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WorldBox: God Simulator

Create life, watch civilizations prosper and simulate disasters in the free, offline god and simulation sandbox game <b>WorldBox</b>.

WorldBox: God SimulatorMaxim Karpenko

WorldBox is a stimulating and free god and simulation sandbox game designed for players that love creative destruction. You can bring forth life, observe it grow and prosper, spawning magical creatures such as orks, dwarves, sheep, wolves, and even elves. Alongside this, civilizations can craft, build, and go to war with one another. Players can assist them in their evolution and help them build robust societies by providing them with the necessary tools and resources. The game provides a sandbox environment to indulge your curiosity, allowing you to experiment with a range of powers and fostering the development of new skills. You can stir up a dissolving ground by using acid rain, summon tornadoes and underground worms or use a Heat ray. Moreover, you can simulate multiple disasters such as meteorites, volcanos, lava, tornados and geysers, and watch creatures evolve and civilizations rise. You can craft a pixel art world using various free tools, brushes, and magic. By applying different pixel types, players can paint their worlds. You can simulate scenarios such as Conway's Game of Life which can quickly destroy civilization, or Langton's ant cellular automata. As a player, you are free to experiment with different creatures and powers in the magic world simulation and explore different mythological races. Players can become the god of their own pixel art world, giving life to their imagination and building the world of their dreams. You can play the sandbox game offline, without requiring a Wi-Fi connection. Download Super WorldBox - God Game for Free and take your first step towards a creative destruction experience. If you encounter any issues while playing the game, kindly reach out to the game support team via supworldbox@gmail.com. The game developers are open to feedback and suggestions for more powers and creatures. To further explore Super WorldBox, you can visit their website, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Instagram accounts.

Lovecraft's Untold Stories

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action-packed RPG, featuring a randomly generated gameplay experience, based on H.P. Lovecraft’s supernatural realm. Choose from 5 unique characters and enjoy immersive gameplay that entails investigating secret locations, solving puzzles, and fighting hundreds of otherworldly monsters. Watch out for madness!

Lovecraft's Untold StoriesLLC Blini Games

Lovecraft's Untold Stories is an engrossing action-packed RPG game with roguelike elements. You are immersed in an eerie world where you dive deep into randomly generated levels based on H.P. Lovecraft's books. Here, you face sinister looking cultists, and monstrous creatures from the Mythos, while constantly upgrading your equipment and weaponry, solving tricky puzzles and challenges, and exploring the world to collect clues and knowledge to defeat the almighty Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. Discover the thrilling cosmic horror twisted from Lovecraft's masterpieces in breathtaking detail with every character. Each character embarks on an intricate investigation that carries them through a myriad of creepy locations like the Victorian mansion, the hospital filled with illicit experimentation passages, the jungle where forgotten rituals take place, and many others. As the levels are randomly generated, no two gaming experiences are ever the same. Moreover, these levels also alter according to the character you are playing; hence, the story alters significantly with each character, keeping you on your toes throughout the game. You get to choose from five characters to play, each with their unique fighting style and storylines - a private detective, a witch, a thief, a professor, and even a ghoul each possessing distinctive weapons, stats, and styles of combat - making each playthrough refreshing and exciting. The Detective takes a balanced approach with average health and stamina. The Professor specializes in ranged combat and has a much lower health bar, but compensates for it with a special shield provided by his weapon, the Tillinghast. The Witch inflicts massive damage and comes with teleport abilities, elemental shields of fire and ice, but has a significantly lower health bar. The Thief excels in melee combat and maximizes her damage while using stealth to her advantage. The ghoul is a melee specialist who can regenerate its health quickly and inflict heavy damage, but cannot use medkits. With hundreds of different monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos to fight, you must explore every inch of the Lovecraftian world's mysteries to progress. You encounter Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, and Azathoth in special levels - facing them head-on or encountering them passively through the story. Explore spooky locations to uncover secret levels and vital knowledge about the Great Old Ones to have any chance at stopping them. The concept of the game is based on understanding the Mythos to comprehend them quickly and engage them in fights. The more you know, the better your combat chances. You must also keep your mental health in check since the game includes some decision-making by the player in the story. If you make wrong choices, your sanity will reduce, leading to the character's demise eventually. With over 1000 different items like weapons, artifacts, and gadgets, collecting and upgrading these items is a crucial feature of the game, adding more depth to Lovecraft's Untold Stories.

