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Set 'N Det

Cilithocal Game Studios
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Game overview

Solve puzzles using explosives in 72 levels with strategic timing. Unlock Zero Gravity Campaign after completion. Available offline with one in-app purchase.

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Set 'N Det is an exciting demolition puzzle game that challenges players with 72 levels of increasing difficulty. The mission is to use a variety of explosives to blow up the designated objects without causing collateral damage. The key is strategic planning and precise timing, as players must choose the right explosive and set it off at the right moment.

During the "Set Phase," players can place explosives wherever they want, and then they can select four triggers to detonate them during the "Det Phase." As you progress through each level, you will encounter new challenges that require even greater skills and strategic thinking.

Once players conquer all 72 levels, they can unlock the Zero Gravity Campaign and experience each level again in zero gravity. This new mode allows access to new Anti-Gravity Explosives, providing a fresh way to tackle the game's challenges.

Set 'N Det requires only limited internet access. While playing, every third level unlocks after watching an ad. Here's the catch: the following level will be ad-free for every subsequent playthrough, making it feel like a premium offline game the more you play.

For those who want an ad-free experience from start to finish and wish to support future Cilithocal Game Studios projects, a single in-app purchase can unlock Set 'N Det Premium. An in-app purchase disables all ads and instantly unlocks the Zero Gravity Campaigns as a special thank-you to the players.

Set 'N Det has non-intrusive analytics, and there are no overused ad placements or in-app purchases that spoil the gameplay experience. All 72 levels are made available instantly and can be played without additional charges.

This game is Cilithocal's debut, and the developers encourage players to share their feedback! For those who want tips and tricks, they can visit our website, and for privacy statements and terms and conditions, please
Cilithocal Game Studios
Release date
Dec 01, 2021

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