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Fight for survival and justice in Slash of Sword: Rebellious Jousting, a tactical RPG with immersive storyline and decision-making options. Customization and leveling up options available.

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Rebel Jousting is an exciting sequel to the mobile RPG game, Slash of Sword, with revamped visuals, new stages, and a riveting plotline. You stand accused of a criminal act you did not commit and have been sentenced to the battlefield as a result. Prepared to engage in battles filled with bloodshed and strategic maneuverings against a variety of challengers to survive. As you progress, you should strive to improve your abilities, discover fresh locations, and engage with characters to bring about fairness and equity.

Will you make the decision to assist a wounded man, previously a bandit who robbed regular travelers, or will you not lend a hand? Will you reveal the treasure you discovered to the owner, or would you rather keep it to yourself? Alternatively, do you let the abductor take the girl away, or do you confront him and return the girl to her father? It is completely up to you!

▣ Enjoy an immersive storyline with several possibilities for the course of events.
▣ Make choices that will influence the way the story unfolds and how the characters view you.
▣ In the tactical combat system, you'll need to pick your moment to attack, as well as block or evade at the appropriate time.
▣ Sign up for tavern fist fights.
▣ Visit several cities, communities, woods, and caves to explore locations.

▶ The Plot - Work your way through a labyrinth of occurrences with your brother, Richard. Transform from an ordinary traveler into a legendary combatant and discover who unjustly accused you and why. Meet interesting figures with distinct stories and offer them assistance. Alternatively, combat unique adversaries and obtain unique prizes by triumphing over them.

▶ Customization - With access to a vast collection of various weapons, including one-handed and two-handed swords, as well as shields and armor, you may customize your character's appearance. You may change your character's haircut and grow a beard or a ponytail. Wear a hood to protect yourself from the rain or wrap yourself in a cape to add character depth.

▶ Power Leveling - As you explore the game world battling adversaries in the arena or against bandits, you will become a more experienced warrior. Become a sword or shield expert, or improve all of your abilities over time. Learn how to weaken your adversary via counterattacks or how to win quickly with a flurry of fast blows.

Rebel Jousting is supported by devices that do not need an internet connection. It has been produced by the same creators who produced Glory Ages - Samurais.
Release date
May 01, 2021
Single player



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