GamesChoice of Life: Middle Ages 2

Game overview

Survive & rule wisely in a middle ages kingdom, explore and find friends while preventing traitors. Beware of 99 ways to die.

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Immerse yourself in royal blood and power with Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2! A gripping card game that lets you explore the most picturesque kingdom in the middle ages. Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure as you try to rule wisely while preventing rebellion, finding faithful companions, and surviving in a magical world full of danger.

Every choice you make counts and will determine your destiny - a wise ruler or forgotten by history. Explore the beautiful kingdom from the snowy forests of the north to the endless fields of the south and meet its diverse inhabitants. You must be gracious but firm when ruling, deal with traitors and distinguish your friends from foes. Are you prepared to make tough decisions to avoid meeting a swift death?

Get lost in the game's vibrant 2D graphics, with hundreds of different cards at your disposal, and enjoy the compelling, non-linear storyline where each decision comes with distinct consequences. Do you have what it takes to survive among the thousands of in-game events, or will you be just another name on the list of the 99 ways to die? The choice is yours with Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2.
Release date
Dec 11, 2023
Single player