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Production Chain Tycoon

Build an industrial empire in Production Chain Tycoon by optimizing supply chains, balancing production with demand, and managing resources smartly.

Production Chain TycoonRSGapps - Idle Tycoon Games

Step into the shoes of a CEO and run your industrial empire with Production Chain Tycoon, the idle simulation game. It's your responsibility to manage your supply chain, increase efficiency, and become the ultimate tycoon using a combination of strategy and management skills. Start by producing essential resources like wood and stone with a simple assembly line and grow from there, moving on to more complex products like concrete and plastic. Keep an eye on every aspect of your business, even when idle, to keep your supply chain running smoothly and efficiently. To master the game, you must manage both supply and demand chains. Figuring out a balance between production and demand to ensure that your factories are meeting the needs while increasing profits. Finding opportunities to optimize your assembly line to increase productivity and reduce maintenance should not be ignored. As you progress through the game, the supply and demand chains become more complex, but with your industrial tycoon acumen, there is nothing you cannot handle. Resource management is also a significant part of the game. You will need to keep tabs on your resource-mining operations and make strategic decisions when it comes to allocating resources to support your production efforts while managing logistics and inventory to ensure you have the materials you need to keep your factories operating at maximum efficiency. The key features of Production Chain Tycoon include the ability for you to manage your own industrial empire, optimizing supply chains and increasing efficiency, balancing production with demand, researching and developing new technologies, and playing offline - no internet required. This idle sim game promises endless hours of strategic gameplay. With heavy emphasis on supply chain management, resource management, and technology development, it's a must-play for anyone who's dreamed of building an industrial empire. Don't miss out on the chance to create your own empire with Production Chain Tycoon.


In Mindustry, build an elaborate production chain to defend your structures from enemies. Play Campaign or Custom Games with friends.


Mindustry is an immersive game that combines factory-building, tower defense, and real-time strategy elements. In this game, players can create intricate supply chains that enable them to produce ammunition for their turrets, erect structures, and construct units. These units can then be designated to capture enemy bases and expand production capabilities as well as be implemented strategically to defend the core from savage waves of enemies. Players have the option to employ production blocks to manufacture advanced materials, and they are tasked with defending their structures from continual onslaughts of enemy forces. Mindustry's cross-platform multiplayer co-op games offers players the opportunity to challenge friends or play with them, as well as participate in team-based PvP matches. Battling to safeguard and distribute liquids, and overcoming constant crisis situations such as outbreaks of fire or enemy flier raids. Coolant and lubricant resources to optimize production. In order to automate both base management and enemy base assaults, players can produce many different types of units with the help of assembly lines. Mindustry's fully operational enemy bases can be taken down with player units, with the use of mechanized assault forces or simply a few well-designed counter-assaults. The game consists of 35 handcrafted maps and over 250 procedurally generated sectors to conquer on the planets Serpulo and Erekir within the campaign. Players can conquer territory and deploy factories to generate resources while continuing to play other sectors, defending those territories from periodic invasions. The game rewards coordinating the distribution of resources between sectors, which can be done via launch pads as players research new blocks to speed up the progress. Inviting friends to complete missions together and mastering over 250 technology blocks and 50 types of drones, mechs, and ships makes playing the Mindustry campaign a unique and gratifying experience. In terms of customization, Mindustry provides players with over 16 built-in maps for custom games, as well as two full campaigns, the option to play co-op, PvP, or sandbox modes, and full control of the game rules from the price of blocks to enemy stats, starting items, wave timing, and more. Mindustry also includes a functional map editor with scripting support, and integrated mod support utilizing the built-in mod browser. Participating in a dedicated public server or inviting friends to join a private session is totally made possible. Mindustry certainly delivers the factory-building, tower defense, and RTS combination, captivating and engaging players for hours on end.

