GamesDungeon Of Demon

Game overview

"Dungeon Of Demon" is a deck-building puzzle adventure with roguelike elements, aiming to achieve a global record of 12 million downloads.

ā–¼ Innovation in Deck-Building Roguelike
- Choose the puzzles you want and efficiently place them in the given space!
- Enhance your strength through synergies activated with each puzzle!
- Maximize your build using connected puzzles!
- Create your ultimate build!

ā–¼ Ultimate Challenge
- Confront the formidable boss monsters lurking on every 10th floor!
- Defeating the boss monsters turns your hero into a demon!
- Battle against your hero turned demon and conquer the dungeon up to the 50th floor!
- Overwhelm other players with the powerful dungeon you have created!
- Crush other players' dungeons to shake up the rankings!

ā–¼ Recommended for
- Those skilled at gaming
- Those with high intelligence
- Fans of roguelike games
- Fans of hack-and-slash games
- Fans of deck-building games
- Game enthusiasts in general
- Anyone!
Release date
Nov 27, 2023
Single player