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Game overview

Vita Fighters is a free mobile 1v1 fighting game with 35 characters and 16 background stages, featuring a crossover gameplay of classic fighting games and intuitive controls. Defeat the final boss, Meaty Titan!

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Are you a fighter game enthusiast? Looking for an easy-to-play and appealing mobile game? Vita Fighters is the perfect match! Prepare yourself to defeat Meaty Titan and their 26 initial characters containing various fighting game archetypes. Complete the game and get the chance to enjoy AAA fighting games!

This free 1v1 game has a block-styled cast of fighters mixed with anime characters, perfect for both casual and veteran players. It seamlessly merges classic fighting games with intuitive controls, no-swipe mechanics, and an eye-catching simple art style. With a variety of 35 characters to choose from and 16 background stages to play, Vita Fighters does not disappoint!

Are you tired of those fighting games with cooldown timer moves? Vita Fighters solved that issue too. It provides no cooldown-dependent moves and supports both touch and controller. Its sweet fighting game mechanics, including Titanic Boss Fights and Next Generation Graphics, promise an unforgettable gaming experience without any forced advertisements.

Not convinced yet? Vita Fighters' STORY will change your mind. Not all fighting game characters make it to their respective game's final roster. Hundreds of them are cut, and they disappear forever. That is why Vita Fighters appears. It's a great tournament with an esteemed prize of getting into a real AAA fighting game!

Would you like to use a gamepad instead of your phone's touch feature? That is no big deal. Vita Fighters creates friendly interaction with the players by allowing them to configure it based on their preferences. Simply go to config -> controls -> press Assign Controller -> and press a button in your gamepad.

Connect with angrydevs on Twitter (@AngryDevs) and Discord (, and stay updated with new features to be added in the future. For more info, check out their website ( or Facebook page (

Finally, Vita Fighters is co-developed with Angrydevs, a solo game developer who loves fighting games. It's published by Ranida Labs, an indie publishing arm creating exciting games like PBA Basketball Slam and Bayani - Fighting game. Special thanks are given to One Man Symphony (@onemansymphony) and Kevin Macleod for their remarkable contribution to the game. Don't miss out on being part of this epic fighting game that will rock your world!
Ranida Labs
Release date
Sep 19, 2020


canro wolf
canro wolffrom Skich app
I actually really like it...

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