Nuclear Submarine inc

Become a military sub commander in this intense indie hardcore warship simulator. Survive bomb missions and engage in naval warfare battles.

Nuclear Submarine incЛомакин Дмитрий

Nuclear War Submarine inc Indie Hardcore Simulator is a game that allows you to experience the life of a military sub commander. You'll be responsible for managing your own submarine, fleet, and participating in naval warfare. This new 2D underwater arcade game will change your perception of atomic submarines and marine life, as it presents challenging naval battles. Operating any naval vessel, be it a 2D sub, an atomic uboat or a battleship, presents an array of challenges that require great skill.

Pako 2

PAKO 2 is the ultimate getaway-driving arcade game featuring exciting chases and shooting action, and huge car choices. Get in, get out, get paid!

Pako 2Tree Men Games

PAKO 2 is an exhilarating driving game that places you as the ultimate getaway driver. Your mission is to evacuate your team from the robbery location, save them from police chase, and repeat the process while competing on global leaderboards! With every successful run, you earn cash to buy new vehicles and locations to improve your capabilities. Remember, "Get in, get out, get paid!" is your chant.

Black Rims Wanted

Survive cop chases, rob banks, and unlock legendary vehicles in Car on the Run: Epic Chase, featuring unique retro-style graphics and free-roaming maps.

Black Rims WantedAmilcar Technologies

Achieve the title of the greatest heist driver by evading the police!

Totally Reliable Delivery

Team up in Total Reliable Delivery Service, where controlled chaos meets unpredictable physics. Deliver packages with friends, customize workers, and explore a sandbox world.

Totally Reliable DeliverytinyBuild

Get ready to deliver packages in a totally chaotic and unpredictable world! Join forces with up to three friends and work together to tackle the task at hand in an interactive sandbox world. The Totally Reliable Delivery Service guarantees you'll get the job done, no matter what!

Train Simulator: Railroad Game

Drive trains, solve infrastructure problems & upgrade compositions in the 2D Train Simulator game, delivering various cargoes and unlocking an entire fleet.

Train Simulator: Railroad GameAzur Interactive Games Limited

Experience the role of a train driver and transform the dire economy situation in Train Simulator 2D, as you transport a variety of cargoes ranging from agricultural produce to building materials and other industrial goods. As a player, you will have to interact with railway heads and improve the relation between stations to expand the economic potential of various regions.

Town of Salem

Town of Salem challenges players to track down villains in a randomly assigned game phase, while facing the risk of being secretly targeted by killers.

Town of SalemBlankMediaGames

Enter the dark and thrilling world of Town of Salem, where up to 15 players are distributed randomly into factions: Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists, and Neutrals. As a member of the Town, it's your mission to expose and eliminate the villains within your midst before they eliminate you. Adding to the suspense is the fact that you don't know who's on your side and who's the enemy, making every game unique and unpredictable.

20 Minutes Till Dawn

Survive 20 minutes against endless Lovecraftian monsters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn using unique characters, weapons, upgrades, and runes.

20 Minutes Till DawnErabit Studios

Prepare to face waves of horrifying monsters for 20 minutes straight with the chills-inducing and gripping shoot-em-up game, 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Pick from a variety of characters and weapons to fight through hordes of enemies inspired by Lovecraftian myths.

Noblemen: 1896

Lead your armies to victory as a Nobleman in an alternate reality 1896, using cannons, airships, cavalry, and more, with intense shooter combat and innovative campaign gameplay.

Noblemen: 1896Foursaken Media

Set in an alternative reality version of 1896, Noblemen is a thrilling shooter game where players embody a nobleman with the most advanced weapons and armies at their disposal. The year is riddled with war, and with each passing moment, the battlefield is heating up. To your right, Militia troops are fighting for their lives against cavalry units armed with sabers. The clash of cannon fire echoes in the distance, and the air is filled with the sounds of a Steam Tank's auto cannon. In the meantime, your Galing Gun Team quickly takes down enemy squads with a salvo of fire, while your Frigate Class Airship flies above, not far off from unleashing its supporting fire. As a nobleman, the fate of victory rests on your shoulders.

Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad is a retro side scroller where you play as a SWAT trooper, tackling bad guys in a non-linear, strategic and adaptive action game.

Door Kickers: Action SquadKillHouse Games

Door Kickers: Action Squad takes you back to the beloved era of side-scrolling action games. Assume the role of a fearless SWAT trooper as you venture out into the crime-ridden streets of Nowhere City USA to take down the bad guys.

Door Kickers

Lead SWAT teams through unforgiving tactical intervention. Overcome obstacles, choose routes, and equipment to save hostages. Award-winning action/strategy.

Door KickersKillHouse Games

Experience the intense, award-winning game that tests your strategic thinking and tactical skills - Door Kickers. As the leader of a SWAT team, it's your responsibility to get your troops in and out safely during a high-stakes intervention. Don't let the bad guys get the upper hand by analyzing the scene, planning team routes and selecting equipment before breaching to ultimately rescue the hostages and neutralize enemies. Door Kickers provides a mix of old school action with modern day interface, ensuring an immersive gaming experience. This game is no walk in the park, but the satisfaction of mastering each stage is incomparable. Quick thinking and improvisation are your allies in this game, and with over 80 single missions, 6 campaigns and unlimited gameplay through mission generator, you'll always have new challenges to experience. Choose from over 65 weapons and gear items to overcome your enemies and get the job done. Featuring a top-down perspective, analyze the scene thoroughly to come up with the best approach strategy and execute it in real-time with free pause. This game is realistic yet action-packed, with non-linear levels and free-form strategy making it all the more interesting. With a new campaign, full cross-platform saves compatibility, and an all-new touch-based interface, Door Kickers takes gaming to a new level. Don't miss out on the chance to play the best man-shootery game in years! Check out their website, follow them on Facebook, or tweet them @inthekillhouse.


Experience non-stop action with fast loading time and smooth gameplay in this mobile game with 22 stages and various weapons, designed to maximize smartphone performance.

RaygrazeR32 Game Dev

Push the performance of your smartphone to the limit and embark on an exhilarating adventure! With our game, you will have the opportunity to annihilate countless adversaries (the graphics quality, however, is not included). The game consists of a total of 22 stages, which can be played in combination with the challenging mode. Get access to a variety of weapons and demolish your enemies with your preferred choice of material. This compact application has been developed without middleware, thus ruling out any possibility of consuming storage space. With smooth gameplay and loading times, you'll never have a reason to lament about slow gaming performance. We are continuously working to enhance your gaming experience by adding more robots and stages frequently. Our co-pilots have already started printing! Game development by Altet and Sn50 was executed brilliantly!


Escape in this Spider-themed infinite-runner metroidvania game, collecting boots to unlock new abilities while navigating tough environments.

ArachnowopunkELSIF games

Shindig.nz confirms that Arachnowopunk effectively combines the qualities of an infinite-runner and metroidvania game. According to Pocket Gamer, this game has managed to bring out unusual relatability in spiders that we haven't seen before. Your mission in the game is simple - escape. However, you won't have the luxury to take a u-turn. Searching for boots that fit all your feet will enable you to acquire new abilities, and they are the key to your success. On your way, you will encounter some challenging obstacles that require all your attention to avoid. Don't let anything hinder your way to success. For more details, visit the official website of Arachnowopunk: https://arachnowopunk.com.

Dark Raider

World-ending Apocalypse. Hope brought by Dungeons. Conquer the Dungeons to save humanity. Random Maps, Multiple Heroes, Hardcore Action. Dark Raider - retro Hack &amp; Slash game.

