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Engage in mafia wars, steal cars, play mini-games, and complete story missions in the vast open world of Dude Wars: Pixel FPS Shooter.

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Dude Wars: Pixel FPS Shooter is a thrilling action game with an open world environment, featuring sandbox elements. Step into the world of mafia wars, complete missions, steal cars, and earn rewards in this amazing offline game. You can also take part in mini-games such as police chases and evade them or play exciting simulator games like the pizza simulator, ambulance simulator, and even the police simulator, all with realistic ragdoll physics! In this game, you are free to explore Pixel City's vast open world, with plenty of exciting tasks and missions awaiting you.

Dude Mafia Wars:Pseudo FPS Shooter offers you complete freedom of action in a sprawling open-world sandbox experience. Steal cars, engage in gangster wars, buy houses, and embark on exciting story missions, the options are endless in this offline shooter game. The game also features simulator games in which you can drive taxis, be a pizza delivery person or play the role of a police officer, making it a perfect amalgamation of different genres.

Mafia Wars are a significant part of the game, and you need to confront criminal gangs and finish their dominance in Pixel City as the protagonist. You can choose and carry out various operations in this exciting open-world game, ranging from following the storyline to escaping from police chases or engaging in mafia wars and buying weapons, everything to eliminate all the criminal elements within the city!

In Dude Wars - Pixel FPS Shooter, you can participate in exciting police chases and open-world games, making it the perfect combination of both genres in a first-person shooter format! If you are caught on camera committing a crime, you'll have to steal a car and escape the police to evade getting arrested, as they'll be on your tail constantly. You can continue exploring the huge open-world game map once you manage to break free from them, but if they do manage to catch you, you'll have to pay them a fine!

The game includes simulator mini-games like the Police Simulator, where you have to drive police cars and apprehend criminals and gangsters, with the rewards enabling you to buy weapons in offline shooters. You can also enjoy other thrilling simulator games like the Pizza simulator, where you can prepare tasty pizzas or act as an ambulance driver and rescue victims caught in gang wars and mafia wars. Be cautious as you navigate past dangerous gangsters and criminals lurking in the city, and use weapons to get rid of them in this exciting first-person offline shooter game!
Release date
Sep 02, 2023
Open world



This Game is under Development for now its so good and fun i suggest to download it and join thier discored server

hs_n_106hs_n_106from Skich app

Full of mene's and bad the original one is way. Better

canro wolfcanro wolffrom Skich app

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