randomly generated, ensuring a unique gameplay experience every time. There are hundreds of monsters to defeat, equipment to collect, quests to complete, and achievements to conquer. Enchant, reform, level up, gold collecting - the game offers a plethora of systems to explore.

Join other adventurers in The Greedy Cave and see what you can uncover. Reach the depths of the cavern and find the treasure that awaits you. Contact us via or visit our Facebook page at
Release date
Mar 04, 2016
Single player


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