Dark RaiderTriniti Interactive Studios Limited

The long-awaited Apocalypse has finally arrived, as predicted centuries ago. Chaos has taken over, and people worldwide are preparing to face the fury of the Gods. However, the opening of Dungeons has given humanity a ray of hope. The Gods have offered mankind one last chance, and they must prove their value by conquering the Dungeons. For every Dungeon they conquer, the world will survive another day, extending humanity’s lifespan. Can you rescue the world from its inevitable destruction, or will you be the one responsible for its extinction? Dark Raider is a fresh retro Action game from the creators of Tribemen. You can embark on a journey to raid various Dungeons, where you must annihilate hordes of enemies and powerful bosses in a new take on the Hack &amp; Slash genre. The game features a randomly generated map, allowing players to discover new areas and unique monsters every time they play. If the player dies, the dungeon resets, ensuring that each run is different from the previous one. Moreover, the game has three different heroes to unlock: the Warrior, the Mage, and the Barbarian. Each performs distinctively, with the Warrior focusing on swiftness and agility, the Mage on tremendous bursts of damage, and the Barbarian on defense and vitality. Dark Raider's themed art style is also one of a kind. It incorporates a contemporary approach to create a nostalgic ambiance that amplifies the dungeon’s fantasy world immersion. Additionally, the developers used TFR-ISO to make the dungeon exploration even more engaging. Dark Raider is also known for its hardcore action combat system, allowing players to combine multiple moves to vanquish their enemies. With each run, players grow more potent and can collect up to 17 different runes to boost their strength. And with 23 epic bosses waiting for your challenge, you are always in for an intense fight. With an array of options, you can always pick a character that suits your style. Unique artwork with a dark theme that will have you entranced, whilst on your adventure. On Twitter, follow TRINITIgames, and on Facebook, find them under TRINITIgames for further updates. So don't wait any longer, and be the hero who saves the world from suffering its absolute end!

Jobmania: Eternal Dungeon

Descend into dungeons with randomized abilities and build a unique play style with 400+ heroes, 200+ jobs, and 1000+ abilities. Strategic deck building and turn-based combat.

Jobmania: Eternal DungeonAubjective Technology

Experience an endless adventure of descending into dungeons with unique Hero and job combinations in this exciting game.

Battle Ella

Neon Impact

Clicker Endless RPG: Recruit heroes, collect equipment, and battle against alien creatures after the world falls into chaos in this idle game.

Neon ImpactLemon Jam Studio

Clicker Endless RPG is an exciting game that challenges players to recruit members, build squads of heroes, collect equipment and battle against a variety of monsters. The game's plot revolves around a catastrophic event that took place on December 31, 2020, when the North Pole's temperature alarmingly increased, and a massive shockwave ensued. As the world ushered in the new year, the global lights dimmed, and various natural disasters erupted worldwide, culminating in an alien invasion. To quell this invasion, the humans utilized various tactics but failed to withstand the hostile attacks, and as a result, many cities perished. Fortunately, an underground scientific research team – the Doomsday Project team – discovered that some individuals could use the equipment of the alien creatures without rejection and developed their power called Psionic. These individuals were aptly named "the Chosen People." The game's storyline follows the Doomsday Project team as they lead the chosen people into battle to destroy the alien creatures. Clicker Endless RPG entails a unique and fascinating Idle RPG gameplay that enhances the power of your heroes. The heroes possess differing spiritual powers and can recruit unique characters. The four main classes of heroes include Warriors, Shooters, Mages, and Pastors, each having distinct aptitudes. The game also features Idle Quests that automatically earn you coins and rewards in real-time, without requiring delicate micromanagement of your troops. Moreover, the game encompasses mysterious dungeons, which harbor various bosses that players can defeat to acquire randomized materials and weapons that upgrade and strengthen the heroes. The game's storyline is action-packed, with the world falling to the brink of destruction, calling for your prowess as a genius commander to come to the fore, recruit your hero and defend the world. Take up the challenge and restore order to the world in Clicker Endless RPG.


Survive and fight unique enemies in a top-down, pixelated world. Play solo or with up to five friends and enjoy building and nature.

BeastriaCryothink Lite

Embark on a thrilling survival journey with a twist of pixelated artwork and top-down gameplay. Battle against an array of quirky and exciting foes that will put your skills and strength to the test, and if you need a break, take a breather in the serene and lush environment around you while engaging in the joy of crafting your own world.

