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Survive apocalyptic mutants and limited resources in randomly generated maps. Find useful items, craft weapons and gain experience in Skyhill.

The World War III was absolute mayhem for most people, but not for you. You were enjoying your lavish life in the Skyhill Hotel's advanced penthouse until a bio-weapon brought about destruction and chaos, eradicating everything you once cherished. Now, hideous mutants are everywhere, waiting to tear you apart with their vicious claws. However, they are not your only worry. Your supplies are decreasing, and you need to leave your comfortable place in search of food. Taking a walk through a tower now is like strolling through hell. At every turn, there is danger and imminent death. But, who could have prepared for such a nightmare? At this point, it is merely about survival and nothing else. Time is running out, and you must take action now before it is too late. Open the door and take on the challenge of surviving amidst chaos. The game revolves around rogue-like RPG gameplay with its own post-apocalyptic survival narrative. The game brings in novel opportunities with random map generation, making every play-through feel exceptionally new. Build your player's experience, craft weapons, and hunt for helpful objects while encountering an army of grotesque creatures. With every encounter, you can either go for body shots or headshots - choose wisely. Every little bit makes a difference, and any object you come across can be useful in your survival journey. The game also offers different difficulty levels, providing players with a chance to survive or push to the limits. The game's end is open, leaving you to crave answers to questions that may linger. Unveil an array of unique skills and abilities while fighting your way through using the sophisticated risk and reward system. Take on the fast-travel technology within the game using the elevator. Will you be victorious, or will you be another faceless victim in an unrelenting and brutal world? Only time will tell.
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kfvkfvfrom Skich app

It's a Good game for bored people. if you are so bored and you don't know what to do this game is for you At least it will help you pass Time

heniongamesheniongamesfrom Skich app

Gameplay & Streams

Let's Play SKYHILL - EP 1 - The Outbreak! [Gameplay]Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon
Skyhill - Hardcore Completionedgarector
EL GIGANTÓN FATAL (UNCUT) | SKYHILL Gameplay EspañolMenos Trece


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