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Conquer the map, fight enemy tribes and master new technologies in the popular turn-based strategy game, The Battle of Polytopia, playable offline with cute low-poly graphics.

In The Battle of Polytopia, you'll immerse yourself in a turn-based civilization strategy game where you must conquer the map, battle rival tribes, explore new territories, and develop advanced technologies. As the chief of a tribe, your objective is to establish a new civilization while competing with neighboring tribes in a turn-based strategic challenge. Whether you're on the road or elsewhere, the game is also ideal for offline play. With millions of downloads, The Battle of Polytopia is one of the most sought-after civilization-style strategy games available on mobile devices. It features an elegant interface with deep strategic gameplay which will keep you engaged for hours. The game is characterized by multiple features that make it captivating and interesting to gamers of all ages. Firstly, it's a free turn-based civilization strategy game, and it has both single-player and multiplayer options. With the latter, you can find players from different parts of the world and engage in multiplayer matchmaking. You can also challenge similar tribes in Mirror Matches, which makes it even more exciting. In addition, The Battle of Polytopia introduces you to 4X mechanics: Explore new lands, Expand your civilization, Exploit available resources, and Exterminate enemy tribes. Furthermore, you can engage in various activities, such as exploration, strategy, farming, building, warfare, and technology research. These likely game components will keep you entertained for hours. Three game modes are included: Perfection, Domination, and Creative. In addition, the Diplomacy feature allows you to make peace treaties and establish embassies with other tribes. You may also use the Invisible Cloaks and Daggers to carry out stealth attacks. The game features several distinct tribes, each with unique cultural and experiential attributes, ranging from nature to game style. Auto-generated maps ensure that every game is unique, and offline play is available. In-game avatars allow you to compete offline in both portrait and landscape mode, and there's also the option for strategy multiplayer and pass-and-play. Check out the leaderboards for top scores as you endeavor to be the best civilization builder. Last but not least, The Battle of Polytopia's graphics are adorable with its low-poly design. Considered all the excellent features, you don't want to miss out on this game!
Midjiwan AB
Release date
Nov 30, 2016
Single player



The gameplay is a little bit slow for my taste

Flymarlin82869Flymarlin82869from Skich app

Fun gaem

akipakiakipakifrom Skich app

I loved it some much

ethan_tarusengaethan_tarusengafrom Skich app


francis_gerard_gofrancis_gerard_gofrom Skich app

Fun game offline , i had a great time olaying with my siblings, id recommend it

JustAnUserJustAnUserfrom Skich app

Very good game, big community.

duichwirgoduichwirgofrom Skich app

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