The Darkest Tower Defense

Defend humanity's last bastion from a horde of Soulless in The Darkest Tower Defense. Choose Shadow or Light path and beat infernal bosses.

The Darkest Tower DefenseFarlands Studio

The Darkest Tower Defense is an indie game with a sole aim to defend the Sainte Arche, the final haven of humanity, from the ruthless onslaught of the Soulless enemy.

Slice & Dice

Control 5 heroes, roll 3D dice, fight monsters in this turn-based RPG with 20 levels. Unlock full game with 1 IAP.

Slice & DiceTann

Looking for a thrilling adventure game without having to deal with pesky ads? Look no further than this free demo, complete with a single in-app purchase to unlock the full game. Here, you will control five different heroes, each possessing their own set of dice. Battle your way through 20 levels filled with ferocious monsters, culminating in a final boss battle that is not for the faint of heart. Remember, losing a single fight will force you to restart from the beginning, so proceed with caution (and skill)! The gameplay comes stocked with impressive 3D dice physics that allow you to select which dice to reroll. Combat is turn-based and easy to follow, while each victory results in your hero leveling up or acquiring a useful item. Randomly-generated encounters keep things fresh and unpredictable, while the ability to undo actions as many times as you need to make every turn a min-puzzle to solve. Best of all, there are no sneaky hidden mechanics - everything is visible and crystal clear at all times. As for features, this game delivers in spades. Choose from a whopping 100 heroic classes (yes, one hundred!), with over 20,000 possible combinations to try. Battles with 61 monstrous foes will keep you on your toes, and 354 different items to pick up means you'll never run out of things to do. Explore 18 additional modes, such as an infinite curse mode designed to really test your hero's limits. Over 300 built-in difficulty modifiers ensure that the game can be tuned to your liking, while dozens of achievements and ridiculous combos await the truly skilled. Finally, this game comes complete with online leaderboards, allowing you to compete with gamers from around the world. So what are you waiting for? Start rolling those dice and see how far you can go!

Slime Quest

Fight back against the MMORPG "players" who hunt and turn slimes into EXP and alchemy materials. Level up, combine skills, and defeat enemies in endless waves.

Slime QuestLoadComplete

Get ready to launch a counter-attack!

Chloe Puzzle Game

Chloe and Bunny need to reach their targets in this charming pixel art puzzle game with unique logic and varying difficulties. 72 levels of fun!

Chloe Puzzle GameRojeh Maher

Get ready to indulge in a captivating pixel art puzzle game filled with 72 enchanting challenges that will put players to the test with their sharp-witted logic skills. Each puzzle in the game features an exclusive design where you need to help Chloe and Bunny find their way to the red targets safely. Although, it may seem like a walk in the park, the game has a diverse range of difficulties to keep you on your toes. The puzzles in the game will challenge your strategic thinking with a mixture of different skills from solving Sokoban puzzles to experimenting with mechanical toys. The game's difficulty increases as you progress through the levels. Luckily, you receive one hint with each level to ensure you never get stuck. Solve each puzzle to achieve that ultimate AHA! moment. The game is jam-packed with 72 unique puzzles and gorgeous hand-crafted pixel art animations that give it a retro feel. The game is easy to understand, but not so easy to solve. The puzzles will put your skills to the test, and every level will surprise you with its unique challenge. The game features all the fantastic miniature toys, Chloe and Bunny, Arvi, Dummy, Buzzer, Kitty and much more. Explore their world and meet the 20+ fun characters along with explosive bombs, shotguns, and flying balloons. In Dual-character gameplay, players can play with Chloe and Bunny at the same time and enjoy the game's ultimate puzzle-solving experience. Additionally, the game features a black and white mode, which is hidden away in the toy world, further adds to the overall intriguing experience. Lastly, the game can be played in any orientation, either in portrait or landscape mode.


XESS: Wild and unique chess game with 16 factions, 7 relics, 4 spells, online multiplayer, puzzle levels, a short story mode, and an endless mode.


