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Dead Age offers turn-based combat, resource management, crafting, permadeath, and non-linear story with 6 different endings for an immersive zombie apocalypse survival.

Become the ultimate survivor in a turn-based combat game with unforgiving consequences, as you live through a zombie apocalypse! Lead and manage your team of survivors, face dangerous scavenging runs, forge alliances, craft your own equipment, make important and life-altering choices, protect your camp from hordes of undead and embrace the game's non-linear rogue-lite aspects. Get ready for a unique indie survival-RPG experience that never gets old! Will you survive the zombie-infested apocalypse with honor? As soon as the outbreak began, you were grateful enough to join a group of survivors who took refuge in their well-protected camp. However, don't let your guard down too soon! The scarcity of food is becoming a real problem, as lots of the survivors are injured and require medical aid, while valuable resources have to be found and defended to ensure the camp can go on. Brace yourself for the ever-increasing zombie threat and be aware of the hostile gangs of other surviving humans. PERMANENT DEATH WITH TURN-BASED COMBAT Your team of survivors should be trained to fight off the impending danger as one helping hand is unexpectedly worth more when facing the horrors of the apocalypse. Scavenge for supplies in zombie-infested areas, create life-saving gear, and purchase or trade your equipment for resources to gain the skills necessary for long-term survival. The turn-based combat systems of Dead Age is evolved from classic role-playing games, with strategic battles, weapon types and well-planned bombs and traps at your disposal. ROGUE-LITE FEATURES If you fail to survive the apocalypse, unspent medals from previous playthroughs can be used to upgrade your new character, giving them an early advantage. Take advantage of your character's pre-apocalypse skills by selecting a job and mastering it to become the ultimate specialist. Afterwards, embark on a new playthrough with randomized missions and different survivors to encounter. NON-LINEAR STORYLINE WITH 6 DISTINCT ENDINGS One of the most appreciated features of Dead Age is its unique story that offers real in-game consequences for every decision made during conflict situations. Do you possess the heart of a hero who will prioritize saving other survivors, even if it means running low on supplies, or will you prioritize survival and leave people to die? Romance other survivors or cultivate rivalries that change the course of events. New dangers and scenarios emerge on a daily basis, and your decisions could determine if your camp endures. Survive long enough to unlock one of the game's six possible conclusions and celebrate your triumph!
Release date
Jun 07, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

DEAD AGE Gameplay - Zombie Survival Management | Let's Play Dead Age Part 1? (PC)Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon
DEAD AGE II | Early Access | 01 | Die Apokalypse geht weiter! | deutschMister Moerp


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