GamesCity of Crime: Gang Wars

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Live a life of crime, build the most powerful gangs and become a billionaire in the lawless city of sin. Join City of Crime now!

Welcome to a place of debauchery and excess where you can immerse yourself in wealth! Prepare yourself for a new existence where you have the freedom to dictate the rules. Do whatever it takes to amass an immense fortune and ascend to billionaire status. In a realm where the concept of law is irrelevant, be primed to defend yourself at a moment's notice. Game Characteristics: ☆☆☆A life of wealth in a fresh and distinctive setting ☆☆☆ From the lavish lifestyle to the criminal underworld, indulge the life of opulence and live above the law. Once the riches start flowing in, the world is your oyster and a life of crime awaits! ☆☆☆Real-time skirmishes against competing gangs☆☆☆ It's all hands on deck from Streetside Shootout to Turf Wars if you want to be considered the top dog. Lead your fierce crew of gangsters and claim the city of crime for yourself. ☆☆☆Live AI calculations to simulate the real world☆☆☆ Fight for territories by day and unwind at bars and clubs by night! Determine your daily activities for yourself! ☆☆☆Your Syndicate, Your Regulations☆☆☆ Collaborate with other players and establish a Syndicate to take on the most difficult foes. Develop bonds and provide ally support to advance your own objectives. ☆☆☆A city of vices with boundless opportunities☆☆☆ There are no legal repercussions here. Plunder, ravage, rob, loot—these are ordinary occurrences. The reason? To seize anything you desire! ☆☆☆Utilize your intelligence to attain billionaire status☆☆☆ Operate casinos, bars, and black markets...whatever your whim. Generate gold bars, weaponry, and illegal goods to accumulate vast riches and spend them on your heart's desires! ☆☆☆Expand your criminal empire and become an icon☆☆☆ Employ the toughest criminals from around the globe and construct the most powerful teams in the city of sin. Enhance your influence and monopolize all authority. Claim whatever you wish, even by force, to establish yourself as an icon in your criminal enterprise! City of Crime Studio Official Facebook Customer Service: Official Discord Server:
Release date
Feb 08, 2022
Single player


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