If you're a fan of Chess and want a game that's even more intense and sensational than it, then XESS is the perfect game for you! This game offers 16 different characters or factions to choose from, each of which has its own unique units and setups. Among these characters, you'll even see two that represent regular Chess and Shogi. One of the most exciting things about XESS is that you can choose one of seven relics to complement your units and add even more variety to the gameplay. In addition to that, there are four spells you can use to shake things up even further. Two of these spells come from the character you've chosen, while the other two are from the relic you've selected. To cast these spells, you must collect "blood", a resource that appears nearby when a unit is captured. The goal of XESS is to capture the enemy's king, or to destroy every unit on the board if the opponent doesn't have a king. Alternatively, you can win by holding the center tile for a specific time. This game offers so much that there's always something to enjoy, whether you're seeking online multiplayer, puzzle levels, short story mode, endless challenge mode or competing against the AI. Overall, XESS is a fast-paced, highly engaging game that takes Chess to a whole new level. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and start playing this incredible game!

Kingdom Draw

Kingdom Draw: turn-based strategy meets card collection in this medieval fantasy universe. Play solo campaigns, dominate the online ladder, and build your decks.

Kingdom DrawEternal Technics

Step into the captivating medieval fantasy universe of Kingdom Draw, a thrillingly unique blend of turn-based strategy and customizable card collection gameplay. Lead your armies, summon your spells and explore the single player campaign for each of Humans, Undead, Orcs, and Elves. Each mission you complete, earns you additional cards and an immersive insight into the kingdom. With seasonal releases of new chapters, experience the epic story arc behind the Kingdom Draw universe. Challenge players worldwide with the cross-platform ladder play mode. The higher you ascend the ladder, the bigger your rewards. Earn bonus rewards each season, and if you make it to the top and become a member of the Titan league, see your name enshrined in the Hall of Fame. With deck building, build your own collection of synergizing cards and redeem victory tokens to get specific cards of your choice. There are 185 exclusive cards to collect and with newer cards released every season, you can always broaden your collection. Rule the battlefields and become a Titan of Kingdom Draw with your custom-designed card decks. In Kingdom Draw, you must master turn-based strategy by playing army, support, and beast cards on the hexagonal grid map. Control locations for additional resources and use terrains to your advantage. Defeat your enemy by destroying their castle and using power cards to obliterate their card decks. You can opt for a more casual gaming experience with the Friendly Matches mode, and these matches would not change your ranking or rewards. Add friends to your roster and challenge them to battles with your customized decks. Experience the thrill of victory in Kingdom Draw and create a legend for yourself in the timeless realm of medieval fantasy strategy gaming.

Gold Lender Manager

Be the best loan shark in a fantasy world! Manage your company, lend gold, hire mercenaries, and compete with players worldwide in this pixel graphic management game.

Gold Lender ManagerQuainTree

Enter the universe of usurious moneylenders!

Rumble Heroes

Rescue the kidnapped princess by recruiting legendary heroes, rebuilding your village, battling monsters, and collecting treasure in this fast-paced hack-and-slash RPG.

Rumble HeroesPlayHard.Lab

Embark on an adventure to save the only princess of the kingdom who has been taken captive by the dark knights. The fate of the princess lies in your hands! Begin by reconstructing the village from scratch. Gather wood, mine ore, and construct buildings to make the village better.

Slash of Sword 2 - Offline RPG

Fight for survival and justice in Slash of Sword: Rebellious Jousting, a tactical RPG with immersive storyline and decision-making options. Customization and leveling up options available.

