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Neon Impact

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Game overview

Clicker Endless RPG: Recruit heroes, collect equipment, and battle against alien creatures after the world falls into chaos in this idle game.

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Clicker Endless RPG is an exciting game that challenges players to recruit members, build squads of heroes, collect equipment and battle against a variety of monsters. The game's plot revolves around a catastrophic event that took place on December 31, 2020, when the North Pole's temperature alarmingly increased, and a massive shockwave ensued. As the world ushered in the new year, the global lights dimmed, and various natural disasters erupted worldwide, culminating in an alien invasion.

To quell this invasion, the humans utilized various tactics but failed to withstand the hostile attacks, and as a result, many cities perished. Fortunately, an underground scientific research team – the Doomsday Project team – discovered that some individuals could use the equipment of the alien creatures without rejection and developed their power called Psionic. These individuals were aptly named "the Chosen People."

The game's storyline follows the Doomsday Project team as they lead the chosen people into battle to destroy the alien creatures. Clicker Endless RPG entails a unique and fascinating Idle RPG gameplay that enhances the power of your heroes. The heroes possess differing spiritual powers and can recruit unique characters. The four main classes of heroes include Warriors, Shooters, Mages, and Pastors, each having distinct aptitudes.

The game also features Idle Quests that automatically earn you coins and rewards in real-time, without requiring delicate micromanagement of your troops. Moreover, the game encompasses mysterious dungeons, which harbor various bosses that players can defeat to acquire randomized materials and weapons that upgrade and strengthen the heroes.

The game's storyline is action-packed, with the world falling to the brink of destruction, calling for your prowess as a genius commander to come to the fore, recruit your hero and defend the world. Take up the challenge and restore order to the world in Clicker Endless RPG.
Lemon Jam Studio
Release date
Aug 03, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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