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Fly historic WW2 planes in 5v5 air combat battles and customize your plane with upgrades in the action-packed flight simulator, Wings of Heroes.

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Conquer the skies with RORTOS' World War 2 plane game! Take charge of legendary planes and engage in 5v5 air battles. Select your own aircraft - command the skies with a WW2 dogfighter or take control of a bomber. Get ready for an action-packed flight simulator experience!

Wings of Heroes' key features will blow you away: handpick your planes from the most iconic models of the WW2 era for epic 5v5 dogfights in the air! It's your call how to strategize. Whether you like to fly a warplane or a bomber, keep in mind that you're not sat in a modern jet. Your goal, as this WW2 flight simulator’s pilot, is to engage in aerial combat and work together with other pilots to become a hero of WW2.

Customization is a vital ingredient in airplane games, and our WW2 flight simulator offers dozens of upgrades that you can implement on your plane. Armor, engine, armaments, fuselage - the list is never-ending! You have to choose: fly a slower, yet unstoppable bomber, or a lethal raiding fighter. Remember that each aircraft requires a different set of air combat skills, so choose wisely!

Wings of Heroes is a multiplayer game set during World War 2. Become a part of realistic air combat, team up with other pilots and emerge as a feared ace of the skies and a master of this action-packed flight simulator!

Your daily reward awaits you as you start the game. This World War 2 plane game has monthly releases of new airplane models, different maps waiting for you to show your air combat skills, and achievements that give access to fantastic prizes. Moreover, you may try four different game modes while playing Wings of Heroes: Domination, Ace Mode Domination, Dogfight, and Annihilation.

In Wings of Heroes, you're not only a good WW2 dogfight pilot in airplane games; this World War 2 plane game demands that you learn how to fly a bomber, participate in dogfights, and become one with your aircraft. So, start your engine and join the other pilots in a 5vs5 sky battle! Fly your way to the top and become one of the heroes of the skies in this must-try airplane game.

Playing Wings of Heroes gives you an immersive experience that transports you to the epic World War 2 flight simulator. Are you ready to become a true hero and feel the thrill of flying your airplane to the skies? Download Wings of Heroes now and become a master of airplane games! Remember, Wings of Heroes requires a stable internet connection.
Release date
Oct 04, 2022

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