Slash of Sword 2 - Offline RPGNoTriple-A Games

Rebel Jousting is an exciting sequel to the mobile RPG game, Slash of Sword, with revamped visuals, new stages, and a riveting plotline. You stand accused of a criminal act you did not commit and have been sentenced to the battlefield as a result. Prepared to engage in battles filled with bloodshed and strategic maneuverings against a variety of challengers to survive. As you progress, you should strive to improve your abilities, discover fresh locations, and engage with characters to bring about fairness and equity. Will you make the decision to assist a wounded man, previously a bandit who robbed regular travelers, or will you not lend a hand? Will you reveal the treasure you discovered to the owner, or would you rather keep it to yourself? Alternatively, do you let the abductor take the girl away, or do you confront him and return the girl to her father? It is completely up to you! ▣ Enjoy an immersive storyline with several possibilities for the course of events. ▣ Make choices that will influence the way the story unfolds and how the characters view you. ▣ In the tactical combat system, you'll need to pick your moment to attack, as well as block or evade at the appropriate time. ▣ Sign up for tavern fist fights. ▣ Visit several cities, communities, woods, and caves to explore locations. ▶ The Plot - Work your way through a labyrinth of occurrences with your brother, Richard. Transform from an ordinary traveler into a legendary combatant and discover who unjustly accused you and why. Meet interesting figures with distinct stories and offer them assistance. Alternatively, combat unique adversaries and obtain unique prizes by triumphing over them. ▶ Customization - With access to a vast collection of various weapons, including one-handed and two-handed swords, as well as shields and armor, you may customize your character's appearance. You may change your character's haircut and grow a beard or a ponytail. Wear a hood to protect yourself from the rain or wrap yourself in a cape to add character depth. ▶ Power Leveling - As you explore the game world battling adversaries in the arena or against bandits, you will become a more experienced warrior. Become a sword or shield expert, or improve all of your abilities over time. Learn how to weaken your adversary via counterattacks or how to win quickly with a flurry of fast blows. Rebel Jousting is supported by devices that do not need an internet connection. It has been produced by the same creators who produced Glory Ages - Samurais.

Elemental World

Fascinating action RPG with randomized worlds, rogue-like gameplay, and pixel art graphics. Master the elements, improve skills, and defeat hordes of monsters.

Elemental WorldJuly Hot

Experience the ultimate adventure with this captivating pixelated RPG, enriched with rogue elements, and stunning graphics. Traverse through a variety of randomized worlds, combining different elements and casting powerful spells that will assist you in fighting against the hordes of monstrous creatures. Explore the environment and hone your skills in the quest to uncover the secrets of the Elemental World. Choose to play as the ingenious Mage, the adept Hunter, or the skillful Ronin and fight against an endless horde of foes.


Beecarbonize: a card game where players combat climate change through policy enactments and technology. Balance industry, ecology, and social reform to survive.

BeecarbonizeCharles Games

Do you believe in your ability to rescue the planet from the brink of destruction? Beecarbonize is an environmentally conscious card strategy game that pits you against climate change as your adversary. Utilize your skills to explore cutting-edge technology, enforce policies, safeguard habitats, and update industrial methods to reduce carbon emissions. Successful resource management could be the key to your survival. EASY TO ACCESS BUT INTRICATE SIMULATION Are you going to prioritize industrial transformation, environmental conservation or social initiatives? There are multiple approaches to mitigating climate change and limiting pollution. However, saving the planet is incredibly challenging. The greater the volume of carbon emissions you produce, the more extreme circumstances you'll have to confront. GUIDE SOCIETY AND INDUSTRY You must balance the power deficit in your geographic area and within the broader society, ecological policies, and scientific endeavors. Would you transition away from fossil fuels as rapidly as possible? Or would you first concentrate on carbon capture technology? Experiment with new strategies and don't be afraid to start anew. 120 UNIQUE CARDS Game cards signify innovations, policies, social improvements, or industries, each tailored based on real-world climate science. Additionally, semi-random world events arise, challenging you to adjust your approach. Incrementally unlock new cards in the game encyclopedia and guide your path towards a more sustainable future. SIGNIFICANT EVENTS, HIGH REPLAYABILITY The environment in Beecarbonize responds to your every move. More carbon emissions result in more floods or heatwaves, investing in nuclear power raises the risk of a nuclear incident, and so on. Through each playthrough, learn more and perhaps avoid environmental disasters, social turmoil, or even the end of existence on earth. Beecarbonize is a strategic challenge that transports you to a world where you can directly experience the environmental forces shaping our daily lives. How long can you survive amidst the relentless seasons of the game? ABOUT Beecarbonize was produced in collaboration with leading environmental experts from People in Need NGO as part of the 1Planet4All initiative financed by the European Union.


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