Metal Revolution

Metal Revolution

Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
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Game overview

Become a legend with your unique mecha in fast-paced multiplayer fights, with cyberpunk settings & personalized items, and earn rewards to unlock and upgrade mechas.

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Enter the new era of fighting with Metal Revolution, an intense mecha fighting game that will make you a legend in multiplayer battles. With its simple controls, cyberpunk landscapes, and optimized 60 fps, this game offers an authentic arcade fighting experience. Choose between an array of unique mechas, from a Muay Thai fighter to a gangster, and compete in global ranked matches or play in Arcade Mode to learn the backstory of each character. You can unlock and upgrade your mechas by earning trophies. Whether new or experienced, it's time to prove yourself in epic battles!

Experience console-level gaming with exceptional graphics and realistic cutscenes. Enjoy battles at up to 60 fps with the hardcore fighting arcade style. The controls for the game are basic with few taps to perform basic actions, acquire advanced techniques with well-timed button inputs, and unleash a devastating ultimate move when the time comes. You can break the defense of opponents with mixed, alternate, and passive-aggressive techniques. Customizing your mecha is allowed with different skins and cyberpunk stages. Collecting comical emojis to mock opponents or exude confidence is also part of the game.

Unlock varieties of mechas that come in different styles from anthropomorphic to American, Chinese or Japanese. Every mecha has its unique skill set and fighting style. The personalized touch in the game goes beyond skins as you can develop your mecha's super moves, unlock mecha talents and create your combination of talents.

Explore various game modes including Versus mode, where you can play individually and show off your skills to opponents. There's also Duo Versus for team players, King of Fighters-style Versus where you can combat using different mechas, and Local mode for one-on-one battles. Arcade mode is filled with exciting stages that you can complete to unlock more mechas.

Stay updated with the latest news and events by following on social media. This game has a Facebook group, YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord server where you can communicate with other players and the game developers. Join the fight now, become a legend, and prove your skills in the battles!
Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
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